NC Beach Rentals: Tips On Choosing The Best For Your Vacation

NC Beach RentalsChoosing the Best NC Beach Rentals for Your Vacation

While many may believe it feels like a massive undertaking to sift through site after site and listing after listing in an attempt to find the best NC Beach rental for your family vacation, it doesn’t really have to be that way. Our site,, makes it really easy to find exactly what you are looking for without spending hours trying to find the information you need. When you visit our site, you’ll find over 400 Topsail Island Vacation Rentals to choose. We have homes, condos and duplexes of all shapes, sizes and price points. With so many choices, you might think choosing the perfect rental might take a lot of time but there are easy ways that you can quickly narrow your search to the homes best suited for your family or group. For example, you can narrow your choices by the number of bedrooms. If you have a group of 16, there is absolutely no need for you to have to sift through listings with 2-3 bedrooms so we make it easy for you to explore just the homes that will accommodate your family. You can also narrow your searches by the amenities you seek like homes with private pool, community pool, hot tub, elevator, game room, pet friendly and more. And once you’ve narrowed your list, all the information you need to make your choice is at your fingertips. You’ll find multiple high quality pictures of each home, detailed information on the bedrooms, kitchens and more and many of our listings have virtual tours that really give you a feel for the layout and feel of each home. You can also see pricing information and easily see the weeks each home is available and once you’ve made your choice, you can book your rental right online or call our friendly staff for assistance. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to choose and book your vacation rental.

We hope you’ll choose Topsail Island for your next North Carolina Beach getaway because we are more than a little bit partial to the Topsail Island area and more importantly, we know that you and your family are going to really enjoy your time here.   However, no matter where you choose to spend your vacation, there is a magic formula to help you find the right rental for your vacation needs. You can almost always narrow it down to a few deciding factors. Here are a few of the important details you’ll want to keep in mind when picking out your rental home for your next North Carolina beach vacation.


There isn’t enough that can be stressed about the importance of choosing the right location for your beach rental. The first thing you want to consider when planning a beach vacation is easy access to the beach. Preferably you’ll find a home, condo or resort that’s located right on the beach. This is ideal but the size of your group and your budget can make ocean view homes and condos that offer ocean views and beach access a very nice choice as well. You’ll still get the close proximity to the beach and beautiful views but can shave a significant amount of money off your lodging expenses by walking a little further to get to the actual beach. A lot of this is personal preference but if you are on a budget, as many of us are, this is something you’ll want to consider. Ocean front homes are by far the most popular choice but choosing a ocean view home or a condo can save you some money that you can invest in dining, shopping and entertainment during your vacation.

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Size Matters

Size matters more than most people realize. You need to have a home or condo that’s an appropriate size for the number of people who will be joining you. The longer you’re all going to be together, the more size becomes an issue. Most people can squeeze into tight living quarters for one or two nights with no problem. Three is pushing it and if you’re planning for more than three nights, definitely consider a larger home or condo for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment and sanity. Week long stays or longer and everyone needs his or her own room to spread out and have a little bit of quiet contemplative time to themselves. This will ensure that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves which is after all, the point of a vacation.

You also need to ensure that the sleeping arrangements are such that everyone is comfortable with the situation. Golfing buddies aren’t going to be nearly as comfortable sharing twin double beds in double occupancy rooms as easily as college girls on spring break.


What type of community is your rental in? Does it cater to families, lovebirds, golfers, or retirees? What kind of on-site entertainment exists? Is the community family-friendly? Are there pools, playground equipment, and other amusements on-site or nearby? What does the rental and the area have to offer that’s likely to appeal to you and your group (or family)? These are all great questions and questions that you should consider in order to make your vacation a wonderful experience that you’ll remember fondly.

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What types of conveniences are offered in the home or condo being considered? Condos that offer kitchens, for instance, often have a distinct edge over those that do not or even those that only offer microwaves and refrigerators. The ability to prepare and enjoy meals in the condo helps families and groups shave a lot of the costs from their vacation experiences so they can spend that money on important attractions and activities. And if you are cooking a holiday meal for 20, you definitely want to consider homes with double ovens and 2 refrigerators. Little things like this can have a huge impact on your vacation and level of enjoyment/frustration. Other conveniences you might look for include: type of beach access, in-home (or unit) laundry facilities, number of televisions and DVD players, wireless internet services, game rooms, hot tub and pool. The key is to focus on the amenities that are most likely to suit your purpose for the vacation and choose accommodations that are best matched accordingly.


This is the elephant in the room for many people preparing for a beach vacation. The beach is generally a fairly inexpensive attraction and one that almost everyone enjoys. If you’re going to spend all your time on the beach, and there certainly are many families who do just that, then you don’t have to set aside a lot of money for other area attractions and amusements. However, please remember that once in  a while it does rain here at the beach and despite the very best of planning, sunburns happen and younger kids do get bored so it’s a good idea to prepare a budget in your initial planning. Do a little research into area attractions and restaurants so you have some idea as to how much of your budget will be apportioned to dining and fun away from the beach. Spending a few minutes researching this information will leave you with a really good idea of the amount you can invest into your beach rental.

These are the little things that can make a huge difference in the amount of fun and the level of relaxation you enjoy during your vacation. If you’re trying to find the best lodging choices, these issues are the ones you’ll want to lock down first. Please don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff at Treasure Realty with questions about rentals, the area, etc. Our staff live and work here and always happy to help you in any way possible. 800.762.3961

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