Mystic Treasures Jewelry, Surf City NC

Mystic Treasures Jewelry Is Exquisite And Unique

Located right in the middle of Topsail Island in Surf City, North Carolina,
Mystic Treasures Jewelry offers rare and unique handcrafted jewelry that will
take your breath away. This store showcases rings, bracelets, pendants, and
earrings, all designed and handmade by four artistic designers. Mystic
Treasures is the perfect place to get a special souvenir from your visit to
this beautiful ocean-side location.

The majority of the wonderful pieces featured in the store are designed and
made by Tommy James. In addition to his work, Tommy has selected the work of
other nationally known designers, John Kennedy, Matthew Bezak, and Patrick
Murphy, who he worked with for many years in St. Thomas. All four designers
have unique and brilliant jewelry that complement each other perfectly, and
have customers coming back again and again.

The majority of the pieces at this store are of a nautical style, representing
Topsail Island, mixed with items from the natural world and contemporary art.
When you have a beautiful ring from the Sea Mist Collection, a luxurious crab
pendant, a stunning Armada Hook bracelet, or an exquisite pair of Blue Drop
earnings, you will remember your trip to Topsail Island forever. The items found
in this store are of such high quality that you’ll be able to pass them down
for generations.

Not only do the designers at Mystic Treasures Jewelry offer their masterpieces to the
public, they now provide state-of-the-art custom design jewelry capabilities
for anyone that seeks a unique piece of jewelry. If you have a special design
for a pair of earrings, a one-of-a-kind ring, or any other type of jewelry, the
designers at Mystic Treasures will make your dream a reality.

Mystic Treasures Jewelry is located at 121 South Topsail Drive, Topsail Island,
NC. For more information about this exotic store, or to purchase unique and
fantastic jewelry online, please visit their website at: