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Topsail Island Recovery Update!


The sounds of hammers whacking and saws buzzing rise above the ocean’s crashing waves. The salty breeze is mixed with the smell of fresh cut lumber and permeates the little communities that dot Topsail Island. Bulldozers can be seen up and down the beach road, redesigning the dunescape, setting new barriers against the unpredictable ocean’s tides.

Topsail Island is roaring back to life. The ravages of Hurricane Florence are slowly but surely being erased as the island and its residents regroup, repair and rebuild. The piles of debris that lined both sides of almost every road on the island are disappearing as great big trucks haul away tons of destroyed furniture, appliances and wet, smelly carpet. As the piles of ruined household goods are carted off, the feeling of despair has begun to lift and hope fills its place.

Even nature has cooperated. The lucky trees and bushes that were left standing from Florence’s relentless winds were stripped of their leaves. However, in a rare moment of self preservation and defense, Mother Nature gave permission for them to re-bud and produce again. Spring green leaves have reappeared on the bare limbs. Bradford pear and dogwood trees have blossomed. Azaleas are blooming like it’s spring again. Instead of fall colors, we have spring time! New life is everywhere!

Treasure Realty has been working very hard to make the vacation and residential homes of Topsail Island and the surrounding areas habitable and enjoyable again. Tim Baker, the Vice President and administrator of Treasure Realty has this to say to all of their home owners and those who have vacation plans through Treasure Realty:

Treasure is amazed about the day to day progress of how things are improving.   Just having most of the debris moved has made the area look alot better. Even though, we would want things completed overnight, there is just too much work.

 The home owners have been very diligent about getting their homes dried out and are now in the process of hiring builders to rebuild.  This hurricane dumped nearly 30  inches of water in a very short period of time. It was a devastating amount of water. The dune restoration is the next big component of getting this hurricane behind us and the towns are working with FEMA to hopefully make this happen sooner than later.

After the initial shock of all the damage, I have been comforted by the friendliness of all involved who suffered a financial loss.  This process can be overwhelming, but it will be better soon. Treasure is responding to many requests about the post hurricane value of folks property and the pricing pleasantly surprises people.”


Yes, folks. It’s a busy time and much is underway to make our island safe and wonderful again.  The piers are open and fishmen abound. And the golf course looks great. First the roads, then the birms, then the beach, then the beach accesses. Dry out the houses and renovate.  Ooooo, it’s gonna be sweet. It’s all coming along quite nicely and the future is looking so bright we may all need sunglasses!







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  1. It is so great to hear that things are getting better at Topsail! So exciting to hear all of this! Already made reservations for 2019! Can’t wait to get back to Topsail! Florence cut our trip from 14 days to less than two!

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