Topsail Island Real Estate, Now Is The Time To Buy

Topsail Island Real EstateTopsail Island Real Estate – Now Is The Time To Buy!

The dream of home ownership is still alive and well here in North Carolina and with rent payments on the rise, motivated buyers who want to sell and interest rates at all time lows there has never been a better time than right now to purchase a home.

Topsail Island Real Estate – Advantages Of Home Ownership

Owning your home as opposed to renting your home has many advantages including monthly savings and also long term savings in the form of continually building equity as  you make your monthly mortgage payment. Additionally, you can save on taxes through the mortgage interest deduction and there may be other tax savings benefits that you can also take advantage of as well so consult a tax accountant to learn more about the benefits of home ownership.

Topsail Island Real Estate – Current Market

In the current market climate you’ll find that Topsail Island Real Estate prices are very affordable and there is a large selection of homes available to choose from making this truly a buyer’s market. Sellers are willing to negotiate now more than ever, including paying some closing costs for their buyers. This is a great time to invest in a new home, a second home or even an investment property.

Topsail Island Real Estate – More Good News!

There is more good news! There are many loan programs available such as: 100% loans for first-time home buyers and primary homes; 90% loans for second homes and yes, loan programs for investors. Qualified primary and second home buyers are still able to purchase with little or no money down.

Combine all this with the fact that Interest rates for fixed rate loan programs are at all time lows regardless of whether you are purchasing a primary, secondary, or investment home and you have the best time to purchase Topsail Island Real Estate that we’ve seen in 25 years.

Topsail Island Real Estate – Now Is The Time

Now is the time to invest in your future. Real estate is still the top choice for creating wealth for families and a great investment. If you are looking to trade up from your current home, the amount you may lose when you sell your current property can easily be made up on the more expensive property you can purchase in the current climate.

Achieving your housing dreams is very rewarding and you can make those dreams come true.

Remember, planning is the first, important step. If you have an interest in Topsail Island Real estate, Sneads Ferry Real Estate or homes in Jacksonville, call your friendly and qualified Treasure Realty agent today and let us help you get started finding your castle by the sea. 800-762-3961

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