NC Beach Vacations – Sand, Sun, and Summer Fun

There are many things North Carolina does well. Beaches, as it happens, are at the top of the list. Some of the country’s most beautiful beaches call North Carolina home. If you’re planning a beach vacation or thinking about it, you really need not look any further than these four impressive beaches in the state of North Carolina. Any one… Read More “NC Beach Vacations – Sand, Sun, and Summer Fun”

Topsail Island Shopping

Topsail Island Shopping Whether you’re making a permanent move to Topsail Island or simply interested in buying or renting a vacation home, there are plenty of things to do, see, taste, touch, and experience in and around Topsail Island. One thing that’s a popular favorite, however, is shopping. Topsail does not disappoint with plenty of excellent shopping opportunities for residents… Read More “Topsail Island Shopping”

Topsail Charter Fishing

Topsail Charter Fishing When it comes to tackling the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, whether you’re looking for inshore or offshore trips, you can bet you’ll have a load of fun with Topsail Charter Fishing. Located at 409 Roland Ave in Surf City, North Carolina, the captains at Topsail Charter Fishing have decades of experience in the North Carolina waters… Read More “Topsail Charter Fishing”

Art Exposure 50 – Local Crafters, Artists and Classes

Art Exposure 50 At Art Exposure 50, located at 22527 Hwy 17N in Hampstead, NC, you’ll find some of the best art North Carolina has to offer. Ellen Elder, the director and owner with Becky Jo West, the assistant director, take great care in choosing artwork for exhibits. You can contact the gallery at (910) 330-4077 or by emailing artexposure50… Read More “Art Exposure 50 – Local Crafters, Artists and Classes”