North Topsail Beach Renourishment Complete: North End is Saved

Hooray! North Topsail Beach’s North End is Saved…for now at least!
February 25, 2013
By Amy Baker

Before and After
As we look toward a fast approaching vacation rental season on N. Topsail Beach, both residents and vacationers have much for which to be grateful this year. Most of the northern tip of the island appeared to be sinking under the tide before and definitely after Hurricane Sandy came through in late October of 2012. (See photo below of some homes on the north tip.) Thus, the arrival of Marinex Construction and the dredge, Savannah, in mid-November was a welcomed sight for many.

From thanksgiving until roughly the middle of January, Marinex crews dredged approximately 566,244 cubic yards of sand from the New River Inlet Channel and pumped it onshore. According to a recent press release from the town, this effort increased the channel’s depth to 17 feet and its width to 500 feet. The course sand from the inlet was pumped up onto about a mile and a half stretch of beach on the north end, to renourish and extend the beach about 170 feet seaward. (See before and after photos around the Reef condos and the St. Regis below.)