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When you invest in commercial real estate, often you can earn a return in three ways. Primarily, your property can appreciate in value over time, often being worth far more down the road than at the time of purchase. Secondly, if you choose to lease the property, you will generate a monthly rental income, and lastly, you can also receive potential tax benefits.

With interest rates at or near all time lows, and with so many deals out there on the local market, commercial property in Sneads Ferry, NC and on Topsail Island are especially good investments right now. In addition, the number of permanent residents in this area just keeps growing, especially with the Camp Lejeune military base so close by.

The local tourist industry brings in thousands of vacationers every year, who flock to Topsail beaches in the summer months. These tourists are eager to shop, dine, play, and stay right here on the island and in nearby Sneads Ferry. Needless to say, our locals and commercial property owners are just as eager to provide the services, food, and entertainment that create hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every year.

Our residential audience is growing rapidly alongside the steadily increasing demand for summer rentals; in turn, restaurants, entertainment, and service providers can expect to prosper here in the months and years ahead. So, if you've been considering the purchase of a commercial property or maybe even establishing your own business nearby, don't wait!

Call Treasure Realty today. Let our Sneads Ferry and Topsail Island commercial real estate experts help you find the property that meets your needs and your budget.


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