Miss Carla’s Oldies and Goodies Furniture and More: Vintage and Antique Paradise


Passing through Hampstead on the way to Topsail Island, I’m sure it’s caught your attention – the old, white church building with the adjoining cemetery that sits right up next to Highway 17. miss carlas oldies hampsteadIf you gave it more than a passing glance, you may have wondered why it had chairs, tables, benches, and knickknacks sitting out right in front of its doorway.  For those of you who were even more curious, you probably glanced back to see that it was not a church anymore but a business. “Miss Carla’s Oldies and Goodies” is painted in big red letters on the side of the building, beckoning all lovers of antiques and vintage things,  to come inside and browse with abandon.  Countless shoppers have probably turned their cars around and headed back to the charming building, not being able to resist the possibility that within those four walls, Miss Carla’s Oldies and Goodies Furniture and More may have a treasure they cannot live without.miss carlas vintage store hampstead

When walking up to the lovely, quaint building, you will get the idea that Miss Carla’s Oldies and Goodies Furniture is not a junk store. Even the furniture that is displayed outside has a nice quality that promises the shopper that there are even better treasures inside. If you love “antiquing,” you know immediately that this little shop is the “real deal.”

Miss Carla is the real deal too. She and her husband, Ron Bonner, have owned and operated this gem of a business for the past six years.  They have a huge respect for keeping the past alive and even made their home on a tract of land owned by Ron’s great-grandfather. When it came to moving their business to a larger location last year, they chose the old Methodist Church in Hampstead, built in 1930, as the place that could house their old treasures. It seemed appropriate – an old building and old things. A perfect combination for success.miss carlas vintage store hampstead

When asked why she and Ron decided to open a store filled with things from the past, Carla explained that this was the last generation of antiques. “Most things made today are not built well enough to be around in one hundred years. They are made of pressboard or cardboard. If water spills on them, the surface bubbles up.  Vintage furniture is not new. Therefore it’s more economical and will still outlast even the newest things on the market. We’re being good stewards of the past because we’re giving an opportunity for shoppers to take home a well-built piece of furniture that can still last for generations to come.”miss carlas vintage store

Almost all of the furniture and goods in Miss Carla’s Oldies and Goodies is theirs to sell. A few pieces are there on consignment. There are some lovely repurposed pieces painted for those who love the shabby-chic look or want a colorful “statement piece.” You can also find beautiful glassware,  quality home decor, and collectibles.

One more big attraction at Miss Carla’s is that it’s a dealer for Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint. This paint is perfect for DIY projects and is easy to use. If you want to restore or repurpose a piece of furniture, you can use Dixie Belle in one easy step, with no sanding, priming or sealing needed. There are sixty colors to choose from and Miss Carla’s has them all! She’s quick to point out that they have painted several pieces in their store with this paint and they are all so lovely. Just browsing in the shop will inspire your creative juices and make you want to paint something!miss carlas antique store hampstead

Miss Carla’s Oldies and Goodies Furniture and More is a shop you must visit if you’re in the Topsail Island area and love spending times searching for antique treasures. Carla’s staff is friendly and knows the stories behind many of their pieces. Oh yes…and the prices are so reasonable, you may leave with several things you find that you don’t want to live without!

Miss Carla’s Oldies and Goodies Furniture and More is located at:

14840 US Highway 17 N, Hampstead, North Carolina
Call (910) 319-0809
find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pg/misscarlas/about/?ref=page_internal







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