Hurricane Dorian Leaves Our Topsail Island Treasures

For the past week the world watched Hurricane Dorian do a devastating dance with the Bahamas before flirting ferociously with Florida, then brushing uncomfortably up against our Topsail Island and attempting to take some of our northern Carolina coastal treasures. Fortunately, Dorian is gone and most of our treasures are still here.

Treasure Realty is the trusted local expert at helping people find their treasure whether that be a vacation rental or buying or selling a home on Topsail Island, along one of our beaches, or in one of the many beautiful communities that surround the island and mainland areas for almost three decades now.

Next year is the company’s 30th. Over the years it has experienced numerous weather events, many of them on historic levels like Hurricane Florence that hit our beaches just last year. Dorian arrived just one week shy of the one year mark. Though Flo tried to take away some of our treasures, Dorian didn’t. In fact, Topsail Island, the beaches, and businesses were able to reopen, and vacationers welcomed only one day after this storm moved up the coast and out to sea.

We got lucky. Many of our neighbors to the south and north were not. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the Bahamas. We feel the pain of those who were adversely affected by Hurricane Dorian.

We are grateful that our Topsail Treasures are still here, and we are ready to keep helping our customers find and experience theirs.

By Scott Franko, Marketing Director at Treasure Realty, Inc.

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