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Treasured Topsail Island Beaches

Here are some things you can do to help keep the beaches of our Treasured Topsail Island clean, safe, and fun for everyone, especially with the coming 4th of July holiday weekend.

Taking Care of Our Treasured Beach

By Pat Fontana

When you love the beach as much as we do here on Topsail Island, you want to do everything you can to keep it clean and safe. Our beach is amazing and is always loads of fun. Boogie boarding, swimming, sunning, and playing with friends and family are awesome ways to pass the days, whether you live here or are visiting for a while.

Here are some tips for taking care of the beach – and yourself – so these fun times can continue well into the future!

Park with care.

There are lots of designated parking areas up and down the island. Respect the property of our residents by not parking in their yards or blocking their driveways. We don’t want your stay ruined with a ticket or a tow, so be sure to read the signs carefully so you are parking in the right place.

Fill in the holes.

Playing in the sand is so much fun. The sandcastles and other sand sculptures we see are often quite amazing. When your fun involves holes or trenches, though, be sure to fill those back in before you leave for the day. Topsail Island is a turtle sanctuary and we have some very special guests on our beaches at night. Mama turtles waddle across the sand to find the perfect spot for laying her eggs. We don’t want her – or any humans who may go for a stroll in the evening – to fall into the holes.

Take your beach furniture in at night.

When you leave the beach for the day, take your chairs, tables, and tents with you. It’s not just good etiquette, it’s actually part of town rules. North Topsail Beach, for example, states that unattended personal items and beach equipment left between 9:00 p.m. and 7 a.m. will be classified as abandoned property and will be removed and disposed of by the town.

Keep the beach clean.

We have a beautiful beach, all the way up and down Topsail Island. One reason it is so lovely is because our residents and guests take such good care of it! As you pack up your beach furniture at the end of the day, gather up your empty chip bags and water bottles and take those with you as well. Most beach areas have trash and recycling cans located near the entrance, so it’s easy and convenient for you to keep the beach clean!

Respect the dunes.

Our dunes are precious and delicate. They protect us all on both sides. Our special visitors, the Topsail turtles, usually choose to lay their eggs in the dunes also. Please make sure you use the stairs and walkways to cross over to the beach, and do not walk or play on the dunes, so they will stay intact and will continue to serve their purpose.

Maintain your distance.

Our beaches are open, and we want you to enjoy the fresh air and saltwater. Everyone is so friendly here, it’s nice to have conversations and learn about people who come in from all parts of the country. Remember, though, to keep a safe physical distance from those who are not in your circle of family and friends. Until the coronavirus situation is under control, it’s best to have those nice conversations from at least six feet away.

Stay safe.

The water temperature tends to be in the upper 70s and lower 80s during the summer months. Perfect for swimming and boogie boarding! While you’re splashing in the inviting ocean, remember that rip tides are also prevalent here. The best way to get out of a rip tide is to not fight it.

As the town of North Topsail Beach advises, “the best escape from them, especially for the weak or non-swimmer, is to wade or swim parallel to the beach. The rip current weakens rapidly only a relatively short distance seaward of the sandbar that creates them. Another means of escape is to float with the current beyond the breakers, then swim shoreward at an angle away from the current.”

Enjoy the treasures of Topsail Island.

Our beaches are full of treasures. You are definitely among those treasures! When we all do our part to keep the beaches clean, safe, and enjoyable, we can continue to take advantage of the sun and fun for a very long time.

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