Riverview Cafe – Sneads Ferry NC

The Riverview Cafe In Sneads Ferry NCRiverview Café – Great Seafood + Casual Atmosphere = A Great Dining Experience

The Riverview Café is the best place in Snead Ferry, North Carolina to eat seafood in a casual and relaxed environment. Not only is it a great place to enjoy a good meal with family and friends, but the food itself is unbeatable. Riverview Café has been in open since 1946 and generation after generation come back on a regular basis, be it locals or visitors to the area.

Daily Catch and Daily Specials

One of the things that make The Riverview Café so great is that it offers some of the fresh seafood to be found anywhere on the planet. The daily specials are based on what was caught that morning, so it is always changing. Whatever a guest orders, they can feel confident that it is fresh and cooked to perfection. The seafood comes right from the ocean, taken to The Riverview Café, and then placed on your table after it has been expertly prepared to your taste. You can’t get it any fresher unless you are eating it right on the fishing boat!

Affordable Dining

Patrons won’t break the bank when they eat a meal at The Riverview Café, but they will be full and satisfied. Actually, most of the guests say that their meals were way above expectations. Since families are important to a vacation area, it is essential that the food be excellent and accessible. Add to this the fact that the folks at Riverview Cafe want to share their love of seafood with the world, and it’s easy to see why The Riverview has something on the menu for everyone, young and old alike.  It’s also why they take such pride in their food, offering some of the best dishes found anywhere, all at very affordable prices. For example, your child wants a hamburger. A hamburger is only $1.80.  You can also a cup of creamy clam chowder for only $3.00 and a clam strip plate is only $9.50. This is a recipe that has worked for The Riverview since 1946. Offer great food at great prices and mix in the friendliest servers anywhere and you form a winning combo that folks in the area flock to year after year.

So Much More Than Seafood

There is a lot more to eat than seafood at The Riverview Café. They have juicy burgers, plenty of pasta dishes, chicken dinners, chicken tenders for the little ones, and even delectable steaks. Leave room for dessert because the cheesecake is to die for.

For more information about The Riverview Café, visit their website at http://www.riverviewcafe.net/. The menu and daily specials are listed here so you can decide what you want before you even get there!

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