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Attention all thrift store shoppers! The Master’s Touch Thrift Store has moved to a new location in the Treasure Realty Shopping Plaza! The great news is that the store has doubled its size – which means more space, bargains, and blessings for those needing assistance in our community!

I went to The Master’s Touch Thrift Store last Saturday and couldn’t believe the number of shoppers there – men and women, searching through the organized racks of shirts, pants, dresses, and sweaters. From the clothes and jewelry section at one end, houseware and furniture sections in the middle, to the kid’s toys and clothes area at the other end of the store, each department was busy with folks shopping for good deals.

The Master’s Touch Thrift Store is a community effort that was birthed by a group of pastors from nine churches in the Sneads Ferry area. These good-hearted ministers met together weekly to pray for the spiritual needs of their church members and for others in the Sneads Ferry area. As the bonds grew between the ministers and their congregations, the churches began to sponsor community outreaches. Together, the unified churches were meeting many of the spiritual needs of those in the Sneads Ferry area but realized that meeting spiritual needs was not enough. They knew that the “good news” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ extended not only to the spiritual needs of the community but also to the physical and natural needs of the area’s people. They wanted to help those who came to them with emergency food, financial and guidance needs.

The pastors prayed and felt that God had given them a “win-win” strategy. The nine churches joined forces to have a few food pantries designated at some of their facilities to make provisions available for those families or individuals with food insecurities. They also wanted to offer financial assistance and guidance to those needing help with important bills, transportation, rent, crisis situations, and medical costs. How would the pastors fund their ambitious plan?  A thrift store of course! As donations of clothing and household items poured in, the staff, volunteer members of the participating churches,  would sort through the items, organize them and stock their store. Thrifty shoppers would come in and buy, buy, buy! The money made would support those in need of financial help. Shoppers would win with their bargains and those in need would win by receiving help. It was a beautiful strategy!

After much prayer and planning, The Master’s Touch Thrift Store opened its doors to the community in 2013. The non-profit organization is governed by a board of pastors and laypersons and of course, staffed by the volunteers from the participating churches. Countless people have been assisted financially by this ministry but it takes a lot of work and effort to keep it running successfully. Each time I drive to the Treasure Realty Shopping Plaza parking lot, I see volunteers outside by the storage buildings sorting through donations. Even on the days when it’s not open to the public, volunteers are working behind the scenes to keep the store stocked with items donated by those in the community.

With it taking at least eight people a day to keep the store up and running, volunteers are always needed.  Even the local court systems recognize community service hours from The Master’s Touch and high school kids seeking SAT hours can also work their hours there too. If you wish to volunteer, stop by the store and ask to speak with Shirley Prince, the manager. What a wonderful opportunity The Master’s Touch has given our community to pull together and help those in need.

The Master’s Touch Thrift Store is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Donations are always welcome but please drop them off when the store is open, on Wednesdays through Saturdays during store hours. If donations are dropped off when the store is closed, the items could be damaged by bad weather. No one wants to sort through soggy clothing and ruined household goods.  Keep in mind that electronics and mattresses are not accepted.

If you are reading this blog and are wondering how to get financial help from The Master’s Touch Thrift Store, stop by the store and fill out an application. It will be submitted to one of the pastors for review. The applicant must live in the Dixon school district.

During this holiday season, you may wish to donate to this worthy ministry that has blessed so many in the Sneads Ferry area. Call them at 910-741-0023 for more information. Meanwhile, I’ll be cleaning out my closets. I have plenty of things I’d like to donate!







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  1. I have a queen mattress and bed frame that I would like to give to someone in need in the Surf City, North Topsail area. Any suggestions on whom to contact?

    1. Patty, I’m sure you could call The Master’s Touch Thrift Store and ask them if they know of anyone who could use a mattress and bed frame. Their number is: (910) 741-0023.

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