It’s Official – the Secret is Out – Topsail Island’s Been “Discovered”

Uh-oh. It seems our little “secret” is out!


Really, I thought that part of the agreement in buying a home or vacationing on Topsail Island meant that one had to swear they would NEVER divulge to ANYONE how beautiful our little island paradise was.


I was convinced that our quiet, pristine beaches would never be discovered by the multitudes. I thought it was just “our” island. So, who let the cat out of the bag? Who gave us away to social media and television?img_3249-large


You’d almost have to be a hermit with no access to the internet or television miss the fact that Topsail Island has been in the news lately. I thought my eyes were deceiving me a few weeks ago when I saw on Facebook that Topsail Beach (including North Topsail Beach and Surf City) had won a Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Little Beach Town in the USA. Trip Advisor, which is the world’s largest, online travel site, conducted the survey. They chose fourteen exquisite little beach-side towns from coast to coast and from the Northern Great Lakes to the Gulf coast.  Little towns you may have heard of and sleepy little fishing villages that have remained in obscurity (until now) were all in the running.  Folks had until the end of July to vote for their favorite beach and the results were made public in August of 2016. Topsail Beach was the clear winner!  

Who knew that so many beach goers would vote for our home beach? I mean…don’t get me wrong. It is the ultimate get-away if you yearn for beautiful family cottages on quiet, sunny beaches that stretch for miles and miles of “happy place” nirvana. I just didn’t realize that there were so many Topsail’s vacation fans who would be so generous as to share our coveted secret with social media! Oh well, I suppose I need to stop being such a beach hog and realize that it’s all right if others want to experience “my” beach. After all, it IS God’s wonderful creation and I’ve been selfish to think it was all mine. Sorry.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Isaac Baker, one of the Treasure Realty team here in Surf City. He gave me yet another piece of information that showed me that Topsail Island was getting even more media attention. “Donna, cheimg_1310-largeck out the HGTV shows that are highlighting Topsail Island. You may want to do a blog on it. Our phones have been blowing up since these shows have aired on TV. There’s a lot of interest about Topsail right now.”

Hmmmm….MORE folks finding out about our little island hideaway? Isaac was right. I looked into it and saw that there had been at least three (that I could
find) programs on HGTV that featured our fair Topsail Island: Beach Front Baimg_3117-largergain Hunt, Island Life and Beach Hunters. JDNEWS.COM mentioned it in one of their ariticles.  I even went on line to watch one of the shows in its entirety. After watching it, I understood why the couple wanted to relocate to Topsail. It was presented as a lovely, still basically, undiscovered island with miles of sandy beaches that made a haven for beachcombers, sun seekers, fishermen and surfers.
The homes and condos nestled against its dunes and marshes were beautiful and compared to other more populated beaches, less expensive. Who wouldn’t want to become a Topsailer or at least claim it for their new home beach? Yes, it appeared that our img_2618-largesecret had escaped the bag we had held to so tightly.


So, having been discovered, does it mean I will find myself another place to call home? Will I get mad, list my house and move on to sandier, more golden beaches? You better believe I will not! I’m holding on to my little piece of Topsail real estate as if my life depends upon it! The value will probably go through the roof and if it doesn’t, I’ll still have my little piece of heaven!



2 Replies to “It’s Official – the Secret is Out – Topsail Island’s Been “Discovered””

  1. Our first visit was in 2006 then we came back in 2007 to aid in my sons recovery after being hit by a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2007. This past year our family went thru some really difficult times so my husband and I decided that a trip to Topsail Island was in order again! So, we will be there is week and everyone is excited! North Topsail is our place it’s quiet and clean and just perfect to recharge the batteries ! One day I’d love to have a place there and it’s all because it’s the nicest place on the East Coast!

    1. Mary Jo, I agree! I’m glad Topsail Island has become your family’s special place to get-a-way! I think it has magical powers that bring out the best in us all! I hope your family can always call this beautiful island your “special place.”When you’re ready to get your own place, come and see us here at Treasure. We’ll find you exactly what you’re looking for in a vacation home!

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