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Taste Of Topsail Festival This Weekend!

A Taste Of TopsailIndulge Yourself at the Taste of Topsail Festival

Topsail Island, North Carolina is well known for its beautiful scenery and sea turtle sanctuary. Once a year however, residents are given the opportunity to experience some of the finest cuisines that the restaurants in and around the island have to offer.

Located at the Assembly Building in Topsail Beach, the Annual Taste of Topsail Festival is scheduled to be held on September 17, 2011.

Taste Of Topsail Festival – Indulge and Enjoy

Indulge yourself in some of the finest wines as representatives from around the state come together to offer their delectable treats with you. Hors d’oeuvres will be served compliments of the local restaurants to help you satisfy your every wish at this event. 

If North Carolina’s finest wines, delicious food, and the royal treatment aren’t enough, then there is plenty more that is sure to draw your attention. Local artists will be putting onto display their wonderful pieces of work all while you can dance along the rhythm of the live jazz band.

This event is one of the largest of the year. It attracts visitors from around the state to experience the peaceful lifestyle of the residents of Topsail. You can mix and mingle all you want, while simply enjoying the bliss and joy that surrounds you at this annual get together. The smooth nectar of North Carolina’s best wines along with the jazz and art set the mood to ensure that you are provided with the most relaxed and enjoyable environment possible. 

With this must-attend annual event, you are sure to not be disappointed. The quality art, the fine cuisine, and the delicious wines all while set to the calming mood of smooth jazz music all create the tone to mimic the laid-back environment not unlike that of the serene tides of the Atlantic that surround the Island.

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