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Topsail Island Holiday Flotilla – November 26, 2011

Topsail Island Holiday FlotillaTopsail Island Holiday Flotilla – November 26, 2011

Topsail Island, North Carolina is known for its beautiful, pristine beaches, memorable family vacations, fishing and more provides its residents and visitors with a little something special each November.

The Topsail Island Holiday Flotilla has been an ongoing tradition for many years. It gives residents the opportunity to add a little bit of their daily island feel to the holiday season. While the flotilla may be popular amongst those who live on Topsail and close to it, people travel from hundreds of miles just to experience this unique spectacle.

Topsail Island Holiday Flotilla: So Much to See and Do

During this annual event, people are amazed by the beauty of the boats as they are decorated to celebrate the season. Months of planning and hard work is put into each boat to make sure that it is presented as extravagantly as possible. Individuals are also given the opportunity to not only watch, but be a part of a selection of the boats in the parade. So whether it is from land or sea, you can experience a wonderful holiday event that is sure to get you into the spirit of the season at the Topsail Island Holiday Flotilla.

Topsail Island Holiday Flotilla: Relax and Enjoy

This event is a much appreciated break from the stress of the holiday season. The Topsail Island Holiday Flotilla yields a fantastic and unique display of lights and holiday spirit in a very rare form. The parade encourages individuals to step back from the material side of this time of year and appreciate the true beauty that the holiday season encompasses.

The flotilla is known nationwide for its uniqueness and elegance that it brings to the shores of North Carolina. It is truly a one of a kind holiday event and sets a standard for parades everywhere. At the Topsail Island Holiday Flotilla, you can enjoy the majesty and grace of the holidays from a whole new perspective.

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