Topsail Steamer: Serving Bay Buckets of Goodness


Topsail Steamer is a creative, innovative seafood business on Topsail Island. If you’ve passed through their doors, I’m sure you were impressed with the simply designed but amazing business idea.  Believe me, once you visit them, you’ll go back again, and again and again!

I found out about Topsail Steamer one day when I was getting donuts at The Fractured Prune. The shop next door to them, Topsail Steamer, caught my attention, so I popped in for a few minutes to see what they were steaming. My first impression was that everything was clean, neat, and in its place.  There was a beautiful display case of fresh, local seafood, sausages and veggies. The presentation of the food selection was so colorful and beautiful I thought it should be in a magazine! Where was the photography crew?

A friendly server greeted me and was happy to explain to me what Topsail Steamer was all about. Being somewhat of a cook myself, I realized that these were the fixins’ for a low country boil or a clambake. I was almost right!

Topsail Steamer offers seafood steam pots or Bay Buckets prepared with fresh, local seafood, (large shrimp, crab legs, littleneck clams, lobster tails) meats, (andouille or kielbasa sausages) fresh veggies, (red bliss potatoes and sweet corn) and homemade seasonings, to take home, steam, eat and enjoy. The ingredients all come in a Bay Bucket, which is a “one-time” use pot with easy to follow instructions.

I was so impressed with Topsail Steamers that I made a mental note not to forget this amazing way to have a wonderful, fun, home cooked dinner. A few months later I had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this great Surf City seafood dinner business.

A bunch of us were having a girls’ weekend at a beach house in North Topsail Beach. The weather didn’t cooperate all weekend. Blustery, rainy days had us huddled inside the lovely house, playing games, catching up with one another, eating, drinking and being merry!

Our plan was to go out for dinner on Saturday night and have a great seafood dinner by the waterfront somewhere on the beach. Instead, by 3:30 that afternoon, no one was game for going out. The weather was so bad we still our pajamas on. What should we have done? Forget our dinner plans and eat in instead? No one was volunteering to cook dinner, even though we had a beautiful, gourmet kitchen.  It was a true dinner dilemma!

All of a sudden, from the dark recesses of my girl’s weekend, muddled mind, I remembered Topsail Steamer. Even though it was almost 4:00 p.m., we hoped it wouldn’t be too late to make an order for the evening. We looked up the Topsail Steamer website and decided on one of their signature Bay Buckets, the “High Tider.” This popular steamer pot serves four to five people. (We actually had six ladies eating and had some left over.) It included 2 1/2 pounds of large shrimp, 1 pound of andouille sausage, sweet corn, and red bliss potatoes. We added to that wonderful concoction as if it needed more goodness,  four lobster tails. I know, don’t be hatin’.  A homemade seasoning packet came with it along with cocktail sauce and melted butter. The instructions were to put 2 cups of water or beer in the pot, put it on the stove and cook for forty minutes.

I volunteered to go to Surf City and pick up our pot. It was pretty and shiny and full of sea delicacies. I got back to the beach house, followed the instructions and forty minutes later, the feast was ready!  Our food was beautiful and perfectly cooked!

We all ate to our heart’s content and commented that Topsail Steamer had given us the best meal we had ever had at our girls weekend get-a-away.  We didn’t have to clean up anything! Did I mention that Topsail Steamer even sent us home with a heavy, brown paper table cover? We just rolled up the discarded shrimp and lobster shells in the paper tablecloth and threw it away, along with the pretty Bay Bucket. Topsail Steamer’s slogan, “No Toil, Just Boil” was perfectly true!

If you’re on Topsail Island for vacation or live in the area and want to impress your group with a wonderful, seafood dinner, remember Topsail Steamer and let their “Steam Team” put together the ingredients for a dinner that no one will forget! It’s so easy and delicious! Oh yeah! They offer catering too!

Topsail Steamer is located at:

303 South Topsail Dr. Unit B

Surf City, NC 28445

Phone: 910-328-2645



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