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Makin Waves Jet Ski Rentals

Makin Waves Jet Ski Makin Waves Jet Ski Rentals

What’s a great Topsail Island area vacation without making a few waves?
Makin Waves Jet Ski Rental in Topsail Island is your key to wave runner rentals and great wave action.

Makin Waves Jet Ski Rentals offers two different types of jet ski rental packages to customers. One package allows customers to rent by the hour and enjoy a completely free style jet ski experience. The second package is a dolphin excursion where customers follow an experienced guide for an hour long “dolphin hunt.”

Each ski may accommodate one, two, or three riders and the excursions are great fun for people of all ages. No matter what kind of fun experience you’re looking for on the water, it’s hard to beat jet skis for a really great time in the summer sun.

Early birds for jet ski rentals can get the best prices of the day so be sure to book for the early morning time slots for the best pricing. Even better is knowing that you’ll beat the worst of the heat by getting out and about in the sun before it’s too high in the sky. So make your plans to hit the water by 8:00 AM for a great time on the water and also a great price to go along with it.

In addition to wave runners and jet skis you can rent boats and kayaks from Makin Waves Jet Ski Rentals. If you want to be the family hero and really find something that everyone can love; it’s almost impossible to go wrong with wave runner rentals. Make your plans to visit Makin Waves on your next trip to Topsail Island, Sneads Ferry, or Surf City, NC. See for yourself just how much of a great time can be had by one and all.

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