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Send us your favorite photo from a Topsail Island beach vacation for a chance to win $200 off your next vacation rental from Treasure Realty!

Contest runs through May 15, 2020. Treasure Realty will randomly select 30 photos that and post them on May 16 and allow people to vote for their favorite for one week. The photo with the most likes will be the winner!

To enter, vist Treasure Realty on Facebook and look for the Treasured Times on
Topsail Island Photo Contest. You can click on this link and it will take you to the contest on our to our Facebook page:

You may only enter and upload a photo one time. Good luck! And thank you for entering the Treasured Times on Topsail Island photo contest!

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Topsail Island COVID 19 Virus Updates

For those arriving between now and the next two weeks, please call 800-762-3961.
Send emails to

March 24, 2020 / 10:30 AM EST

The three municipalities of Topsail Island have put vacation rental restrictions in place to help mitigate the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Here are the links to each Town’s website and Facebook page where you can stay up to date and read their public press release statements:

Surf City website and Facebook

Topsail Beach website and Facebook

North Topsail Beach website and Facebook

Here is a summary of each Town’s current mandates now in effect:

Surf City:

Topsail Beach:

North Topsail Beach:


As of today, the three municipalities representing Topsail Island have come to a consensus response to the Covid 19 virus and have individually issued orders associated with the state of emergency which effectively shut down the vacation rentals for the immediate future. We have included links to the specific orders below. Guest affected by these mandates will receive full refunds.

March 23, 2020 / 11:30 AM EST

As you can imagine, we are experiencing a significant increase in phone calls from our guests and homeowners. We have put some new procedures in place to help better manage this extraordinary and unprecedented time. 


For guests arriving in the next two weeks:

For those with concerns and arrival dates in the next two weeks, please call us at 800-762-3961. We will also be reaching out to those who have booked a stay at a property that may be directly affected by restrictions to the beach, roads, or other essential amenities. 

For guests arriving later than the next the two weeks:

If you are arriving after the next two weeks, please do not call us at this time. Because of the rapidly changing nature of this crisis, we do not have many answers about more distant reservations. With limited the current high call volume, we are prioritizing those arriving in the next two weeks.

Please feel free to send your questions to, and we will promptly respond as quickly as possible. 

We are in constant communication with other rental companies, industry professionals, towns, and municipal authorities.

Here is a the latest joint statement made by the three communities that make up Topsail Island in regards to vacation rentals:

We will continue to provide updates and information on this page. 

Health and Safety are the Highest Priorities

Be assured that Treasure Realty is taking proactive measures to ensure our guests and clients, as well as our staff and vendors, have a safe and clean environment. Like many across the country, some of our employees are working remotely. We have upgraded our already professional cleaning standards with an eye toward this national crisis. 

Thank You for Patience and Understanding

There are numerous concerns as the Covid 19 virus continues to disrupt our lives. Please know that we take your concerns seriously. We appreciate your patience and for choosing Treasure Realty. We will weather this storm together. 

We all look forward to when this crisis is a distant memory. In the meantime, Topsail Island remains calm, peaceful, beautiful, quiet, free from crowds, an easy escape as a drive-to destination.

Call us at 800-762-3961 or send questions to


All of us at Treasure Realty

Trusted Local Experts

Contact our team of trusted local experts if you want to know about the markets, how the Covid 19 virus and recent changes in rates are affecting property values, or to schedule a personal virtual tour of a home. Our agents are ready to assist.

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5 reasons to sell your home this spring …

Baby Boomers at home

By: Chrystal Caruthers

Spring is a wonderful season. The snow melts, flowers bloom and new listings hit the housing market. Yes, spring is the make or break season for real estate industry professionals. But it’s also good for homeowners. Those who list in the spring make more money on their home sale. Given that there are more buyers out there searching for homes than inventory available to satisfy demand, prices are up. Way up. That means sellers are walking away with a hefty profit positioning them for the next purchase. Low mortgage interest rates mean that move up home may be within reach. All things considered, now is the perfect time to list. Still need convincing, read our list of reasons then call your agent immediately.

April sales spike

Flowers aren’t the only things that bloom in the spring; home sell faster and for more money in April and May respectively, according to new research from Zillow. Real estate agents have always taken great pains to prepare for the “Spring Market.” It’s a time when more listings hit the market and open houses dot every other block on weekends. It’s the prime time of real estate sales. What’s new is the data to back up the hype. Nationwide, homes listed in early May sold for about 1 percent more than expected or about $2,100 higher than the national average, according to Zillow. May listings also sell 6 days faster than average.

However, the Zillow report shows homes listed in April sell a full week faster than any other time of year. Why the flurry of spring home shopping? Homebuyers tend to follow the school calendar. They want to get a house under contract in spring in hopes of moving during the summer when kids are out of school. So, spring is coming. Check with your local real estate agent to determine which month this spring is the best time to list. For instance, in San Jose, late April is the best time to list. Those homes sold at a 2.1 percent premium which in that market, the most expensive in the country, account for about $24,400. In the Twin Cities, it’s best to list in early May where a 2 percent premium earns those sellers an extra $9,500. Another nugget from Zillow: Make sure your house hits the MLS on a Saturday. It’s day when new listings get the highest page views on the home search site.

Equity rich

American homeowners are sitting on an ample amount of equity. Getty Images.

For most homeowners, their home represents their largest asset. It’s also a source of wealth for many. Home equity has been on the rise since the Great Recession. As home prices increase year-over-year, homeowners benefit. With every increase in home value, homeowners gain equity first because each mortgage payment lowers the amount they owe, and secondly because the value rises causing appreciation, or equity: the difference between what’s owed and what it’s worth. Homeowners have seen their equity increase by nearly $457 billion , or more than 5 percent year over year, according to CoreLogic Homeowner Equity Q3 2019 report. That means homeowners are sitting on a pile of cash.

The National Association of Realtors crunched the numbers in 2018 and found that homeowners who purchased in 2013, the bottom of the housing market crisis, would have typically gained $79,488 in equity, or wealth. Most of that due to home price appreciation, not paying down the mortgage principal. So, it begs the question, what should homeowners do with all that equity? Sell! Take the money and buy another property, invest in a new business, send your kids to college or travel the globe. It’s your money, do whatever you want with it.

Pent up demand

Buyers are out there and they want your house. There are simply not enough houses for sale to satisfy demand, but we’ll get to that later. We know that buyers are seeking homes to purchase because foot traffic is up. In January, buyer showings increased 6.2 percent from the prior month and was unchanged from January of 2019, according to NAR. Still not convinced? Let’s look at the rate of mortgage applications; also up 1.5 percent for the week ending February 21st, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Buyers are getting pre-approved at a rapid clip. They’re preparing themselves to buy, but they need more houses to choose from.

With a low unemployment rate and rising incomes, the majority of people surveyed, 63 percent, say now is a good time to buy a home, according to NAR.

Low Inventory

There’s a shortage of homes available to purchase in real estate speak, we’re in a low inventory market. There are fewer active listings for buyer to choose from. Total inventory at the end of January was 1.42 million properties for sale, up slightly from the December slow season, but down overall. In fact, inventory levels are down more than 10 percent from January 2019 making it the lowest level since 1999. With such low inventory levels, and so many buyers anxious to own or move up, houses are selling faster, 43 days on average nationally from list date to sold date.

In a healthy market, there should be six months worth of active listings for sale to achieve moderate price appreciate. We’re in a three-month supply environment and that means prices are rising faster because demand is outpacing supply. The median existing home price in January was $266,300, up nearly 7 percent from last January’s $249,400. That marks 95 months in a row of year-over-year price increases, according to NAR. “Mortgage rates have helped with affordability, but it is supply conditions that are driving price growth,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist at NAR.

Housing Inventory historical chart
Inventory is falling which causes prices to rise, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Low mortgage rates

You’re a homeowner, why should you care that mortgage rates are at the lowest level in three years? Because money is cheap and now is a good time to buy, not just for first time home buyers, but everyone. With rising prices, ample equity and low mortgage rates, homeowners are sitting on the perfect trifecta of economic indicators signaling now is the time to sell and move. Mortgage interest rates averaged 3.45 percent for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage for the week ending February 27th, according to the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey. Those opting for a shorter 15-year mortgage could score a 2.95 percent rate. Low interest rates help to offset rising home prices. It helps to make those monthly payments more affordable. By selling, then buying, you can take advantage of today’s demand, at the best rates.

Since the Great Recession, home tenure has ticked up. People have hunkered down and made do with their current situation. Even though that home was supposed to be a starter home, it has become their “forever home” by default. The average homeowner lived in their house for a little over eight years before selling, according to a report from ATTOM Data Solutions. That’s up from 7.95 years in the fourth quarter of 2018 and the longest tenure since the first quarter of 2000 when ATTOM started measuring tenure, according to the report. But times are changing. While many want to “age in place” there are those who also know now is the time to get to a better school district or upgrade to a newer home. And the truth is, there has never been a better time than this spring.

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A Native Topsail Island Treasure

Coastal Treasures from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast is brought to you by Treasure Realty, the trusted local experts for real estate, vacation rentals, and long-term rentals. Today’s blog features our very own Ana Scott.

A native of Sneads Ferry, Ana has been with Treasure Realty since 2007. During her time with the real estate firm, she has been involved in vacation rentals, long-term rentals, sales, and a popular television show!

A Native and a Treasure: Ana Scott

Written by Pat Fontana

Ana Scott Broker / Realtor with Treasure Realty

Growing up here, Ana came to love the beauty of the ocean as well as the culturally rich history of Sneads Ferry and the surrounding areas in Onslow and Pender counties. She says she also loves “how it brings so many people to it,” and especially that “all of them find a peace and have an awe of the coast.”

Celebrating her birthday in February, Ana is also excited about Treasure Realty’s celebration of its 30-year anniversary. She says she “always thought that Treasure Realty was a well-oiled machine” and the fact that it is faith-based was a large appeal to her. She is proud to align herself “with a company that’s not the least bit afraid to say they are serving God.”

Ana began her career, after graduating from the Carolina School of Broadcasting, with the NBC News Channel in Charlotte. She soon returned “home” to Sneads Ferry and launched her real estate career with Treasure Realty. She says she will stay in real estate “forever,” adding that it “makes me feel good that someone trusts me enough to help make such an important decision.”

Trust is a huge factor in real estate for Ana and for the rest of the Treasure Realty team. She feels the firm has built a reputation of trust in the community, in large part due to its focus on faith. Ana says they’ve also provided a “good foundation for the next generation of Treasure Realty, people who can help see the next 30 years through.”

HGTV recently reached out to Ana with a desire to feature her and some of her buyers on its show, “Island Life.” She has appeared on the show twice and has been asked to do another episode. She says she does not feel like a tv star, but that she does enjoy “making others feel better about themselves.”

Ana says she has been told she can talk to anyone, but she also listens well to those who need to be heard. She also has been told that she is “able to help others work through their problems by providing honest and thoughtful solutions.”

In her spare time, she enjoys spin class, yoga, paddle boarding, and, especially “being a mom, helping my mom, being a wife to and traveling with my husband.” To her, sit down family dinner time with her husband and daughter is a time to “reconnect and stay in tune with each other’s lives.”

As she celebrates a milestone birthday and the 30th anniversary of Treasure Realty, Ana says she is looking forward to her next decade, as a “part of my life where I’m more secure than I’ve ever been in my work and in my life.” As she cherishes the respect she has gained from “providing my guidance and assistance in helping others make such a huge decision on finding a primary home, a second home, or an investment property,” she is eager to reap the benefits of everything she’s learned so far.

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Treasure Realty Sales and Vacation Rentals

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A Topsail Island Marine Wife Life

Coastal Treasures from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast is brought to you by Treasure Realty, the trusted local experts for real estate, vacation rentals, and long-term rentals. This Valentine’s Day featured blog comes from Heather Sekela of Treasure Realty, a marine wife for life on Topsail Island.

Heather has been a Marine wife for nearly 24 years. After her husband retired, they settled in the Camp Lejeune-Topsail Island area. She joined the Treasure Realty team in 2010 and earned her real estate license in 2014. Today she wears a lot of hats in the organization including administration and marketing. She continues to enjoy, learn and grow in many areas of the real estate industry.


By Heather Sekela

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I hardly had any military connections or even knowledge about military life. Aside from my Grampa’s brief (and one-time only!) talk about his service in World War II, the military was a foreign and far away concept for me. When I’d dream about finding my future husband, I never imagined the topic “I’ve enlisted in the Marine Corps” being discussed on our first date. And if I’m being honest, it really didn’t affect me in any way at this point. I mean, it was our first date.

Then 5 months later when he left for boot camp, I realized I didn’t want to live without him.

So, flash forward a bit. We married and packed up all my meager belongings into a U-Haul, towing our car behind us and began our adventure to Jacksonville, NC. Yes, the 21 hour drive here was an adventure in itself! Story for another time.

When we pulled into town, I think my jaw literally dropped. (Sound familiar to anyone?) 🙂 This was a far cry from the suburbs I was accustomed to in Illinois! Yes, I had visited the area once before we married, but it didn’t truly “sink-in” what life might be like to actually live here until we arrived in that U-Haul.

This was 1996, by the way. There were tons of wooded areas, not an incredible variety of restaurants or shopping like I was used to, and more barber and tattoo shops in such a small area than I ever would have thought. From Jacksonville to Wilmington was primarily a two-lane highway with some stoplights. We don’t have stoplights on a highway in Illinois. All I could think to myself was, “Oh my goodness. Where has he brought me?!”

I learned very quickly that military life is just one of those things that any person cannot fully understand unless they’ve lived it. There is definitely a special and unique camaraderie among Marines and their families like no other.

Later I’d learn that camaraderie extended to military troops and their families in general, not only Marines, and not only Active Duty…Retired military and their families have a wealth of experience, understanding and knowledge like no other. They all become family. Or I suppose the new term is they become “your tribe.”

Friendships and bonds grow fast and hard when you have only your military family nearby. You rely upon your new friends to help you discover your newest hometown and what the area has to offer. Your tribe points you in the right direction for whatever you may be looking for in your area based upon their experiences. Yes, I know it’s not 1996 anymore and there’s the internet now to help search for anything your heart desires. But really … is there anything better than firsthand experience from a member of your tribe?

Photo from the Military Times

If you are a military wife as well, you don’t know me (yet!), but consider for a moment that I’m a member of your tribe. I know military life challenges and celebrations alike. I know it’s not easy, yet there are perks to the military life, too … don’t lose sight of that!

For now, I want to share just a little bit of what I’ve learned of the Camp Lejeune area. I learned that the coastal area of North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of family friendly things to do, places to go, and people to see.

Wherever the military takes you, keep an open mind, talk to people at your new duty station, and discover the beautiful uniqueness of the area in ways you may never have imagined.

In 1996, I never would have dreamed of living permanently anywhere other than the suburbs of Illinois. Yet, here I am. A retired Marine’s wife, with firm roots now planted near the beautiful Topsail Island beaches. I only wish I had discovered this place sooner!

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Topsail Time, Talent, and Treasures

Coastal Treasures from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast is brought to you by Treasure Realty, the trusted local experts for real estate, vacation rentals, and long-term rentals. Today’s feature is about some of the ways to give back to Topsail through our giving of time, talent, and treasure.

“Treasures of Time and Talent” by Pat Fontana

Treasures abound in our Topsail Island and mainland communities! One of the many reasons our residents and visitors enjoy this area so much is because we have so many good people doing good things here.

Giving back to the sea

Volunteers dedicated to our beloved sea turtles staff the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Surf City, with a focus on helping injured turtles and educating the public about their life at sea. The island is not only an awesome place for people to live, it’s also a turtle sanctuary!

The turtle hospital, as it is affectionately known in this area, works for the “rescue, care, and release of sick and injured sea turtles, public education regarding the plight of sea turtles and the threat of their extinction, and learning opportunities for students of biology, wildlife conservation, and veterinary medicine from around the world.” You’ll probably meet some of the Turtle Patrol volunteers early on summer mornings, as they look for new nests of baby turtles that are common along the beach from mid-May through August.

Giving back to the island

The Greater Topsail Island’s history is a fascinating story that continues to be told, thanks to the good works of the Historical Society of Topsail Island. The society is “dedicated to the collection, preservation and promotion of the history of the Greater Topsail Island area” with the motto, “Preserving the Past, Enjoying the Present, Building the Future.”

A fascinating piece of our local history is housed in the Assembly Building, now owned by the Historical Society. The unique and historic Assembly Building, with its beautiful island setting, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is located on the sound front at Topsail Beach. The building’s Missiles & More Museum highlights the government’s secret missile operation conducted on Topsail Island in the mid-1940s!

Giving back to the arts

Sneads Ferry is home to a treasure of theatre, directed and performed by volunteers. The Sneads Ferry Community Theatre puts on several productions each year, including a Readers Theatre production and a Main Stage production. Performing in Sneads Ferry since 2002, the volunteer group is “dedicated to providing theatre that entertains and enriches our community.” The actors and other volunteers share a love for the theatre as well as a love for their community.

Giving back to others

When others are in need, our community treasures are there to help. Share the Table in Hampstead has been feeding Pender and Onslow County residents since 2010. The organization, staffed by volunteers, hosts a free community meal, a food bank, and a summer backpack program. The kindness and generosity of residents and visitors enabled Share the Table to distribute 350,326 pounds of food in 2019.

Service organizations such as Surf City Rotary Club, Topsail Island Kiwanis Club, Coastal Pender Rotary Club, and the Kiwanis Club of Hampstead are also dedicated to helping others in our area. These long-established groups are focused on providing humanitarian services and serving the children in their communities. The Hampstead Kiwanis Park is a beautiful 82-acre treasure that was made possible by volunteers and the “generous spirit of the people in Hampstead.”

Good people doing good things

At Treasure Realty, we are proud of the work being done in our community for the theatre, for the island and the sea, and for others throughout the area. Many of our own staff contribute to these great causes, by giving of their time, talent, and treasure. As part of our continuing 30th anniversary celebration, we’ll be featuring some of these Treasure Realty team members and highlighting some of the way the company is giving back to our Island communities in upcoming posts!

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6 Tips to Understanding Your Home’s Market Value

Coastal Treasures from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast is brought to you by Treasure Realty, the trusted local experts for real estate, vacation rentals, and long-term rentals.

Image from GrateLife

6 Tips to Understanding Your Home’s Market Value

By Ty Pennington written for GrateLife, a division of Guaranteed Rate

Everybody wants to know what their home is worth. How much they can get for it, borrow against it, or cash out for retirement. It’s natural to have an emotional attachment to your home, all the memories you’ve created and DIY projects you’ve completed all add to the sentimental value of your home. However, buyers won’t pay a premium for the built-ins your husband made, or the ornate wallpaper that you love so dearly. Remember selling a home is a business transaction and emotion should play as little of a role in the process as possible. That’s why real estate agents are so important. They’re objective and the good ones have their finger on the pulse of what today’s buyers expect in each price point. Before calling your local agent to list your house for sale, read my six tips to understand how your market value is determined.

Age and condition

When your house was built, and the condition it’s in, definitely make a difference when you’re setting a price relative to similar houses in your area.
Occasionally, this can be tricky.  A house built in 1920, totally remodeled in 2001, essentially has a younger age.  So make sure you’re clear on the details of comparable sales (your real estate agent is the best source for the most current market data).

Square footage

Size matters. Homebuyers always want to know how many square-feet a house is, but sometimes, older homes may not list the most accurate square footage. For instance, a finished basement in a typical bungalow is great useful space, but should you count it in the overall square footage? Yes. Finished basements, attics, sun rooms, enclosed porches should always be added to your overall square footage. It’s all about how much livable space there is under one roof. Some real estate agents will have floor plans made to help market a home. That will also provide a good estimate of your overall square footage. Remember, the appraiser will always measure and give the formal square footage which may differ from your floor plans or even from what’s recorded with your county assessor.


Needless to say, this has a significant impact on your home’s value. For example, let’s say your house backs up to a lake while a similar house in your area has no lake access. Your house will be more valuable due to its lake access. The quality of the school district, as well as, proximity to highways, parks, coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores are other factors that affect value. While proximity is ideal, being too close is a detriment. If you house is next to train tracks or an airport, don’t be surprised if your home hasn’t appreciated as fast as your buddy’s house which may be in the same neighborhood but further from those detractors.


Yes, bells and whistles make a difference. So if you have a pool, spa or gourmet kitchen, you will be able to set a slightly higher asking price than similar homes that don’t, in most cases. An outdoor pool is a wonderful amenity in Orlando or San Diego, not so much in Chicago. You have to know your market and real estate is local. A gourmet kitchen is also a great addition but again, if you’ve over-improved your home in comparison to those in your neighborhood, you will probably not recoup that investment.

Lot size

The larger the lot your home sits on, the higher your value (in most areas). The rule of thumb in this department is to stay within a .05-acre difference, more or less, when looking at similar homes. If you’re in an area that popular with older residents, a large lot will probably detract from the value because that means more physical labor to maintain it or more money to hire someone to keep the grass cut or snow shoveled. If on the other hand, you’re in a city like Chicago which has a standard city lot size of 25 x 125, and your house is built on a 30-foot lot, by all means, that adds value because it’s rare.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Nothing seems to matter more to an appraiser than bedroom and bathroom count. The more bedrooms you have, the higher the value. This is why you really need to consult with a real estate agent first. If you’re in a house or condo where you converted a bedroom into your formal dining room, call your contractor and put those walls back up immediately! To be competitive, and get the highest value, you need bedrooms. A 2,500 square-foot one-bedroom house will not appeal to the majority of buyers.

Visit the actual article from GrateLife online;

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A Thirty Year Old Topsail Treasure

Coastal Treasures from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast is brought to you by Treasure Realty, the trusted local experts for real estate, vacation rentals, and long-term rentals. Enjoy today’s featured treasure that is celebrating thirty years serving Topsail Island and the surrounding mainland communities.

From Becoming to Being a Treasure

By Scott Franko

According to Wikipedia, the year 2020 is a leap year, the 2020th year of both the Common Era and the Anno Domini (AD), the 20th year of the 3rd millennium, the 20th year of the 21st century, the 1st year of the new decade, is written as MMXX when using Roman numerals, and has been designated the international year of the nurse and midwife by the World Health Organization.

For Treasure Realty, the year 2020 is significant for a much different reason — thirty years of becoming one of the treasures of Topsail by providing real estate and rental services to the Island and the mainland communities around it.

Richard and Linda Baker

At thirty, the company looks a lot different now compared to its humble beginning that started with a young Richard Baker.  At the age of 26 he began his real estate career on Topsail Island with another agency. Then he opened Treasure Realty in 1990 with his mother, his cousin Tim Baker, and the company’s first two agents.

As the Island itself has grown in fame with national attention and a continual spotlight from the media, Treasure Realty has also grown. Today the company is the overwhelming leader in Topsail Island real estate and ended 2019 as a record-setting year and far outselling the competition.

Topsail Island sales data from TIAR

Treasure Realty invests significantly in technology and marketing to claim a dominant position online. Today over 80,000 people on average visit the company’s website each month and has over 60,000 people following on Facebook and social media.

The marketing at Treasure Realty includes print to digital media.

The team that makes up Treasure Realty has over two hundred years of combined industry experience with firsthand knowledge of the Island and the greater Topsail area. The agents and staff are personable, friendly, and have a passion for helping people.

The team at Treasure Realty.

For Treasure Realty, the past three decades has been quite a journey. And as the company prepared to officially turn 30 years old, it is looking ahead to the next thirty, and beyond.

Yes, there have been plenty of bumps and hardships to endure along the way, some with names like Florence and Fran. But Topsail is still here. Still a treasure. And so is Treasure Realty.

Find Your Treasure with Treasure Realty

Trusted Local Experts Serving Topsail and Mainland Communities Since 1990

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Celebrating the Holidays on Topsail Island

Whether you live or vacation in the Topsail Island area, you encounter coastal treasures. This year, the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce successfully brought the Island a new one with their 1st Annual Christmas Flotilla and Holiday Market. Enjoy this week’s feature from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast by Treasure Realty, the trusted local expert for real estate and vacation rentals.

A Christmas Treasure on Topsail Island

By Scott Franko

The holiday season is a time for enjoying special moments. Moments with Topsail Island is one way to make them special — the ocean, the beach, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a boat ride on the intercoastal, a round of golf, and shopping or eating at our unique local shops and restaurants.

This year, Topsail Island added something new to the holiday experience with its first annual flotilla and market organized and hosted by the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce.

The event took place at Soundside Park in Surf City — a perfect venue for bringing people together in the spirit of the holidays, especially with the new streetscape, lots of additional parking, and of course the bridge that provides gorgeous views of the park, the intercoastal, and the island.

Over fifty vendors participated offering crafts, baked goods, food, drinks and more. A variety of musicians took to the stage of the pavilion that was decorated for the holidays, and the mayor of Surf City gave the official welcome to the inaugural event that was attended by hundreds.

Once the sun fell below the horizon and its golden glow faded to the deeper colors of the night sky, the boats of the flotilla set sail. Traveling from the south end of the Topsail sound waters, they eventually arrived to the delight of the awaiting audience that crowded the edges of the park to see them.

One by one, each boat took its turn twisting, turning, circling and spinning in the water to put on a show as its lights danced and bounced off the water to win the crowd (and the judges) with its creativity, originality, and holiday spirit. And that, they did.

I was there. I witnessed this magical Christmas and holiday moment on Topsail with my wife and my dog. We heard great music. We ate excellent food. We talked with friends and made some new ones. We bought things for ourselves and things that would become gifts for others.

We truly enjoyed yet another new Treasure on Topsail Island. If you were there, you know what I mean. If you were not there, put this on your calendar of things to do when you plan your Christmas holiday on Topsail.

Find Your Treasure with Treasure Realty

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Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed on Topsail Island

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded how thankful, grateful, and blessed we are.  Today’s blog post reminds us all to take a moment to reflect on all the reasons for giving thanks and allows us to say “thank you” to all the people and families that we’ve been able to serve over the past three decades.

Let Me Count The Ways

By Scott Franko, Marketing Director

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

First penned in 1850 as the 43rd of 44 love sonnets by poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, those two lines are a fitting lead-in for my featured topic—being thankful, grateful, and blessed.

Let’s define “thee” for a moment. For this particular blog post, “thee” represents the people, places, events, and things that are important. And for me, Topsail Island encompasses all four.

If you are reading this, then the odds are that you have a connection to the island as well, and you know how special a place it is. So, for the next few moments, with Topsail as my thee, I shall count the ways.

As one who first vacationed and now lives on Topsail, I love my island and all it provides; sunshine, water, life above and below the sea, solitude or company depending on the day, rest, relaxation, time with my creator, making memories with family and friends, treasures along the shores, toes in the sand, wind-blown hair, friendly people, and the variety of shops, restaurants and businesses that make the Topsail communities.

The Beauty of Topsail Island

As one working for company providing real estate, rentals, and vacation services both on and off the island (with next year being our 30th), I am thankful, grateful, and blessed to work with a truly talented, trusted, caring and expert group of people who also love Topsail, and love helping people.

The Treasure Realty Team

Owning a home on Topsail or close to it does something on the inside that expresses itself through a salt life attitude island demeanor. I moved here from the Midwest. I’ve experienced this transformation.

Vacations on Topsail are unique. All the sudden my island has become your island. You feel as though you own a piece of the beach, even if just for a short time. Worries are left elsewhere as you can just enjoy each moment, each sunrise, each sunset.

What is your thee? Take a moment to think about the ones in your life, then count the ways. Give thanks and praise for them. And if you could, please include Topsail.

In summary, I’ll borrow some of the words from the song I’m Blessed written and sung by Charlie Wilson, a song about simply living a blessed life …

Ask me how I’m doing, I’m blessed, yes
Living every moment, no regrets
Smile up on my face, I’m like oh yes
I’m blessed yes, I’m blessed yes
Ask me how I’m doing, I’m blessed yes
Living every moment no regrets
Smile up on my face, I’m like oh yes
I’m blessed yes, I’m blessed yes, I’m blessed

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