Building Boats for Topsail, North Carolina, and Beyond

Onslow Bay Boats New Facility in Holly Ridge, North Carolina

What do you buy when you live in an area as beautiful as ours, and you have limited travel or vacation options given the current constraints? You buy a boat and go out on the water! That’s what Brad Knight, founder and majority owner of Onslow Bay Boats, has found among his customers. Demand is up and business is good.

Tournament Quality Boats Built in Topsail’s Holly Ridge

by Pat Fontana

Business for Brad Knight and his company, Onslow Bay Boats, has been increasing over the past couple of years to the point where Knight has consolidated all of his operations into one new, large facility in Holly Ridge. Onslow Bay Boats started as a Hampstead business, with additional sites in Wilmington. Having the boat building operation spread across multiple locations was logistically challenging, in addition to the fact that part of the space had been rented.

Today, with a “new location all under one roof,” Onslow Bay Boats enjoys 50,000 sq ft of space, and the company owns all of it. As Knight says, “now we have plenty of room to do what we need to do.” The new facility features a showroom as well as a boat-building shop. However, the showroom, Knight says, has “no boats in it right now because we’re sold out!”

The boat business has thrived during the pandemic. As Knight explains, people can’t go anywhere, and they want to enjoy where they’re living. Although the Topsail Island and mainland areas in Pender and Onslow counties are great places to enjoy the boat life, Onslow Bay Boats sells boats all over the country, and has even sold some in other countries such as Mexico. The Florida market is starting to expand as well.

Locally, customers also come down from inland areas such as Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Greensboro. A lot of tournament fishermen turn to Onslow Bay Boats as experienced offshore boaters looking for a step up. Knight says most customers “know what they want.” He says he has had to tell people “I don’t think this is the boat for you” and guide them in the right direction, although most customers are not first-time boaters.

Onslow Bay Boats has very little competition across the country, as these boats are considered a specialty area. The company builds the following lines:

  • 27’ Offshore Edition
  • 27’ Offshore Edition XS
  • 33’ Tournament Edition
  • and a 41’ Tournament Edition will be coming soon

Although Onslow Bay does not build custom boats, the company does get requests for custom options for its standard selections.

In addition to boat building, the company offers boat gear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other boat-related items in its online store. They also do some service work for boat owners.

Knight was born in Wilmington and grew up in Hampstead. In fact, his parents built the first house in Olde Point. He started his boat building experience as a 13-year old, working for his dad. His father was an airline pilot but started a side business building boats that became Carolina Coast Marina. His father’s business closed, and, after spending a brief time in the spa and bathtub business, Brad opened Onslow Bay Boats in 2005.

Although there have been challenges along the way, the boat business is now booming. With 22 employees, there are plans to add to the team as demand increases. Knight and his team held a ribbon cutting ceremony at their new facility at 400 Betty Taylor Wood Drive in mid-September of 2020. And now Brad and his team are excited about what the future holds for Onslow Bay Boats in Holly Ridge!


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Real Estate Powers in the Greater Topsail Island Markets

Topsail Island Real Estate
Topsail Island Real Estate

From jumping out of an airplane to finding homes for local military families, Joe Powers knows how to overcome challenges in a fun and successful way.

Always Working and Loving It

by Pat Fontana

With 18 years of experience in real estate, Joe Powers says he is always working but he loves it. “Real estate comes easy to me,” he explains. He sincerely enjoys meeting people and hearing their stories.

Joe Powers
Real Estate Agent with Treasure Realty

Joe joined Treasure Realty in 2013, at the urging of his high school friend Tim Baker. He has been extremely successful ever since. One of his specialty areas is working with the military. Having grown up in Jacksonville, the son of a Marine, Joe has a “real good knowledge of Onslow” and an understanding of what military families are facing when it’s time to move.

He notes that timing is critical when buying and selling a home for a military family. Often, they cannot buy a new home until their previous home sells. Joe understands their situation and has had quite a bit of success in juggling schedules so his military clients can qualify for their loans and move into their new homes when they need to. It’s important to understand how the VA loan process works, he notes, “a challenge that you have to learn to work with.”

Before going into the real estate business, Joe was learning the area in detail as a UPS driver. A major portion of his route was on Topsail Island. As he says, “you learn a place quickly when you do that.” Joe feels that was good preparation for his current role in real estate, as he developed a thorough knowledge of the neighborhoods and communities on the island and the mainland.

The father of four sons, including twins, Joe says most of his spare time so far has been spent going to soccer games. He also enjoys riding bikes with his kids and exploring the mountains in western North Carolina. With a sense of adventure, he and his family also enjoy zip lining and whitewater rafting. Then there was the trip to the Florida Keys, where he and his son jumped out of an airplane. Although hesitant at the time, he says he would definitely do it again!

Back home, Joe enjoys walking on the beach and finding homes for his clients there. He says, the “beach is a different market” and, even though he shows quite a few homes every week on the island, he finds that he is still fascinated by its beauty. He says “I never get tired of seeing it. You see a different pretty scene every time.”

Joe says that “real estate work is pretty much what I do” but he is happy doing it. Now that his sons are all home, he also tries to spend some quality time with them before they leave again. Part of that includes trying new stuff to eat, and then going to the gym, going for a bike ride, or taking a walk on the beach.

As to his future, Joe says jokingly, “they tell me I’m relatively young, so I won’t be able to quit anytime soon.” Nor would he want to. The real estate business to him is “not really work.” A couple of years ago, he brought on an assistant who also happens to be his sister. He says he is happy to be able to focus more on clients with her help and his “numbers have just about doubled since she has been helping.”

Joe’s advice to his sons and to others has also guided his real estate work: “If you don’t choose your life, your life will choose it for you.” He is thrilled with the life he’s chosen and is looking forward to continuing in the real estate business for years to come.

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Find Your Treasure With Trusted Local Experts

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The Mountain to Sea Trail in the Greater Topsail Island Area

From the mountains of western North Carolina to Topsail Island and the coastal beaches of the Outer Banks, the Mountain to Sea Trail (MST) offers an incredible experience for you to explore our amazing state. We are fortunate in the Topsail and mainland area to be able to enjoy a 90-mile segment of the trail that will take you through wooded areas, parks, lakes, and, of course, along our beautiful North Carolina beaches on the Atlantic Ocean!

The Mountain to Sea Trail and the Onslow Bight

by Pat Fontana

Known as Segment 15, the portion of the MST trail that passes through our area runs for 90.6 miles of the total 1,175-mile-long trail. Described as “family friendly,” the trail will take you through the Onslow Bight, formed where the coast makes a shallow bend or “bight” between Cape Lookout and Cape Fear. With its barrier islands, marshes, riverine wetlands, pocosins, and longleaf pine savannas, the Onslow Bight is considered one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the United States.

The highlights of the MST section that runs through Surf City, North Topsail Beach, Sneads Ferry, and Jacksonville include:

  • The beautiful beaches of Topsail Island, including Surf City and North Topsail Beach
  • Several public parks
  • The Karen Beasley Turtle Hospital, where our treasured turtles enjoy rest and rehabilitation
  • Nineteen miles of forest road through the 64,743-acre Holly Shelter Game Land, where you will see vast expanses of pocosin as well as savannas of lush grasses and native plants flourishing under towering longleaf pines
  • An eight-mile beach walk on Topsail Island that passes:
    • Two of seven concrete observation towers built by the US Navy in World War II for Operation Bumblebee, a secret guided-missile testing program that operated on Topsail Island from 1946-8
    • The Ocean City community in North Topsail Beach, founded in 1949 as one of the first family-oriented beaches for African Americans who at the time could not usually purchase beachfront property
  • The Onslow County Environmental Education Center’s “Discover Onslow” exhibit, a great way to learn about the ecology, flora, and fauna of the Onslow Bight
  • Stones Creek Game Land, nestled in Camp Lejeune, which provides a scenic walk past lakes and pine woods
  • The Lejeune Memorial Gardens, with moving tributes to our nation’s servicemen and women.
Photo from Trails.NC.Gov

The trails through Holly Shelter and Stones Creek Game Lands are marked with the MST blaze, a 3-inch white circular marker. There are also signs at certain places in Stones Creek Game Land.

Road portions of this segment are marked with blazes and signs. Blazes are on the left shoulder of the road in the direction of travel, and signs are on the right side. Note that signs are often a target of theft and vandalism and should not be relied upon exclusively for wayfinding.

Some fun facts about the MST:

  • The trail was proposed in 1977 and added to the state park system in 2000
  • The MST is North Carolina’s state trail and longest marked footpath
  • It takes approximately 2,112,000 footsteps to complete
  • The trail climbs both the tallest mountain peak and the highest sand dune in the Eastern United States
  • Highest elevation: 6,684 feet — on Mt. Mitchell
  • Lowest elevation: sea level — Cape Hatteras National Seashore
  • The MST passes through four national parks and two national wildlife refuges
  • It connects to ten state parks and meanders through three national forests
  • The trail passes three lighthouses, including the nation’s tallest.

You will also enjoy some non-human company along your trek. Deer, bear, turkey, fox, rabbit, raccoon, and squirrel are prominent as are quail, dove and waterfowl, along with pine savannah, venus fly trap, and maritime forest. Along the water, you might see fiddler crab, sandpiper, osprey, sea turtle, dolphin, and pelicans.

It’s always a good idea to check for trail updates before you head out. Enjoy the natural beauty of Topsail and the mainland in a unique way on Section 15 of the Mountain to Sea Trail!

Learn more about the MTS Trail by visiting The Friends of MTS online at

Brought to you by Treasure Realty

Serving Topsail Island and Mainland Communities Since 1990

Find Your Treasure with Trusted Local Experts

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2020 Topsail Island Kingfish Tournament

The results are not official yet, and despite some rain and thunder, the 29th annual King Mackerel Tournament held this past weekend and hosted by the Rotary Club of Sneads Ferry was a big success. Treasure Realty was there. Here’s a recap …

An Account of the 29th Annual King Mackerel Tournament

by Scott Franko – Marketing Director for Treasure Realty

There was plenty of sunshine, only two downpours of rain, lots of people and lots of kingfish during this two-day annual event that paid out $26,000, $21,000 and $8,000 to the first three winning boats while a lucky winner won a new kayak with a winning raffle ticket and another took home just $6,200 from the 50/50 drawing. There were more winners for more cash, but this tournament is about so much more than fishing and prizes.

The biggest kingfish at 44.5 pounds

This annual tournament began with Dale Powell and Rick Wells, owners of Power Marine Outfitters in Sneads Ferry. Then this spectacular event that takes place at New River Marina event was eventually turned over to the Rotary Club of Sneads Ferry. Since then it has become the Club’s major fund-raising event to support their service and activities.

To date, The Sneads Ferry Rotary Club’s Annual King Mackerel Tournament has raised approximately $1.0 million dollars that has been distributed into the local community, region and to other parts of the world through Rotary projects supported by the club.

Those projects include:

College Scholarships for Dixon High School Seniors, Coastal Carolina Community College Perpetual Endowment Fund, an SAT Scholarship Fund, dictionaries for Onslow County third graders, support of the Lake Waccamaw Boys and Girls Home, the Annual Percy Jenkins Senior Citizen Dinner, Project Guatemala providing clean water, food, shelter and medical supplies, annual Christmas Shopping Program for kids, annual Christmas Grocery Project for local families in need, ongoing support of C.H.E.W, Alzheimer’s Research, Onslow Women’s Shelter, Breast Cancer Victim support, Volunteer Fire Departments, Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly, a Rotary Interact Club at Dixon H.S., Paul Harris Fellowships, various Matching Grants projects, and Financial Assistance to those in need in our community.

The event itself is a good time for everybody. You don’t have to fish. You can just watch the boats of all shapes, colors and sizes come in and be part of the excitement as the fish are weighed in, then watch the leaderboard fill up with boat names and weights of their fish. Enjoy the sights by the water around the marina, the smells of good food, listen to the music and have fun natured conversations with locals and visitors that come together for this unique coastal experience.

The evening before the fishing begins is the traditional Captain’s Dinner of fresh cooked shrimp with hushpuppies, slaw and fries all prepared by the Rotary Club members. This year they served approximately 420 meals. The official start to the event includes a Color Guard followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, a blessing, and some words from the Rotary Club president.

This year’s tournament had 103 boats registered to compete, over 1200 pounds of fish were weighed in, over 420 meals were served, and over 800 event custom designed tee shirts sold.

For more information on the annual KMT please visit online at and to learn more about the Rotary Club of Sneads Ferry visit

Click the link below to view this year’s digital version of the event program.

If you have not yet experienced this event be sure to put it on your calendar for next year. The tournament takes place in August. Once a date is established it will be posted on the event website.

Brought to you by Treasure Realty

Trusted Local Experts for Topsail Island and Mainland Communities Since 1990

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Tee Time Treasures of Topsail Island

Image from

There’s always something awesome to do in the Topsail area. You can go to the beach, eat fresh seafood right off the boat, swim, kayak, paddle board … the list goes on. That list also includes golf! Sneads Ferry and Hampstead are home to two amazing golf courses that love their visitors as much as their members.

The Treasure of Tee Time! by Pat Fontana

Semi-private courses at Olde Point Country Club and North Shore Golf Course welcome everyone to join them for a day of golf in the incredibly temperate weather we usually enjoy on the island and on the mainland. Memberships are also available at both courses, for residents and those who love golfing all year round.

Olde Point Country Club – Hampstead

John and Marzana Zalik

The Olde Point Country Club was built in 1974 and opened to the public in 1975. Marzana Zalik and her husband, John, bought Olde Point in 2017 and have transformed it. Marzana says she is proud that they have become such an important part of the community. “We really care,” she adds, noting that their “number one thing” when they took over the country club was that they “wanted to do as many charity events as possible to bring everyone together and make a difference.”

Olde Point loves visitors as well as their members, who are all invited to enjoy a day of golf, a day at the pool, and have a lovely meal and drinks. The Country Club features a full-service restaurant, Nineteen, as well as a banquet room, tennis court, and swimming pool. Marzana emphasizes that “We are the most reasonable, most warm and welcoming to tourists. You’ll meet a lot of great people here. Our staff is the friendliest around.”

Image from

The course is in great shape, she adds. With a new superintendent in place, there are plans to put more beautification elements in and to make the course look even prettier. Plan includes planting some azaleas or different plants to make it look more tropical.

Marzana and John are hands-on at Olde Point. They know that when their staff, golfers, diners, and others see them working as hard as anyone else, it makes a huge difference. In fact, their hard work to upgrade the club has made a substantial impact on increased home values in the area. They are pleased to be such an integral part of their community as well as a place where everyone can go and truly enjoy themselves.

North Shore Golf Course – Sneads Ferry

Ryan Hansen has been the General Manager at North Shore Golf Course for 5 ½ years. He is very excited about the resurgence in golf interest in the past few months and looks forward to entertaining visitors to Topsail Island and the mainland. North Shore also offers memberships for those in the area who enjoy a regular game throughout the year.

Developed in 1988, the North Shore course was managed by John Russell from the start. Russell was a huge part of the club until he passed away shortly before Hurricane Florence landed. The course has grown from a small trailer sitting at hole #1 to the inviting clubhouse, tennis court, snack bar, and swimming pool it offers today.

A big upgrade about seven years ago brought in Champion Bermuda for the greens as part of the course renovation. Ryan is excited to offer lessons at the club as well as they are trying to grow the game. He has seen a notable increase in interest in this healthy, outside activity over the past few months and looks forward to membership drives going forward.

Ryan says, the “layout of the course is one you just never get tired of. It’s a fun layout for both the avid golfer and the beginning golfer.” North Shore offers “a little something for all levels” and welcomes everyone to come join the fun. This club also hosts about “8-10 charity events a year,” Ryan adds, including several military events.

Strategically located on the Intracoastal Waterway, North Shore Golf Course offers nine holes on one side of Hwy 210 and nine on the other. Six of the course’s holes are actually on the Intracoastal. They also offer a practice facility that includes a driving range, chipping area, and putting green.

When it’s tee time on the island or on the mainland, the beauty of the local golf courses waits for you!

Olde Point Country Club

513 Country Club Dr. Hampstead, NC 2844 / Phone 910-270-2403

North Shore Golf Course

101 North Shore Drive, Sneads Ferry NC 28460 / Phone 910-327-2410 / 800-828-5035

Find Your Treasure on a Topsail Golf Course with Trusted Local Experts

On the Off the Island
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Topsail Island, A Coastal North Carolina Treasure

There are several compelling reasons for visiting or making a home on or close to the Topsail Island coastal region of North Carolina. Here are just some of them.

Why you should consider Topsail to live, work, and play.

By Scott Franko

I first came to Topsail Island to play when I took my family there for a vacation twenty years ago. Now the Island is where I live and work as well. Like most people who come here for the first time, I fell in love with the area, the lifestyle, the weather, the beaches, the air, and everything that makes it a treasure.

After that inaugural visit, we made Topsail our choice of vacation destiny every year until my wife and I made the big decision to move away from the Midwest and become part of this unique area of coastal North Carolina. 

Why Topsail? Here are just ten good reasons …

  • A Beach Vacation – Yea, there are other beaches to choose from. But Topsail’s beaches are uncrowded, there are no high-rise hotels, and there is plenty of space for swimming, surfing, shore fishing, walking or laying in the sun, and you’ll stay in a private home or condo.
  • Things to Do – There’s plenty to do besides hanging out at the beach. Topsail Island is full of places to shop, eat, drink and enjoy the scenery from piers, parks and waterways. You’re also only a short drive from many other coastal cities and attractions like wineries, aquariums, trails, museums and places to explore. There’s also some great annual festivals worth experiencing at different times of the year.
  • The Seafood – It’s fresh. It’s local. It’s good. Many people consider the area’s oysters to be the best in the world! There is a variety of seafood for every taste and craving from fish to scallops and lots of shrimp. Maybe you prefer to buy and cook your own fresh seafood. You can buy fresh caught seafood from a number of Topsail area marinas and seafood stores like Davis or Mitchells. If seafood isn’t your thing, you can try a variety of other foods from a deli or restaurant serving their own specialties.
  • A Primary Residence – Relative to other coastal communities, property on or around Topsail Island is affordable at all levels from the luxury beachfront home to a condo or a place on the mainland that allows you to be close to the beach. Within the Greater Topsail area are many communities and styles of homes for every budget and preference.
  • An Investment Home – If your goal is to invest now and decide to move later, or if you’re an active investor, then a second home or a rental property on Topsail is worth considering. The mild year-round weather and peak summer seasons, bring a demand for vacations and consistent rental income to offset expenses and provide profit. (Learn more about property and rental management by Treasure Realty at or if you are interested in long term rentals
  • The Salty Lifestyle – The salt life is a lifestyle that includes sand, fishing rods, open sided Jeeps, kayaks, flip flops, shorts and shark tooth necklaces sometimes referred to as a tie. In other words, life is more relaxed and casual.
  • The Weather – If you like snow, you won’t have it here on Topsail very often. I was used to getting 18 inches of snow at times in one night back in Indiana. Here, you can expect warm summers, a pleasant spring and fall, and during the few months of winter you’ll wear a coat one day and potentially be golfing in shorts the next. We also have our share of rain and storms, but that comes with the coast. You just have to expect and learn to deal with them. But the one thing you can count on is breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.
  • Those Turtles – Topsail is famous for its turtles and their nests as they migrate and land on our beaches to lay their eggs. 2019 proved to be a record year with 128 nests, each nest holding approximately 120 turtle eggs. In my twenty years I’ve encountered just one hatching. It was a magical moment to witness these little creatures scamper back to the sea during a moonlit summer night.
  • The Economy – The communities of Topsail are growing while at the same time holding onto traditions and values that maintain a calmer way of life. Off the Island there’s a mix of economic factors comprising of the military and bases and the businesses that support the expanding population. With all this growth, there are many opportunities for employment or for starting a business. Visit the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce at for more information.
  • The Schools – Topsail is split in two counties; Pender and Onslow. Not only does each county have a top-notch airport, but the schools are excellent with high standards of education. There are also numerous options for college either in the immediate Topsail region or within a short distance away.

I could fill a book’s worth of pages writing about memories, experiences, and what all there is to know and appreciate about Topsail. But that spoils the fun of finding all that out for yourself.

If you want some tips, help or guidance, one of the team members of Treasure Realty will help you Find Your Treasure. Whether that be a place to stay for a beach vacation, a new home, a long rental, or an investment property, they are the Trusted Local Experts.

Topsail Island is often affectionately referred to as a “treasure island” on a “treasure coast.” And Treasure Realty is your resource for helping you find your way to live, work, or play on it.

Click on this link if you want to know ten good reasons for selecting Treasure Realty …

Scott Franko is the marketing director for Treasure Realty. Treasure Realty is the leader on and off Topsail Island for real estate sales, beach vacation rentals, and property management with its own in-house property maintenance.

Find Your Treasure with Trusted Local Experts

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Ten Good Reasons for “Why Treasure Realty” on Topsail Island and Around the Greater Topsail Area

Who, what, where, when, why and how? That’s what people want to know. When it comes to real estate on and off Topsail Island, here is what you need to know about Treasure Realty. 

  • Who? We are the Trusted Local Experts. We are an established leading resource for all your real estate needs.
  • What? We help people find their treasure. In other words, we help you attain your real estate goals.
  • Where? We are the leader for sales and beach vacation rentals on Topsail Island, North Carolina, and we also serve the surrounding mainland coastal communities.
  • When? We are here and ready to serve our clients anytime. We ready to help you buy or sell your home whenever you are.
  • Why? We do what we do because it is a win win. Our success makes clients happy, which makes us happy, and Topsail Island is a happy place.
  • How? We strive to be the best, to lead the competition, to support our communities, and to bring about success for those we serve.

Why Treasure Realty? Here are ten good reasons:

  1. TRUSTED – Trust is an earned reputation we’ve been given thanks to our numerous happy clients. It is a privilege every time we help a client.
  2. LOCAL – Family owned, raised in the area with local vendor/business relationships. We understand real estate on and off the Island. 
  3. EXPERTS – Decades of experience, serving the island and mainland communities since 1990 & founding members of the TIAR.
  4. ON and OFF the ISLAND – We are the leader and expert on the island, but also serve the surrounding communities in Pender and Onslow including Hampstead, Jacksonville, Sneads Ferry, Holly Ridge and beyond.
  5. PRODUCTION – Rising from a small business amongst the leading real estate companies in the area, Treasure grew to consistently rank #1, with over $1Billion sold in 30 years.
  6. MARKETING – We have a team on staff with knowledge and drive to ensure your listing gets the best spotlight possible on all platforms.
  7. ADVERTISING – We explore new avenues consistently but also stick to traditional and digital platforms such as magazines, billboards, postcards, papers, emails.
  8. BRAND & IMAGE – Prominent image and established brand, community engagement and involvement.
  9. TECHNOLOGY – We invest in and utilize technology that is exclusive, strategic, and keeps us ahead of the competition while producing results that other agencies would have difficulty achieving.
  10. VACATION & RENTALS – We are the biggest vacation and long-term rental / property management company on and around Topsail with our own maintenance. This provides us hands on knowledge of homes & relationships to better serve all our clients.
Find Your Treasure with Trusted Local Experts

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Treasure Realty is the trusted local expert for military relocation to help you and your family move.

By Treasure Realty

The North Carolina coast and Topsail Island have been home to many members of the military over the decades — thanks to nearby Camp Lejeune, New River Air Station, MARSOC and many other Army and Marine military bases a bit further afield.

Whether you’re coming to the area as part of a new assignment or are retired military and remember the area fondly, finding your home on Topsail Island, or one of the many other wonderful towns nearby, is much easier with the help of a military relocation specialist, like those at Treasure Realty.

Some of their real estate professionals are spouses or family of military members or retired military themselves and all have extensive experience working with USMC families.

If you’re considering a move to the area, here’s how a relocation specialist can help.

They can help you sell your home quickly

A military move is much different than what a civilian might experience. If you and your spouse are homeowners and one or both of you are active duty members of the military who need to relocate as part of your permanent change of station (PCS), you may need to sell your home first, and probably more quickly than you’d like.

A military relocation expert understands that difference and can convey the urgency and the importance of your role as an active duty member of the military. They can do all of the legwork necessary to sell your pre-relocation home quickly and get you a good price to boot.

Now, find just the right home

A military relocation expert understands the unique needs of military families. Not only can they help you sell your current home quickly, but they will also help you find a new home — no matter how far away you are. Some, especially those who need to move due to a PCS, may even have to buy a home from afar without seeing it in person and close remotely as well. A military relocation expert will show you homes near your base, including Camp Lejeune.

Your relocation expert will also keep in mind that you may have to relocate again at any time, so they’ll plan ahead and factor in how easy it will be to sell your new home — or even if you should sell. You may want to make it a rental property, especially in the beautiful Topsail Island area, where renters do look for beach settings for vacations. You may also want to return to the area when you retire. In that case, they can also manage your property if you need to rent it out.

In addition, Treasure Realty’s experts are empathetic and understand your unique situation because they’ve either been in your shoes or have worked with many PCS families and know their stories. When there are competing bids on a home you want to purchase, they know how to put your story into the right words to sway any seller.

Get help with local information

The real estate agents at Treasure Realty know the region surrounding Camp Lejeune, along with other nearby bases, both inside and out. Not only can they help your transition by introducing you to other military families, but they can guide you toward the resources in the area that help military personnel and families the most. They’ll let you know about schools, shopping and services, as well as which beaches are best for kids and great weekend getaway destinations.

They’ll guide you to important financial resources

Relocation experts understand the nuances of financing a home in general, but also the benefits available to active duty military and veterans looking to retire on Topsail Island or the region. They’ll help you with VA loans and recommend you to lenders familiar with those benefits and, because these benefits can get tricky, they can help you understand the process and terms.

Find your new home on Topsail Island and North Carolina mainland communities with Treasure Realty, your trusted local experts. Enjoy island living with gorgeous beaches, plenty of activities, great schools and friendly neighbors. Treasure Realty’s team has a total of 284 years of combined experience, exclusively marketing Topsail Island and the surrounding coastal communities. Their brokers and military relocation experts are very personable, and they believe in a friendly, hands-on approach. These full-time agents and military homebuyer experts will go above and beyond to help you find your dream home.

Richard Baker opened Treasure Realty in 1990 and since then the business has become the overwhelming leader and trusted local experts for Topsail Island and the surrounding mainland communities. To learn more, visit their website.

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Greater Topsail Real Estate Proves to be a Good Move for Amye Baker and Treasure Realty

Amye Baker of Treasure Realty

Making the move from the mortgage side to the real estate side of home buying and selling has proven to be a good one for Amye Baker.

Keeping Life Interesting and Fresh with a Positive Change

By Pat Fontana

After almost 20 years in the mortgage industry, sitting behind a desk and processing paperwork, Amye now is in a position that does not feel like a job to her. Every day is different as she gets to help people find their new home as a real estate agent for Treasure Realty. She says, “it’s a different side of the same coin.”

From Mortgages to Selling Real Estate

Amye is busy. Not only is she showing homes during the busiest season of the year now, but she also serves as the regional MLSFlex manager. As part of the North Carolina Regional MLS board, representing the Topsail area, Amye helps shape the direction of the 6000+ agents that belong to the board. She also partners with her husband, Bizz, on local real estate dealings.

Her shift to real estate from the mortgage business was made initially to help Bizz and because she felt she “needed to do something else.” She adds that “every once in a while, you’ve got to change.” Amye and Bizz both feel they’re a good team and have learned a lot about working together through trial and error. She advises other spouses working together that it “takes effort but you can work it out!”

In her spare time, Amye makes face masks for her Treasure Realty co-workers and customers as well as for her church. She also scrapbooks, reads, and loves to cook. Of course, her favorite thing to do in this area is to go to the beach, in addition to going fishing and hanging out with her grandkids.

An area resident for the past 28 years, Amye launched her real estate career and joined Treasure Realty in June 2014. Along the way, she earned her Military Home Buyer Certification, a national certification that demonstrates her knowledge and experience with military families. Her own experience and her mortgage background help her “in knowing what the VA processes are like.” She focuses on ways to make home ownership “a cost-effective buying situation” for military families who know they may be moving again in just a few years.

Amye says she loves working with sellers and with buyers. No transactions are the same from one day to the next. In addition to focusing on helping the military, she works with coastal properties that are unique, especially on Topsail Island, given their zoning requirements. She also enjoys working with sellers and buyers on the mainland. As she says, “I’m all over the map,” almost literally!

Having grown up on a dairy farm in Ohio, Amye is still “an avid Ohio State football fan.” With brief stints living in Virginia and Florida, during which she always came back to North Carolina for vacations, Amye finally moved to Onslow County and has made this area her home.

Thirty Years as Trusted Local Experts On and Off the Island

Excited about Treasure Realty’s 30-year anniversary and the possibilities for its future, Amye says “I’m happy to see the changes that we’re making to grow and to keep up with changing markets and changing times.” She emphasizes that “we’ve got a really good team to develop into the future.”

As to her own future, Amye is thrilled with the move she made six years ago. She foresees being in the real estate business as long as possible, knowing that she is helping people in a career that continues to be interesting and fresh each and every day.

Contact Amye Baker by phone at 910-548-3399 or email

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Treasured Topsail Island Beaches

Here are some things you can do to help keep the beaches of our Treasured Topsail Island clean, safe, and fun for everyone, especially with the coming 4th of July holiday weekend.

Taking Care of Our Treasured Beach

By Pat Fontana

When you love the beach as much as we do here on Topsail Island, you want to do everything you can to keep it clean and safe. Our beach is amazing and is always loads of fun. Boogie boarding, swimming, sunning, and playing with friends and family are awesome ways to pass the days, whether you live here or are visiting for a while.

Here are some tips for taking care of the beach – and yourself – so these fun times can continue well into the future!

Park with care.

There are lots of designated parking areas up and down the island. Respect the property of our residents by not parking in their yards or blocking their driveways. We don’t want your stay ruined with a ticket or a tow, so be sure to read the signs carefully so you are parking in the right place.

Fill in the holes.

Playing in the sand is so much fun. The sandcastles and other sand sculptures we see are often quite amazing. When your fun involves holes or trenches, though, be sure to fill those back in before you leave for the day. Topsail Island is a turtle sanctuary and we have some very special guests on our beaches at night. Mama turtles waddle across the sand to find the perfect spot for laying her eggs. We don’t want her – or any humans who may go for a stroll in the evening – to fall into the holes.

Take your beach furniture in at night.

When you leave the beach for the day, take your chairs, tables, and tents with you. It’s not just good etiquette, it’s actually part of town rules. North Topsail Beach, for example, states that unattended personal items and beach equipment left between 9:00 p.m. and 7 a.m. will be classified as abandoned property and will be removed and disposed of by the town.

Keep the beach clean.

We have a beautiful beach, all the way up and down Topsail Island. One reason it is so lovely is because our residents and guests take such good care of it! As you pack up your beach furniture at the end of the day, gather up your empty chip bags and water bottles and take those with you as well. Most beach areas have trash and recycling cans located near the entrance, so it’s easy and convenient for you to keep the beach clean!

Respect the dunes.

Our dunes are precious and delicate. They protect us all on both sides. Our special visitors, the Topsail turtles, usually choose to lay their eggs in the dunes also. Please make sure you use the stairs and walkways to cross over to the beach, and do not walk or play on the dunes, so they will stay intact and will continue to serve their purpose.

Maintain your distance.

Our beaches are open, and we want you to enjoy the fresh air and saltwater. Everyone is so friendly here, it’s nice to have conversations and learn about people who come in from all parts of the country. Remember, though, to keep a safe physical distance from those who are not in your circle of family and friends. Until the coronavirus situation is under control, it’s best to have those nice conversations from at least six feet away.

Stay safe.

The water temperature tends to be in the upper 70s and lower 80s during the summer months. Perfect for swimming and boogie boarding! While you’re splashing in the inviting ocean, remember that rip tides are also prevalent here. The best way to get out of a rip tide is to not fight it.

As the town of North Topsail Beach advises, “the best escape from them, especially for the weak or non-swimmer, is to wade or swim parallel to the beach. The rip current weakens rapidly only a relatively short distance seaward of the sandbar that creates them. Another means of escape is to float with the current beyond the breakers, then swim shoreward at an angle away from the current.”

Enjoy the treasures of Topsail Island.

Our beaches are full of treasures. You are definitely among those treasures! When we all do our part to keep the beaches clean, safe, and enjoyable, we can continue to take advantage of the sun and fun for a very long time.

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