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Find doctors and chiropractors recommended by our Topsail Island locals and stay healthy and happy during your North Carolina beach vacation! Whether you’re considering moving to Topsail Island or you just rent a home or condo every summer, it’s important to have a doctor’s number on hand. We hope you never need to use this information, but it’s best to be safe.

If you’re having a medical emergency, always call 911. There are large regional hospitals in Wilmington, NC and Jacksonville, NC.

The following medical facilities and pharmacies are located either on Topsail Island (in Surf City) or nearby on the mainland (in Sneads Ferry):

Med Care Immediate First Family Practice – (910) 327-2277 – Sneads Ferry, NC

Island Family Medicine – (910) 218-9341 – Surf City, NC

Beach Care Family Medicine and Urgent Care – (252) 207-0626 – Surf City, NC

Whittlekettle Chiropractic – (910) 327-0022 – Sneads Ferry, NC

Sneads Ferry Family Pharmacy – (910) 327-2454 – Sneads Ferry, NC

CVS – (910) 327-2052 – Sneads Ferry, NC

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