Rick’s Restaurant and Sports Bar: Topsail Island’s Go To Place for all things Awesome!


By Donna Byrd

There are times when you just don’t feel like cooking! Believe me, I know what that’s like! Yesterday after baking dozens of Christmas cookies and finishing up our holiday decorating around the house, I felt a tremendous need to get away from the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking instead. Do you want to know where I told Bill I wanted to have dinner? Rick’s Restaurant and Sports Bar! Everybody who lives in Sneads Ferry or the North Topsail Beach area knows that Rick’s is the place we go when we want good food, cold drinks and crazy fun. It’s a no brainer!img_2915-large

With the locals, Rick’s is a popular dining spot. Located only one mile away from Topsail Island, many of our vacationers have also discovered Rick’s and make it a point to schedule a lunch or dinner there while vacationing at Topsail. Open year round, it’s consistently busy catering to its ever growing number of thirsty and hungry patrons.  Click Here

We arrived last night about 6:30 p.m.  As our server seated us, she informed us that it was our lucky night! On Tuesday nights, wine is half price! Who knew? We did feel lucky indeed! Bill ordered his favorite entree, fish and chips, and I decided to “go for it” with one of the nightly specials, stuffed pork chops with my choice of two sides. I was excited about that!img_4161-large

As soon as our waitress left with our order, another server stopped by our table to ask us if we wanted to participate in “Tuesday Night Trivia.” Now…just for the record, we already knew about the trivia nights at Rick’s. We had played several times before while we were eating and I must confess, we were not good at it! But, because we could not help but be intrigued with the possibility that this might be our night to show off and flex our brain power, we signed up to play. After all, didn’t our waitress tell us it was our lucky night?img_4174-large

Our dishes came out in a timely manner. Bill’s fish and chips (battered and fried cod with sweet potato fries,) was exactly what he expected. I looked at his plate with a bit of jealousy until our server sat my lovely stuffed and grilled pork chop dish in front of me. The  plate was beautiful! The thick pork chop was butterflied and stuffed with cheese and spinach and then grilled to a golden perfection. My broccoli was exactly the way I preferred- not mushy but not crunchy either and the baked potato was perfectly predictable: my buttery, salty version of comfort food. Heavenly!img_4175-large

Suddenly, I was overcome with a feeling of gratefulness. I looked around the dining room and saw happy young men and woman, many of them serving in our military, sitting with their friends or their families. They were all laughing, eating and making good memories. Rick’s Restaurant and Sport’s Bar was providing a wonderful environment for us all to experience good food and fun times. I was glad it served our community!img_4160-large

As soon as we finished eating, the trivia game began. The first part was about sports. As I suspected, we didn’t get them all right but we got seven out of ten correct! Part two was about music. I just knew that they’d be asking about newer pop songs I had never heard of  but I was wrong! Instead, they played clips from classic country songs and we had to write down who the singers were.  I thought, “Here’s our chance! We should know all of the classic country songs.img_4157-large

Of course, we didn’t. I left the restaurant telling Bill that I had to go home and learn the difference between George Jones and George Strait, David Allan Coe and Hank Williams, Jr. You see, Rick’s does this to me every time I eat there and play trivia! It makes me want to be a smarter person! I suppose I’ll need to eat more of their seafood dishes. My mom always used to tell me that fish was brain food.img_4168-large

Did you know that Rick’s has more lined up for us in the way of entertainment? For those of you who have an inner rock star just waiting for an opportunity to shine, Wednesday is Karaoke Night! It would be interesting to see who shows up for that!  Friday and Saturday nights are for those of you who like listening to good, live music. They have a corner stage set up on the bar side for some of the best local talent in Eastern North Carolina.img_4153-large

Of course, since Rick’s is a sports bar, you can catch your favorite teams playing on their big screen or many of the TV’s spaced throughout the restaurant. They have all ABC permits, a variety of red and white wines and many beers on tap. Linda and Rick Bumgardner, the owners of Rick’s, are avid sports enthusiasts and are huge Steelers fans. Actually, Rick’s is an official “Steel City Mafia Hangout.” For more information click here.img_4169-large

Rick’s Restaurant and Sports Bar has the top rated steaks in our area. It offers daily lunch and dinner specials along with a variety of daily drink specials. Also, you can consider Rick’s for catering your special parties and get togethers.

Rick’s is located at

510 Pete’s Way

Sneads Ferry, NC 28460




Rick’ has a great rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor!!



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  1. Like you said sometimes it is good to relax and have someone cook for you. I think that it would be fun to go to a place like this sports bar where you can relax and enjoy a game while enjoying some food and good company. It would be fun to establish a tradition where you watch a certain game with your friends and family every so often.

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