Napoli Cafe: Best New Restaurant and Coffee Shop In Sneads Ferry

Sneads Ferry has a new darling that everyone is talking about!  It opened almost three months ago and if you haven’t tried it, well… You need to get out more often!  We’re talking about the new Napoli Cafe, located in the Food Lion Shopping Plaza.

napoli cafe food lion shopping center sneads ferryOpen daily, they’re serving up possibly the best cup of Italian coffee in town and tempting patrons with a huge selection of sandwiches, paninis, salads, Hong Kong waffles, pastries, smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream. Really, there’s not a thing on the menu that’s not delicious!food at napoli cafe

Napoli Cafe is a breath of fresh air to Topsail Island area. The owners, Mikhael (Miki) and Iuliia Rotenstein, are delightfully cheerful and passionate about their new business and the food and coffee they make. Although Miki has been in the United States for twenty-five years, he was born in Israel. His wife, Iuliia, is Russian born. Together, they bring a bit of exotic flair to their “fare.”

It all started when Miki, the manager of a local beach/souvenir shop, would cook marvelous Israeli dishes at home and bring them to work for his co-workers to try. They loved everything he brought them, including his specialty sandwiches and his Israeli egg, corn, and potato salads. Almost everything he created had an Israeli influence. After a while, he decided that if his friends loved his specialty foods, others would too. That’s when the idea to open the Napoli Cafe was drinks napoli cafe

As Miki puts it, he and Iullia decided to go on a “big adventure” and open their restaurant. The chose one of the busiest locations in Sneads Ferry to establish themselves — the Food Lion Plaza — and designed their restaurant to have an open, urban casualness that was not pretentious but inviting. It was exactly what Sneads Ferry needed!

Iuliia also had mad skills to bring to the table. A self-taught barista, she manages the coffee side of the business. The coffee brand she serves up is Lavazza, considered to be Italy’s favorite coffee. Iuliia makes traditional and specialty coffee drinks. Her creativity shines in each cup she offers, down to the whipped milk designs that grace the top of her heavenly concoctions. She also can make you a delicious smoothie or milkshake made with Blue Bunny ice cream. She’s a true wizard of mixology!sandwich at napoli cafe sneads ferry

Miki guarantees you will love their sandwiches, made with top graded deli meats (Thumann’s) brought in from New York City. The menu ranges from their regular sandwiches and paninis to signature varieties. (They all look absolutely delicious.) The salads are a combination of these deli meats and cheeses with fresh lettuces, served up in three sizes, one for each appetite.

Now that the restaurant is going into its third month, Miki and Iuliia have decided to make their breakfast items available all day. You can get bagels with cream cheese, pastries or paninis with egg, cheese, and vegetables.sandwiches and salads at napoli cafe sneads ferry

If you’ve never tried a Hong Kong Waffle, you can try one at Napoli Cafe. These waffles are a famous street food in Hong Kong and have been made very popular in the United States by social media. They are made with an eggy batter and are sweetened a bit. They can be eaten flat on a plate with maple syrup and butter or be served cone-shaped, with chocolate sauce or Nutella, fruits, ice cream and whip cream. Eat one for breakfast, a special dessert or have one created for a birthday masterpiece! Yum!

Presently, Napoli Cafe is open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. The times will change a bit during the summer when our vacationers arrive and things get busier. Miki and Iuliia invite you to come by and try their sandwiches, special salads, coffees, waffles, and ice creams. Grab a coffee, bring your computer and settle in for a while. They have free WiFi!sandwich napoli cafe sneads ferry

Napoli Cafe is located at:

965 Old Folkstone Road, Sneads Ferry, NC














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