Treasure Realty is the trusted local expert for military relocation to help you and your family move.

By Treasure Realty

The North Carolina coast and Topsail Island have been home to many members of the military over the decades — thanks to nearby Camp Lejeune, New River Air Station, MARSOC and many other Army and Marine military bases a bit further afield.

Whether you’re coming to the area as part of a new assignment or are retired military and remember the area fondly, finding your home on Topsail Island, or one of the many other wonderful towns nearby, is much easier with the help of a military relocation specialist, like those at Treasure Realty.

Some of their real estate professionals are spouses or family of military members or retired military themselves and all have extensive experience working with USMC families.

If you’re considering a move to the area, here’s how a relocation specialist can help.

They can help you sell your home quickly

A military move is much different than what a civilian might experience. If you and your spouse are homeowners and one or both of you are active duty members of the military who need to relocate as part of your permanent change of station (PCS), you may need to sell your home first, and probably more quickly than you’d like.

A military relocation expert understands that difference and can convey the urgency and the importance of your role as an active duty member of the military. They can do all of the legwork necessary to sell your pre-relocation home quickly and get you a good price to boot.

Now, find just the right home

A military relocation expert understands the unique needs of military families. Not only can they help you sell your current home quickly, but they will also help you find a new home — no matter how far away you are. Some, especially those who need to move due to a PCS, may even have to buy a home from afar without seeing it in person and close remotely as well. A military relocation expert will show you homes near your base, including Camp Lejeune.

Your relocation expert will also keep in mind that you may have to relocate again at any time, so they’ll plan ahead and factor in how easy it will be to sell your new home — or even if you should sell. You may want to make it a rental property, especially in the beautiful Topsail Island area, where renters do look for beach settings for vacations. You may also want to return to the area when you retire. In that case, they can also manage your property if you need to rent it out.

In addition, Treasure Realty’s experts are empathetic and understand your unique situation because they’ve either been in your shoes or have worked with many PCS families and know their stories. When there are competing bids on a home you want to purchase, they know how to put your story into the right words to sway any seller.

Get help with local information

The real estate agents at Treasure Realty know the region surrounding Camp Lejeune, along with other nearby bases, both inside and out. Not only can they help your transition by introducing you to other military families, but they can guide you toward the resources in the area that help military personnel and families the most. They’ll let you know about schools, shopping and services, as well as which beaches are best for kids and great weekend getaway destinations.

They’ll guide you to important financial resources

Relocation experts understand the nuances of financing a home in general, but also the benefits available to active duty military and veterans looking to retire on Topsail Island or the region. They’ll help you with VA loans and recommend you to lenders familiar with those benefits and, because these benefits can get tricky, they can help you understand the process and terms.

Find your new home on Topsail Island and North Carolina mainland communities with Treasure Realty, your trusted local experts. Enjoy island living with gorgeous beaches, plenty of activities, great schools and friendly neighbors. Treasure Realty’s team has a total of 284 years of combined experience, exclusively marketing Topsail Island and the surrounding coastal communities. Their brokers and military relocation experts are very personable, and they believe in a friendly, hands-on approach. These full-time agents and military homebuyer experts will go above and beyond to help you find your dream home.

Richard Baker opened Treasure Realty in 1990 and since then the business has become the overwhelming leader and trusted local experts for Topsail Island and the surrounding mainland communities. To learn more, visit their website.

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Greater Topsail Real Estate Proves to be a Good Move for Amye Baker and Treasure Realty

Amye Baker of Treasure Realty

Making the move from the mortgage side to the real estate side of home buying and selling has proven to be a good one for Amye Baker.

Keeping Life Interesting and Fresh with a Positive Change

By Pat Fontana

After almost 20 years in the mortgage industry, sitting behind a desk and processing paperwork, Amye now is in a position that does not feel like a job to her. Every day is different as she gets to help people find their new home as a real estate agent for Treasure Realty. She says, “it’s a different side of the same coin.”

From Mortgages to Selling Real Estate

Amye is busy. Not only is she showing homes during the busiest season of the year now, but she also serves as the regional MLSFlex manager. As part of the North Carolina Regional MLS board, representing the Topsail area, Amye helps shape the direction of the 6000+ agents that belong to the board. She also partners with her husband, Bizz, on local real estate dealings.

Her shift to real estate from the mortgage business was made initially to help Bizz and because she felt she “needed to do something else.” She adds that “every once in a while, you’ve got to change.” Amye and Bizz both feel they’re a good team and have learned a lot about working together through trial and error. She advises other spouses working together that it “takes effort but you can work it out!”

In her spare time, Amye makes face masks for her Treasure Realty co-workers and customers as well as for her church. She also scrapbooks, reads, and loves to cook. Of course, her favorite thing to do in this area is to go to the beach, in addition to going fishing and hanging out with her grandkids.

An area resident for the past 28 years, Amye launched her real estate career and joined Treasure Realty in June 2014. Along the way, she earned her Military Home Buyer Certification, a national certification that demonstrates her knowledge and experience with military families. Her own experience and her mortgage background help her “in knowing what the VA processes are like.” She focuses on ways to make home ownership “a cost-effective buying situation” for military families who know they may be moving again in just a few years.

Amye says she loves working with sellers and with buyers. No transactions are the same from one day to the next. In addition to focusing on helping the military, she works with coastal properties that are unique, especially on Topsail Island, given their zoning requirements. She also enjoys working with sellers and buyers on the mainland. As she says, “I’m all over the map,” almost literally!

Having grown up on a dairy farm in Ohio, Amye is still “an avid Ohio State football fan.” With brief stints living in Virginia and Florida, during which she always came back to North Carolina for vacations, Amye finally moved to Onslow County and has made this area her home.

Thirty Years as Trusted Local Experts On and Off the Island

Excited about Treasure Realty’s 30-year anniversary and the possibilities for its future, Amye says “I’m happy to see the changes that we’re making to grow and to keep up with changing markets and changing times.” She emphasizes that “we’ve got a really good team to develop into the future.”

As to her own future, Amye is thrilled with the move she made six years ago. She foresees being in the real estate business as long as possible, knowing that she is helping people in a career that continues to be interesting and fresh each and every day.

Contact Amye Baker by phone at 910-548-3399 or email

Visit her agent page online at

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Treasured Topsail Island Beaches

Here are some things you can do to help keep the beaches of our Treasured Topsail Island clean, safe, and fun for everyone, especially with the coming 4th of July holiday weekend.

Taking Care of Our Treasured Beach

By Pat Fontana

When you love the beach as much as we do here on Topsail Island, you want to do everything you can to keep it clean and safe. Our beach is amazing and is always loads of fun. Boogie boarding, swimming, sunning, and playing with friends and family are awesome ways to pass the days, whether you live here or are visiting for a while.

Here are some tips for taking care of the beach – and yourself – so these fun times can continue well into the future!

Park with care.

There are lots of designated parking areas up and down the island. Respect the property of our residents by not parking in their yards or blocking their driveways. We don’t want your stay ruined with a ticket or a tow, so be sure to read the signs carefully so you are parking in the right place.

Fill in the holes.

Playing in the sand is so much fun. The sandcastles and other sand sculptures we see are often quite amazing. When your fun involves holes or trenches, though, be sure to fill those back in before you leave for the day. Topsail Island is a turtle sanctuary and we have some very special guests on our beaches at night. Mama turtles waddle across the sand to find the perfect spot for laying her eggs. We don’t want her – or any humans who may go for a stroll in the evening – to fall into the holes.

Take your beach furniture in at night.

When you leave the beach for the day, take your chairs, tables, and tents with you. It’s not just good etiquette, it’s actually part of town rules. North Topsail Beach, for example, states that unattended personal items and beach equipment left between 9:00 p.m. and 7 a.m. will be classified as abandoned property and will be removed and disposed of by the town.

Keep the beach clean.

We have a beautiful beach, all the way up and down Topsail Island. One reason it is so lovely is because our residents and guests take such good care of it! As you pack up your beach furniture at the end of the day, gather up your empty chip bags and water bottles and take those with you as well. Most beach areas have trash and recycling cans located near the entrance, so it’s easy and convenient for you to keep the beach clean!

Respect the dunes.

Our dunes are precious and delicate. They protect us all on both sides. Our special visitors, the Topsail turtles, usually choose to lay their eggs in the dunes also. Please make sure you use the stairs and walkways to cross over to the beach, and do not walk or play on the dunes, so they will stay intact and will continue to serve their purpose.

Maintain your distance.

Our beaches are open, and we want you to enjoy the fresh air and saltwater. Everyone is so friendly here, it’s nice to have conversations and learn about people who come in from all parts of the country. Remember, though, to keep a safe physical distance from those who are not in your circle of family and friends. Until the coronavirus situation is under control, it’s best to have those nice conversations from at least six feet away.

Stay safe.

The water temperature tends to be in the upper 70s and lower 80s during the summer months. Perfect for swimming and boogie boarding! While you’re splashing in the inviting ocean, remember that rip tides are also prevalent here. The best way to get out of a rip tide is to not fight it.

As the town of North Topsail Beach advises, “the best escape from them, especially for the weak or non-swimmer, is to wade or swim parallel to the beach. The rip current weakens rapidly only a relatively short distance seaward of the sandbar that creates them. Another means of escape is to float with the current beyond the breakers, then swim shoreward at an angle away from the current.”

Enjoy the treasures of Topsail Island.

Our beaches are full of treasures. You are definitely among those treasures! When we all do our part to keep the beaches clean, safe, and enjoyable, we can continue to take advantage of the sun and fun for a very long time.

Visit online at

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Topsail Island’s Bridge to the Future

The new bridge in Surf City is a scenic path for outdoor enthusiasts and a gateway to the future on Topsail Island. Here’s a recent story from the Wrightsville Beach Magazine.

Published May 27, 2020|June 2020

Completed in late 2018, the new Topsail bridge has become something of a tourist attraction. Renn Williamson.

The new gateway to Topsail Island is more than just a way in and out – By CHRISTINE R. GONZALEZ

It makes for a swift and safe drive from the mainland to Topsail Island, but the Surf City bridge is so much more than a new road. It’s a scenic path for outdoor enthusiasts and a gateway to an economic boom.

The bridge, completed in early December 2018 — a full nine months ahead of schedule — was designed with cyclists and pedestrians in mind. There is one auto lane in each direction with ample bicycle shoulders and a 10-foot wide multi-use pedestrian path, protecting walkers from vehicles by a concrete barrier.

“The bridge has become a popular walking path, with the largest hill around,” says Hampstead resident Deborah Farmer. “Many people walk it at sunset or sunrise to catch the magnificent views of the sun shining on the water.”

The bridge’s design is aesthetically pleasing. Better still are the views from it. It sits 65 feet above the sound and is nearly a mile long.

“It is a beautiful bridge. As you are coming onto the beach with the high rise, you can see the ocean and across the beach and Topsail Sound,” says Wilmington orthodontist Greg Richardson, who owns a property on the island. “It is much more scenic and awe inspiring as you are coming onto the island than at ground level before with what we called the Old Pickle Bridge.”

Richardson is speaking of the old Surf City swing or turning bridge, which was built in the 1950s and slowed car traffic many times each day to let boats pass.

“My family called it the Pickle Bridge because it was green,” Richardson says.

Hundreds of residents and island visitors loved the swinging bridge. The thumpity-thump of driving across it was a signal to sleeping children that they did not have to ask one more time, “Are we there yet?”

Some residents thought the swing bridge gave Surf City a small town, old-time charm.

“When visitors saw the bridge, they knew they had arrived at the beach,” Farmer says. Her husband, Jim, plays bass guitar for a local bluesy rock band named “Turnbridge Band.”

Others felt so connected to the bridge that it prompted photographer Jeff Wenzel to create a 50-minute documentary called “Swing Bridge Memories,” which is available on YouTube.

Change is not always quick, easy or unanimous. But thriving towns must flow with the wave of progress.

“I think the new bridge really brings credibility, and raises the standard of the whole place,” says Scott Franko, marketing director for Treasure Realty and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. “When you have something that modern it makes a really big statement. It is iconic. We just had our first Holiday Flotilla recently in Sound Park. That bridge is not just a connection point, but where it is located affects so many things all around it.”

Sprucing up shared community spaces is a plus. Increased business access is also a plus, but comes with some tough decisions.

“That bridge forced businesses to move or relocate or close down or figure out some new things,” Franko says. “Other businesses have chosen to relocate like right around the ends of the bridge, on both ends.”

Along with the modernness of the bridge, Surf City is updating a few things.

“The town is even considering changes to some of the ordinances that will further benefit the community,” he says. “All of a sudden you are seeing an economic pressure to progress into the future, where before, Topsail has always been known as very quiet, quaint, sort of the opposite of progressive.”

Franko pointed out the location of the bridge has been good for the city park.

“Surf City has revamped Sound Park, it has revamped the streetscaping, it has opened up more parking,” Franko says. “It has become a place for the community to gather more often and in larger numbers. They are hoping to plan the first Jam on the Bridge. From my point of view, I’ve seen it have a pretty tremendous impact. There is reason to cross the bridge. People are doing it for exercise, for fun, for pictures, for the scenery. They park on one end and get a good walk in, get something to eat, go shopping. It just sort of connected everything in a way it wasn’t connected before.”

One more perk of the new bridge — which is deemed a part of N.C. Highway 210/50 — is the capacity to provide better hurricane evacuation. No one hopes to see that implemented any time soon.

Link to the article online by Wrightsville Beach Magazine;

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Topsail’s New Fitness Center

The new Topsul Fitness and Topsul Nutrition supplement store in Sneads Ferry is a great place for people in the Topsail Island area to go and get fit.

Topsul Fitness Renovating and Expanding for Your Health!

By Pat Fontana

Topsul Fitness Renovating and Expanding for Your Health!

Lexi Pickle, co-owner of Topsul Fitness with her husband Matt, is excited about the new equipment, the new supplement store, and the future of their fitness center located in Sneads Ferry. The family moved to the area from Virginia after they realized they spent more time here, tending to their rental home, than they did in their own home. They joined Sneads Ferry Fitness and soon realized what they wanted to do.

They “saw the potential for improvement,” Lexi says and began to think about owning their own fitness center. They didn’t want to start their own, thinking it would be better to acquire an existing facility, so they approached the owner “to see if they were interested in selling. And they were!”

The couple purchased Sneads Ferry Fitness in February 2019, renamed it Topsul Fitness, and start doing renovations. They also decided they would give back to their community and do so in a big way. Lexi and Matt return a percentage of their profits to Sneads Ferry organizations, not to “make a big thing of it” but because they know they are blessed and like to give back. They are in this fitness business not to make money for themselves, but in a “fun, take care of the community, make everyone healthy” kind of way.

Topsul Fitness has sponsored the local soccer activities of CASA, Paddle for Troops, the Shrimp Scamper, and Ocean Fest. They also purchased new playground equipment, including a number of outdoor games, for Dixon Elementary. They donate $1 out of every membership draft to their Sneads Ferry and Topsail community. In March, they doubled their regular donation and contributed $500 to benefit the families of the Marines recently killed in Iraq.

Focusing on their main goal of helping the community be healthier, Lexi says Topsul Fitness is expanding. Right now, she says, they “offer a ton of stuff.” They have also taken over the vacant store next door for a supplement store that will feature proteins, a snack bar, and Clean Eatz, which particularly excites her with its possibilities for healthy food offerings.

The fitness center is also opening up a group classroom in the new space. They plan to have Zumba, yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and kickboxing classes. Currently, Topsul Fitness features personal training options and a body scanner called Fit 3D, which is a “cool way to track measurements and body fat percentage.” The center has all the standard fitness equipment and will soon add a turf lane, a new style of functional training that lets people use “your body in ways you normally would, running, pushing things, and pulling things.”

Lexi says they take pride in being a 24-hour fitness center. Members can work out at any time during the day or night. In fact, she says her husband typically goes to the fitness center at 4am and then it is her turn at 5am. They both get up before their two young children so they can work out for mental clarity and as a stress reliever. She says, “we have both into fitness for so long, it’s been a big part of our lives.”

Vacationers and visitors can purchase a one-day pass or a one-week pass so they can work out during staffed hours at Topsul Fitness. There are also membership options that can be paid by monthly draft, paid every three months, or paid on a yearly basis. More information about membership is available at

Topsul Fitness is a true family-owned business in Sneads Ferry, with a “great little family” of trainers and staff. They plan to have an open house soon, probably during the summer months.

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The Treasured Turtles of Topsail Island

Homeowners and seasonal renters are not the only ones that love the beaches of Topsail Island

Topsail’s Treasured Turtles

by Pat Fontana

Designated as a turtle sanctuary, the island is host to a number of turtle nests along its 26 miles of coastline every year from May through August.

Volunteers walk the beach each morning during the season looking for mama turtle tracks. Typically, those tracks lead to a spot in the dunes where a loggerhead sea turtle has laid an average of 120 eggs. About 60 days after the first nest appears, volunteers will start nest-sitting, waiting for babies to emerge and find their way back to the ocean.

Photo shown is from the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue

The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Surf City ( has as its mission, “the conservation and preservation of all species of marine turtles, both in the water and on the beach.” The Rescue Center explains why baby turtles need help as they emerge from their eggs and struggle to reach the sea.

Weighing in at about two ounces, their first challenge on our beach is escaping the deadly grasp of the ghost crabs. Once in the water they must hide from both bird and fish predators, and the swim to seaweed rafts and the Sargasso Sea begins. It is a long swim to maturity. It is estimated that 1 in 1000 survives the first year, and as few as 1 in 5,000 – 10,000 survive to adulthood. 

Photo shown is from the Sea Turtle Camp partnering with Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue

Jean Beasley, who founded the turtle rescue center, named after her daughter, once said “Sea turtles will look you in the eye. If you get a little twinge when they do, it’s because they’re looking into your soul, and you’re looking into theirs.”

Turtles love Topsail Island. In 2019, there were 178 nests identified up and down the shoreline. There were also a lot of “false crawls,” where mama turtle tracks were found but there was no nest of eggs at the end of the trail. Sometimes the mother loggerhead gets scared off, either by humans or by other animals, or she just can’t find a suitable spot for her babies. She will usually return another day to find a better place to lay her eggs.

Topsail Island is considered to be one of the more heavily nested areas along the North Carolina coast for loggerhead and green sea turtles. Humans go out of their way to help the turtles during their nesting season. Besides walking the beaches at dawn and, for the nest-sitters, in the wee hours of the night, there are several rules about what can and cannot be done from May to August on Topsail island.

Photo shown is from the Sea Turtle Camp partnering with Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue

In North Topsail Beach, all beach equipment must be set at least twenty (20) feet from any sea turtle nest. No beach equipment is to be placed seaward of a sea turtle nest for a distance of ten (10) feet north and south of a direct line between the sea turtle nest and the Atlantic Ocean. 

The state of North Carolina does not permit beach nourishment work from May through November, as part of the sea turtle moratorium. In addition, beach goers are asked to fill in any holes they or their children may dig while enjoying their day in the sun, so the mother turtle does not get caught in the hole when she comes in to lay her eggs later that night.

Artificial lighting is also strongly discouraged along the beach side of the island at night. Baby turtles become very confused when beachfront homes have porch lights on. Likewise, flashlights and cell phone lights can be very disturbing to both the mother and her babies as they find their way along the sand at night. Our turtles are a precious treasure on Topsail Island so we want to take care of them as much as possible!

Find Your Treasure

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New Home Developments Close to Topsail Island

Topsail Island is one of the biggest reasons people choose to live in Pender and Onslow Counties. There are plenty of options for buying or building a home close to the Island. Here are some to consider by Treasure Realty, the trusted local experts.

Stone Bay Townhomes is one of the best values and location within the Sneads Ferry community outside of Camp Lejeune’s back gate, steps away from MARSOC, just a few miles to the beach, and close to schools located on Hwy 210.

Marsh Haven Landing is the place to build your dream home in the beautiful neighborhood and unique setting in Sneads Ferry close to the intercoastal waters and beaches of Topsail Island.

Waterside is Surf City’s newest community within walking distance to local eateries shopping and the island located directly across from the Treasure Realty office.

The Landing at Folkstone is minutes from the beaches of Topsail Island, moments away from the MARSOC military base, and close schools. These townhomes make the perfect place for home.

Find Your Treasure with Trusted Local Experts

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A Trusted Local Expert for Topsail Island

Treasure Realty Trusted Local Expert, Bizz Baker

To say that Bizz Baker of Treasure Realty knows Onslow County intimately would be an understatement. Today we are featuring one of Topsail Island’s trusted local experts.

Bizz Baker: A trusted agent who will get it done!

by Pat Fontana

To say Bizz Baker knows Onslow County intimately would be an understatement. Born in Kinston, Bizz moved to Jacksonville when he was two and has lived in the county ever since. A 15-year member of the Treasure Realty team, Bizz knows the area so well that he is now Topsail Island’s high producer and top beach home ocean front sales agent.

Bizz says his work with Treasure Realty is “not like real work. It’s just fun.” His fun has added up to about $225 million in sales since joining the company in 2005, which was also when he began his real estate career.

With a degree in computer science from East Carolina University (ECU) and an NC high school teaching certificate in hand, Bizz was in on the cutting-edge beginnings of information technology. When computers were relatively new and few people knew much about them, his first job after graduating from college was selling Apple computers in Jacksonville. As he notes, he’s “been selling ever since.”

Bizz did not start out wanting a career in computer science. At ECU he played football and took a programming class and “kind of liked it.” There were not many people working with computers at the time, so the field was fairly wide open.

He eventually used his teaching certificate to teach computers and computerized accounting at the same high school, White Oak in Jacksonville, where he had graduated himself years earlier. He also coached football, track, and wrestling while teaching at White Oak. He says he “loved teaching,” taught for five years, and worked in the school’s central office for another five years.

Bizz moved to Topsail in 2009, having transitioned to the real estate industry at the urging of his cousin Richard Baker, who co-owns Treasure Realty. Partnering with his wife, Amye, Bizz now focuses on investment properties, vacation properties, and residential homes, with the majority of his real estate offerings being on the beach. Bizz and Amye enjoy working with both sellers and buyers.

What does a successful real estate agent do in his spare time when he lives in such an amazing beachfront area? Fishing and boating, of course! Even on vacation, Bizz says one of his favorite things to do is to go on a cruise. His other favorite thing on vacation is to “do nothing.”

Bizz and Amye are proud parents and grandparents, with three grandchildren and one on the way. They both enjoy traveling and had actually planned a trip to the Holy Land that was cancelled given the current coronavirus situation. Bizz and his wife are active in their church, with Amye singing in the choir and Bizz working the technology for the music.

Bizz and Amye Baker

The real estate market is a little different now, given the restrictions in place because of the coronavirus. Although showings are down, Bizz says he is still “selling three to four houses a month.” He is now doing virtual tours on all his listings and the feedback has been “100% positive.” The owners really like it and feel that virtual tours are helping considerably.

When asked what he loves about his job as a real estate agent with Treasure Realty and what he likes most about the Topsail area, Bizz says “everything and everything.” He has been with the organization for 15 out of the 30 years they are now celebrating. Typical of his “get it done” attitude, he takes it all in stride, saying of his longevity and accomplishments, “we’re just moving on to the next deal.”

Contact Bizz by phone at 910-358-4708 or email

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Treasures of Onslow County and the Greater Topsail Island Area

Guest blogger Salem Clarke tells us about some of the treasured things to do when visiting Onslow County and the Greater Topsail Island area.

Plenty to do in Onslow County

by Salem Clarke, Tourism Manager for Onslow County

One of the best ways to improve your mood these days is get some sunshine. In Onslow County, there are endless ways to have fun in the Great Outdoors; whether it’s walking the beaches or hiking through historic state or local parks.  

Beaches are open and welcoming visitors and beach accesses offered by Parks and Recreation are open to the public. Social distancing and other safety practices to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are still recommended by the CDC, which includes keeping about 6 feet between you and others as well as avoiding large groups. If you’re not sure what that looks like, 6 feet is about the size of a yoga mat or adult bike.  Also, we have provided some safe travel resources on our website.

You can also encourage more space around you on the beach by using a beach canopy or umbrella, or even drawing a line in the sand. Water activities and outdoor exercise is generally considered safe by the CDC, as there is no evidence Coronavirus can spread in the water. For the kayak and boating enthusiasts, Swansboro businesses are offering several ways to enjoy Onslow’s intracoastal waterway. You can kayak or paddleboard with Pogie’s Fishing Center or Swansboro Paddle Boarding. Bear Island, which sits a few miles away from Hammock’s Beach State Park, can be accessed by boat with Marsh Cruises or Lady Swan Boat Tours. You can spend time hiking the trails of the island or search for sand dollars on the quiet island.  After a long day at the beach, pick up a pizza or visit one of our local restaurants.

If staying inland is more your thing, the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission has taken its annual Moore Buick New River Splash virtual, so you can complete a triathlon on your own terms while staying safe. Or go, the distance with Onslow County’s Park and Recreations 50K challenge. Just register before June 5 to log your miles and receive a special medal. Onslow is home to many parks where you can take a relaxing stroll or ride your book through serene nature trails. Visit Hammocks Beach State Park by the water, take a walk through Jacksonville Commons Park, or explore the NC Moutains to Sea Trail – which includes many stops throughout Onslow County.  

Be sure to visit us on Facebook. Here’s a video you can watch by using the link that takes you to a virtual tour of Hammocks Beach State Park;

For those who aren’t ready to travel in person just yet, many Onslow County businesses and attractions are offering virtual tours. You can visit local landmarks like Walton’s Distillery without ever leaving your couch! A view of the beach is available through the North Topsail Beach camera, and our site offers some great virtual tours of North Topsail. Looking for something educational? Try a virtual art class with Wine and Design; or grab your kids and listen in for the Zing Zumm Children’s Museum story time. For the nature lovers, Hammock’s Beach State Park offers virtual tours through Lady Swan Boat Tours and Jacksonville’s Sturgeon City offers virtual science lessons. For a full list of virtual tours, visit the Only in Onslow’s Virtual Experiences page. We hope to see you soon!  

Contact Information for Salem Clarke:

Tourism Manager, Onslow County Tourism
Phone (910) 347-3141 Ext.222 and email or visit online at

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Fishing for a Month of Quarantine on Topsail Island

Chris Plaford spends a month of quarantine by drone fishing from North Topsail Beach of Topsail Island in North Carolina. You may be surprised to see what can be caught just a few hundred yards off the beach … in this case from his beach and the deck of his oceanfront home! Here’s a recent YouTube video of the fishing …

100 Ocean View Lane – Beach Vacation Rental Home

Chris is fishing from one of the many homes managed by Treasure Realty for beach vacations on Topsail Island. Click on this link to take a virtual tour online of this home at 100 Ocean View Lane.

Learn more about this vacation rental and other properties online by clicking this link:

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