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by Donna Byrd

I know it’s happened to you before. You wake up one morning with a terrible “crick” in your neck and can hardly move. Maybe you’ve collected so much tension in your shoulders, you can’t raise your arm or maybe that ache in your hip is finally screaming at you, “Can we PLEASE go see a chiropractor now?” Finally giving into your body’s begging and pleading, you sit down with your computer and find a chiropractor in your area that has good reviews.  You call or make an appointment online and hope that they can see you quickly.IMG_2969 (Large)

Well, for all of you new folks that have moved to our beautiful coastal community or for any of you guys who may be vacationing here on Topsail Island, I’d like to save you some time and tell you about Dr. Brett Whitekettle.  He’s a wonderful chiropractor and practices right here in the good ‘ole Ferry!
My husband Bill has seen Dr. Whitekettle several times over the past few years. Bill has a tendency to carry a lot of tension in his shoulders that eventually causes him pain in his neck and back. Sometimes his hip bothers him also. He always knows that a trip or two to Dr. Whitekettle for an adjustment will alleviate his misery and put him back on the road to feeling good again.IMG_2968 (Large)
Yesterday, I saw Dr. Whitekettle for the first time. My shoulder had been bothering me and I felt like it was causing a chain reaction of other things aching in my body. Sorry, I’m talking to you like a person who does nothing but speak of her ills, but this blog is about my visit to the chiropractor!   At Bill’s insistence (because I am really a big baby,) I made an appointment with Whitekettle Chiropractic and they agreed to see me the next day. As soon as the appointment was confirmed, I was already feeling better.IMG_2977 (Large)
I showed up yesterday at Brett Whitekettle’s office, which is in the Medical Building behind McDonald’s. His sweet wife,  Stephanie was behind the desk in the waiting room. Their trusty companion, a little shih tsu, Wilson, was sitting atop her desk, checking out the patients as we came in. Stephanie and Wilson  immediately set me at ease. As I sat down to fill out a few forms, I couldn’t help but recognize the background music in the office. At that moment, John Mayer’s “Your Body Is a Wonderland” just happened to be playing. IMG_3020 (Large)I know it was coincidental but it made me smile. I knew I was at the right place!
A few moments later, Dr. Whitekettle ushered me into a patient’s room and I sat down and told him about my ailments. He was understanding and as we talked about them, often referring to some some charts on the wall to help me understand what could be wrong with me.  I felt like he was very caring and wanted the best for me.
Dr. Whitekettle’s  then handed me over to Stephanie. She took me into another room and set me up for what they call “E Stim” (Electronic Stimulation.) Wonderful little electronic pulses worked on the painful knots and tight muscles in my back. IMG_3017 (Large)After fifteen minutes of that therapy, combined with heating pads, I could feel a difference in my shoulders. They seemed so much more relaxed and pliable.  I was then sent  back into Dr. Whitekettle’s office where he was able to do some adjusting to to my spine and sore places. I could feel my mobility and range of motion getting better already.
I felt that Dr. Whitekettle offers the latest technology in chiropractic help. He explained in detail each procedure and method of treatment he used to ease my pain. We agreed that if he couldn’t fix it, then I could go back to my regular doctor for help. I walked out of the office feeling so much better and relieved that something could be done to alleviate my tired, aching shoulders!IMG_2973 (Large)
Dr. Brett Whitekettle is originally from Pennsylvania and received his doctorate of chiropractic at Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 2001. He has practiced in Jacksonville, NC and since 2010 has practiced here in Sneads Ferry. His wife Stephanie assists him in his office. They have two children, Noah, 15 and Ryleigh, 13.
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Whitekettle Chiropractic is located at:
200 Cape Fear Circle, Suite 2
Sneads Ferry, NC 28460
They offer messages MondayThursday
Call for an appointment or go online to make an appointment @

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