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Celebrating the Holidays on Topsail Island

Whether you live or vacation in the Topsail Island area, you encounter coastal treasures. This year, the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce successfully brought the Island a new one with their 1st Annual Christmas Flotilla and Holiday Market. Enjoy this week’s feature from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast by Treasure Realty, the trusted local expert for real estate and… Read More “Celebrating the Holidays on Topsail Island”

Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed on Topsail Island

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded how thankful, grateful, and blessed we are.  Today’s blog post reminds us all to take a moment to reflect on all the reasons for giving thanks and allows us to say “thank you” to all the people and families that we’ve been able to serve over the past three decades. “Let Me Count The… Read More “Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed on Topsail Island”

Topsail Island Holiday Shopping Guide 2017- Part II

My husband just confirmed that I am indeed a shopaholic! “Donna,” he says, “How many stores can you write about? You’ve already written one blog filled with places to shop for the holidays and now you’re writing a ‘Part II’ to that? A person who shops at this many stores needs to go to S.A. – Shopper’s Anonymous!” You know… Read More “Topsail Island Holiday Shopping Guide 2017- Part II”

Topsail Island Holiday Shopping Guide 2017 – Part I

Just in case you’re wondering about where to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone, don’t despair! You needn’t get in your car and drive out of town, fighting holiday traffic to “shop ’til you drop!”  I have good news for you — everything you need is right here in the Topsail Island area.  The merchants of Sneads… Read More “Topsail Island Holiday Shopping Guide 2017 – Part I”

Thanksgiving at Topsail – Holiday Heaven

  Pardon my cheesiness, but isn’t it time to be thankful?  Yes…it’s that time of the year when families come together with happy traditions and plenty of reasons to be grateful! A little bird told me that plenty of families are headed to Topsail Island for the Thanksgiving holiday. They will possibly be starting new family traditions at their favorite… Read More “Thanksgiving at Topsail – Holiday Heaven”

Halloween Top Ten List for Topsail Island Area

“There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by candlelight.” When almost every porch sports a pumpkin display, a pot of bright, colorful mums and maybe a little bale of hay, it can only mean one thing: it’s time for fall festivals, Halloween and trick-or-treating! I’ve tried to find all of the wonderful events in our area that celebrate… Read More “Halloween Top Ten List for Topsail Island Area”

Gallagher’s Sports Bar and Grill, Let Them Handle Your Thanksgiving Meal

by Donna Byrd   That holiday vacation you’ve dreamed about for months is almost here! You took advantage of the “off season” rates Treasure Realty offers this time of year and booked yourself a fabulous house or condo on that idyllic island that boasts beautiful sunrises over the Atlantic and splendid sunsets on the Intracoastal waterway and marshes. You imagine… Read More “Gallagher’s Sports Bar and Grill, Let Them Handle Your Thanksgiving Meal”