North Topsail Beach Renourishment Project Nearly Completed

So Long, Savannah! North Topsail Beach Renourishment and Channel Realignment Nearly Complete

January 10, 2013
By Amy Baker

Savannah Sails South
Just as she appeared around Thanksgiving of 2012, Savannah, the dredge, disappeared from the New River Inlet on January 12, 2013, when she began her journey home to Charleston, South Carolina. (See “packing up” video from January 11th below.)

The faithful dredge has pumped an enormous amount of sand onto the shore at the north tip of N. Topsail Beach south to just past the Shipwatch Condos/Townhomes. (See photo North Topsail Renourishment Projectleft.) The exact amount of sand pumped will be calculated in a post construction survey. The findings of this survey will be made available soon in a report from Mr. Robert Neal, the project engineer from Coastal Planning and Engineering.

Gullies Be Gone
At today’s public meeting about the project, attenders learned that the gullies between the properties and the new dunes on the north end will be filled in with sand from the Army Corp of Engineers’ (ACOE) recent dredging efforts, which is currently piled at the water’s edge.

This finer sand, which is normally placed on the seaward side of the dunes, typically erodes pretty quickly with the tides. However, placing the sand landward of the new dunes should make it useful for a longer period of time.

According to the January 3rd Change Order Request for the NRI Channel Realignment Project, the ACOE sand will be placed “‘up to’ the most seaward piling at the north end” and atop “the sand bags that already have sand on them from natural occurrence.”

Hold Harmless Agreements
Marinex Construction will be requesting a “hold harmless” agreement from property owners. The town of NTB should be sending notices and the “hold harmless” agreements to property owners as soon as this is approved by the town’s attorney.

Owners will need to obtain permits from CAMA to place their own sand underneath their homes. Interim Town Manager, Carin Faulkner, has more detailed information about that process, including contact information for permits, etc..

The End Draws Near
If everything goes according to schedule, Mr. Neal estimates that the project should be completely finished by February 1, 2013. We are hoping so too! Really, we are just grateful that NTB has taken her beach back for us and the more than 7,000 families who vacation here each year to continue enjoying. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to relaxing on a wider beach this summer, and I am glad to see the houses/complexes on the north end saved!

A final “wrap up” presentation is planned for February 7th at the regular Board of Alderman’s meeting. This will be a great opportunity to express our gratitude and to get any remaining questions answered. I hope to see you there!

A Job Well Done
As an NTB resident myself, I have an appreciation for the awesome job that Marinex Construction has done in realigning the channel and renourishing the north end. Moreover, I have been unusually impressed with the kindness and integrity of everyone involved in this project, including Mr. Payne, Marinex’s project manager and Mr. Neal, PE for CP & E as well as the town staff, who have graciously provided information for these blogs. Thank you!

It seems I’m not the only one impressed with the job though. At last Thursday’s meeting, Mayor Pro Tem, Suzanne Gray said there have been many positive compliments made by local property owners. It seems most everyone is quite pleased really.

During this meeting, I was struck by the sincere compliments given to Mr. Neal regarding his work with Mr. Payne and the property managers around the Shipwatch Condos. The Shipwatch managers were very pleased and grateful for how the construction crew worked diligently with them to see that their concerns were thoroughly addressed.

Indeed, from start to finish, the New River Inlet Realignment and Beach Renourishment Project is “a job well done.”

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