Topsail Island Treasures – Jewelry and Decorative Items From Sea Glass

Holiday Ornaments By Topsail TreasuresTopsail Island Treasures is an “at home” business specializing in creations made from Sea Glass and other treasures found on Topsail Island.  Owner/creator/artist, Kim Nelson, transforms her love for the Island into jewelry, decorative items and photographs …… Unless otherwise noted, every shard of Sea Glass and every Sharks Tooth in her creations were found on (or off-shore) Topsail Island.

The Sea Glass found on Topsail Island began as broken, discarded glass — most often from bottles left on the beach or thrown off a pier or a boat.  Sometimes it is from household debris from hurricanes, nor’easters or other unfortunate disasters.  The broken shards of glass are naturally tumbled in the sand and surf.  They are transformed into beautiful gems.

In addition to Topsail Island Treasures, Kim is a full-time social worker.  She says, “the beach is my refuge.  It helps me keep a healthy perspective on life. The salt, sand and sea bring hope and rejuvenation.  I often tell my clients that people are sometimes like Sea Glass…. Broken and discarded.  With time (and sometimes distress) we can become whole and beautiful.”

1231627_230964923721937_1811761918_nKim enjoys creating custom pieces for visitors to Topsail Island, allowing them to take home their personal “treasures” as jewelry and other unique keepsakes.  In addition to visitors to the area, Topsail Island Treasures has also sold to customers across the United States as well as Australia and Germany.

Contact information for Topsail Island Treasures:
910-526-6695; Please call Kim to schedule a time to view her creations.

You can find Topsail Island Treasures online at: or Follow on Facebook 

Following are a few comments from Topsail Island Treasures customers:

“Gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Love the idea of ‘wearing’ part of my favorite beach! Great service, very quick delivery, makes internet shopping a breeze! Thanks Kim, I’m sure I’ll be back to find a perfect pair of earrings next.”  Angie, Fairfax VA

1235280_236839779801118_1306658472_n“We LOVE our Topsail Island Treasures Necklaces. Looking forward to buying more…much more!!” Kim, Bedford PA

“Topsail Island Treasures has given me the ability to keep a token of Topsail close to my heart when I can’t be there. Thank you, Kim for the beautiful piece of sea glass.”  Trisha, Cowpens SC

“Got my necklace today!!! Thanks so much I love it, it’s perfect!!!” Amanda, Stanford KY

“I got my treasures today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!! Thank you!”  Wandakaye, Carrollton VA

“Still loving my jewelry and getting 100s of compliments! My daughter also with her bracelet! Thanks for everything!” Joy Saunders – Valentines VA

NOTE: Thanks to Kim Nelson and Topsail Island Treasures for this article and the beautiful pics!

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