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vet topsailby Bama Byrd


Hey people!  My name is Bama (aka Bam Bam) Byrd. I know you’re used to reading what my Mommy writes but today,  I told her that I wanted to tell you about my visit to to see Dr. Martin at the Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital.

For some reason, Mommy never tells me when we’re going to the vet. She just makes sure I’m real clean, takes me for a short walk to help me “get my energy out,” and then she puts me in the car. I get so excited when I’m in the car because where we’re going is always a mystery. I love mysteries. Mommy says I am too curious!

We passed Salty Paws Pet Resort, which is the place Mommy calls my “home away from home.” Sometimes, they take me there to spend the night when they’re going on a trip, and a few times,  I’ve spent the day at doggy daycare.  I have so many friends there that I hoped she was going to turn into the parking lot so I could visit a while. Instead, she just kept driving.holly ridge animal hospital

Hmmm… I couldn’t figure out if we were going to the groomers or to see Dr. Martin. I was nervous a little bit because I didn’t feel like getting groomed  today. To tell you the truth, I don’t like baths, brushes and getting my toe nails clipped. I was really glad when she passed the turn off and turned left onto Highway 17 S. That could only mean one thing! I was going to see Dr. Martin!

Dr. Martin is a nice animal doctor. Mommy tells me he’s been a veterinarian for over twenty years in Onslow County. His veterinary hospital is in Holly Ridge at a fairly new facility (I’m not sure what that word means), but it’s the pretty building that has lots of dogs and cats inside. Each pet is with their mommy or daddy,  just like me.animal hospital topsail

It’s fun going through the doors of the hospital because you never know who’s going to be there. There are big scary looking dogs, way bigger than me and some tiny dogs, even smaller than my eleven and a half pounds. Did you know there are some kitty cats in their little travel cases?  I love to bark my hello to each and everyone of them when I come in. I don’t know why Mommy gets nervous when I do that, but I’m just being friendly.  She tells me, “Shush, Bam. You’re barking too loud!”

When we got to the hospital today I wondered why we were there.I didn’t feel sick. I felt perfectly fine. Mommy kept me in her lap and kept rubbing my head and neck, speaking in her soft voice…”It’s ok, Bama. All Dr. Martin is going to do today is give you a kennel cough vaccine. It’s not a shot and it’s It’s not going to hurt one little bit. It might even be good!”

There was a real nice lady behind a desk. She told me it was going to be a few minutes and that Dr. Martin was seeing other patients. She would call me in a few minutes. Mommy told me I needed to be patient to be a good patient. Sometimes, human words are really confusing! (By the way, if you look at the pictures on this blog post, the ones of the little white dog is me sitting in the waiting room!)

Soon, another nice lady came out and said my name. Mommy said, “Here’s Bama.”  The nice lady took me from Mommy’s arms and I barked at her a little bit. I was trying to tell her I wanted to stay in the waiting room with the other mommies and doggies. I got nervous a little bit and started shaking. The lady put me on a table and squirted  some tasty drops in my mouth. I swallowed them and she smiled at me and said, “That’s all for today, Bama. You’ve been very brave!”

Dr. Martin didn’t see me today. Mommy said it was because I wasn’t sick and I didn’t need a proper check up.  I know Dr. Martin takes good care of sick animals. He can even do surgery. I heard her talking to Daddy one day and she said Dr. Martin has been known to make house calls. I’m not sure what that means either, but it must be important.animal hospital topsail

All I know is that Mommy knows if something happens to me, she has a doctor she can trust to sort me out. She says Dr. Martin and his staff can help her take better care of me. They  told her how to prevent me from having bad diseases. I’m glad I have a mommy and a doctor that care about me.

We left Dr. Martin’s Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital after we were there for only a very little while. Mommy told me she was so proud of me for being a good boy.  She even gave me a treat!

If you just moved here or are visiting Topsail Island, Mommy wants you to know about my Doctor Martin and his hospital. She says sometimes people have to take their sick pets to a veterinarian, and Dr. Martin is the best one in the whole, wide world!

The Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital is located at:

324 US Highway 17 N. Holly Ridge, NC 28445










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