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Surf City NC Restaurants

Surf City NC Restaurants
If you’re staying anywhere near Surf City, NC, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing restaurants. There is such an amazing, diverse selection of restaurants, bar & grills, delis and eateries that the trouble is finding time to try them all out. Add to this the abundance of locally caught fresh seafood and it’s easy to see why Surf City is such a popular place for great restaurants. Topsail Island and the surrounding regions are well known for their delicious local shrimp, crabs, scallops, oysters, mullet, flounder and sea bass. The easy availability of such stunning seafood means that almost every restaurant in town highlights their own seafood specialties at every opportunity.
Of course, you’ll also find plenty of other cuisine styles to choose from in Surf City, so no matter what your tastes are you’ll find something to suit.

Surf City Seafood Restaurants
With so much local seafood available, you’re obviously going to find plenty of seafood restaurants around Surf City. There’s plenty of choice, so the key is to find an establishment that offers the right atmosphere to suit what you’re after. For example, Crabby Mike’s is wonderfully relaxed and has a bright, cheery beach-themed atmosphere. The menu is a delight, featuring some stunning seafood dishes, as well as burgers and plenty of seasonal specials to choose from. If you prefer to eat outdoors to enjoy the stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, then Daddy Mac’s Beach Grille might be more to your taste. Enjoy fresh seafood from your table on the oceanfront deck, or order any of the delectable pasta, ribs or steak dishes available. Your preference might be for a cozier, more upmarket atmosphere to enjoy a romantic evening for two. In this case, the Mainsail Restaurant might be a better option for you. Specializing in stunning seafood dishes, you’ll also find mouth-watering steak dishes available here too.

American Cuisine
If you’re in Surf City and you’re seeking some traditional American Cuisine, you also have plenty of options available. The number of restaurants serving scrumptious wings, ribs and burgers is astonishing, so you really can take your pick. A great example of this is the Quartermasters Restaurant & Tavern. This establishment has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and some incredible American cuisine available. Char-grilled fish, chicken, pork or steak is available, along with some seriously amazing hot wings.

Cajun Cuisine
If you really want to enjoy a Cajun twist to traditional beach cuisine, you’ll find it’s available in Surf City. For example, Beauchaines 211 gives you a menu that features a stunning fusion of Cajun and traditional cuisine in a relaxed dining room atmosphere.

Family-Friendly Restaurants
Even when you’re in Surf City, there are still lots of family-friendly options available that have great menus and an atmosphere the kids will love.
A fine example is the Island Delights restaurant. This 50s-themed restaurant takes you back to the good old days, with an ‘Olde Soda Shop’ feel to it. Enjoy their burgers and fries along with an old-fashioned milkshake and ice cream.

International Cuisine
Surf City features some great restaurants for those who enjoy international cuisine. Whether your preference is for Asian-style food, Italian, Greek or even Thai, you’ll find it in Surf City. A great example is the Lotus Thai Grille, offering a delectable selection of mouth-watering authentic Thai dishes.

Whether you live here on Topsail Island or you’re enjoying a relaxing family vacation, you’ll never be at a loss for great food.

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