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Coming to Topsail Island This Summer? Don’t Miss the Surf City Pier!

With several prime fishing spots, two large cleaning stations with fresh running water, and a grill and ice cream shop with plenty of screened-in outdoor seating, the Surf City pier is the place to be this summer!

A Little Bit About the Surf City Pier

The Surf City pier has been a Topsail Island hot spot since 1948, when the first pier was built. That one held fast through a number of vicious storms, but in 1996 it fell to Hurricane Fran. Fortunately, the pier was rebuilt and reopened in 1997, and it’s been going strong ever since!

In 1973, the Surf City pier was in bad shape. The steel structure was old and in need of repairs, so it went up for sale and was purchased by Mr. Edwin P. Lore of Smithfield, NC. A former surveyor, Mr. Lore developed a severe allergic reaction to yellow jacket stings and was forced to leave that career behind. Fortunately, he took quickly to life as the owner of a fishing pier and, along with his wife Miriam and their two sons, Steve and Edwin Jr., spent the first year learning the ins and outs of the business.

While the pier has always been popular, it’s not been without its problems. The year after the pier was purchased, a fierce, late-November nor’easter ripped in and destroyed much of the structure. Mr. Lore was undaunted and rebuilt the whole thing the following year. Now, despite 40 years of damaging storms (including being completely destroyed by Hurricane Fran in 1996), the Surf City pier stands strong and hosts thousands of visitors annually.

Surf City Pier Grill

If you’re looking for the perfect beach meal, a quick stop to the Surf City Pier Grill is the place for you! There’s no better place to stop for burgers, dogs, sandwiches, and more! At the Grill, you’ll find:

  • Breakfast served all day
  • Burgers
  • Dogs
  • Sandwiches
  • Chicken
  • Wraps
  • Seafood
  • And much, much more!

Hungry yet? Click here to view the whole Surf City Pier menu!

Fishing off the Surf City Pier

The Surf City Pier has five zones that extend from the beach on out:

  • Suds
  • Slough
  • Sandbar (100 yards)
  • The Deep
  • The Deeper

You’ll find about 19 different species circling around the area depending on the season. Note that certain species are protected under government regulations, so if you’re planning on keeping what you catch, make sure you’re allowed to! Note that you DO NOT need a North Carolina fishing license in order to fish here—the Surf City pier has a blanket license to take care of it for you.

Day passes for the 2014 fishing season start at $10 per rod. Information about season passes and combo packages can be found here.

If you’re not fishing, $1 per person gets you access to all the great attractions available on the Surf City pier. If you’re looking for a fun-filled morning, afternoon, or evening at the beach, you won’t do better than the Surf City pier. Come check it out!

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