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From Property Management to Real Estate Sales On and Off Topsail Island

Agent Profile: Blackmon Focused on Building Relationships John Blackmon had been spending his weekends and summers on Topsail Island ever since his grandfather bought property here in 2000. So, when it came time to relocate himself, he says that he “knew this was the area where I wanted to be.” Blackmon went to Cape Fear Community College and then to… Read More “From Property Management to Real Estate Sales On and Off Topsail Island”

2021 Sneads Ferry King Mackerel Tournament

The upcoming 30th Annual King Mackerel Tournament Welcome to the 30th annual Sneads Ferry Rotary Club’s King Mackerel Tournament (KMT), an SKA sanctioned event, to be held on August 20-21, 2021. Brought to you by the Sneads Ferry Rotary Club. Major sponsors are:  Pluris, Onslow County, Power Marine Outfitters, & JOEMC. Over $40,000 in prizes will be awarded. To see the… Read More “2021 Sneads Ferry King Mackerel Tournament”

Charter Fishing is Specktacular in Sneads Ferry

“Known for its family-friendly beaches and fresh seafood, the Topsail and mainland areas also feature some amazing opportunities for enjoying the open water while fishing under the guidance of an experienced inshore captain.“ By: Pat Fontana Capt. Brent Banks grew up on the water in Onslow County. A lifelong passion for fishing began at age 7, when he started fishing… Read More “Charter Fishing is Specktacular in Sneads Ferry”

Topsail Island’s Mexican Connections – Party Like it’s May 5th!

by Donna Byrd  Hey guys!  I know we live in the good ol’ USA but for those of you who are always looking for a reason to have a party, eat fantastic food and celebrate with our Mexican friends, I have good news!  It’s almost Cinco de Mayo and I’ve found a few places around Topsail Island where you can… Read More “Topsail Island’s Mexican Connections – Party Like it’s May 5th!”

Coastal Carolina – Spring Fever Hits Hard

Cause if you gots the fever, I’ve gots the remedy    by Donna Byrd I don’t know….It started a few weeks ago.  I’d been fine up until then…But something’s happening to me.  I can’t stop staring out the window.  It’s like, something’s out there and it’s calling me.  Calling my name!  And, I’m hearing things. The ground sounds like it’s rumbling.… Read More “Coastal Carolina – Spring Fever Hits Hard”