Thinking About Investing in Real Estate? The Time is Now!

Thinking About Investing in Real Estate? The Time is Now

In a market that has been forced into one of the largest slumps in memorable history for most of us, any up-turn is a reason to smile, especially for the prudent investor who has always wanted a good excuse to get a beach place.  For the investor there are always a hundred and one places to invest money but beach real estate could be the silent secret with the most potential to make some real money in the near term and the future and make mama happy too.

Why is the Real Estate Market So Strong Right Now?

If you think back a bit, it was a real estate market that fell dramatically that caused investors to lose tons of cash in a market that looked like there was no ceiling. Suddenly housing prices dropped off a cliff and all those solid investments turned into potholes sucking money from investor accounts. Investors dumped those homes at a loss in an attempt to keep from losing additional cash and that caused an even greater problem for real estate values.

Now, after several years of a terrible real estate outlook, the market is finally starting to turn around and the time to invest in real estate is here again. The price of real estate across the United States is lower than ever and mortgage prices are at rock bottom. In places like Topsail Island, North Carolina, beach properties can be purchased for far less than the prices homes were selling for during the real estate boom of 2001 -2006. Buying real estate today on Topsail island is like turning back the clock to 2001 pricing which can in many instances offer savings off peak pricing of 30% to 50% and coastal lots have dropped even more. Add to the great pricing, low interest rates, great rental income and an enjoyable and relaxing place for you and your family to gather and YOU HAVE FOUND PARADISE.

Why is Topsail Island the Place to Invest?

That’s simple. Topsail Island is a secluded beach area located close to major cities like Wilmington and Jacksonville, North Carolina. Real estate investors in Topsail can find homes to invest in for hundreds of thousands less than they might pay for similar homes in Emerald Isle, Wrightsville or Myrtle Beach. Having said that, in many cases, tourists are willing to pay the same amount or more for weekly rentals because they want the small town atmosphere without the immediate hustle and bustle associated with larger, more populated beach areas. Topsail Island is 26 miles long and boasts just 25 traffic lights and has some of the friendliest people you would ever want to meet. Folks who visit Topsail return year after year and many buy second homes here and eventually end up living here full time. It truly is a wonderful place.

If you have always wanted a place at the beach, put your feet on the sandy shores of Topsail Island. Instead of thinking about the real estate woes of the past, in essence viewing the world through your rear-view mirror, why not take a look at the future and invest while the investing is not good but GREAT.  Whether you are renting, buying or staying, Treasure Realty offer hundreds of fantastic opportunities ranging from homes to condos to town homes and beach lots.

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