From Fixer Upper to a Topsail Treasure

This week’s treasure from the Topsail Treasure Coast features a complete condo transformation that got the attention of over 4.5 thousand HGTV fans.

“A Condo on Topsail Island Goes Viral”

by Scott Franko, Marketing Director at Treasure Realty

She said she could do it. I didn’t believe her. Well, she did. And today her condo looks like a scene out of coastal lifestyle magazine. But it didn’t start out that way. Not even close.

I just happen to know the owner of this condo. Since I’m married to her, I saw firsthand how many hours of dedication, hard work, and imagination it took to pull off this amazing transformation that was accomplished without breaking the bank account.

The whole process started on a Sunday evening a thousand miles away from Topsail. We had just started looking at properties on the island the week before while there for our annual vacation. We considered homes on the beach, close to the beach, and condos. Since we lived so far away at that time, a condo seemed to be the best option.

After spending a considerable amount of time that week looking at different properties, we left empty handed on a Saturday but with a full tank of aspirations to get ourselves a second home on Topsail Island. Our opportunity came the very next day with a call about a condo that we might be interest in. If your preference is good first impressions, this wasn’t it. But it’s a good thing my wife can see beyond appearances. Instead, she focused on its potential.

The before and after of the main living room.

We ended up buying it and two months later went to the closing, got the keys, and opened the door to see it in person for the first time. It was even pinker than it appeared in the photos. I felt my energy begin to drain as we toured room to room while taking a mental inventory of upgrades, paying attention to my wife’s voice energetically detailing her ideas, and remembering to keep a smile on my face.

One room was yellow. Another blue. Some had wallpaper. One floor was linoleum tile, another covered in faded carpet. And the curtains—brown, green, gold, and heavy as they hid the panoramic views of the beach from the north to the south. At least the microwave and dishwasher were new, though one was white and other brushed silver.

The before and after of the kitchen.

That same day we went and purchased paint. A lot of it. I had no idea the price of paint had gone up at the same rate as the cost per barrel of the world’s supply of oil and gasoline that happened to be at market highs.

Then we proceeded to remove wallpaper, prime, paint, fix, rip up floors, counters, cabinets, and update every square inch for the next 127 straight hours before taking a nap, then repeat.

That became the pattern over a handful of months until the day came when it was completely finished. We finally had our own place on Topsail Island! Once refurbished, even the old picnic table became a feature piece of furniture in the dining room surrounded by ocean on the other side of the windows.

The before and after of the dining area.

My wife documented our (her) work and recently shared it as a post on HGTV’s Facebook page. Twenty-four hours later it had reached over 4.5 thousand likes and several hundred comments from people all over the country complimenting or asking questions about materials or methods she used as she turned this condo fixer upper into a Topsail treasure.

The fixer upper completed!

We’ve since relocated and moved full time to Topsail in our home on the mainland side of the intercoastal. But the condo is our special place for family, friends, making memories and enjoying the beach. And apparently many others like it, too. Who would have ever thought that our condo would go viral? Not me.

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