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Topsail Fishing, A Little Planning Will Make Your Trip More Fun

Topsail FishingPlanning A Topsail Fishing Trip, Here Are Some Key Points To Remember

If it’s your first time coming to Topsail Island on a deep sea fishing trip, there are some essential things to know to make it a fun-filled and successful one. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind if you’re planning to visit Topsail Island for some deep sea fishing fun.

Topsail Fishing: Overlooked Things To Bring

For sure,  fishing equipment and food and clothing are the ones that are always remembered by people who are planning a deep sea fishing trip. However, there is  other stuff equally important that a lot of people overlook when planning their trip.

One good example would be a cooler. Bringing along a cooler with ice, icepacks or even frozen water bottles is very important, especially since this is what you’ll use to keep cold and retain the freshness of all the fish you’re going to catch.

Another thing to remember is spare cash. Beyond being vital for emergencies, you will need a little cash to enter the biggest fish pool especially since you’re going to catch the biggest fish. =) You’ll also need a little cash to tip the mate and thank him for providing you help throughout your Topsail fishing excursion.

Another thing to remember that can save you a lot of headaches, no pun intended, is seasickness medicine. Dramamine is one highly effective solution for this problem and it’s relatively inexpensive. You’ll want to start the Dramamine a couple of days prior to your trip to make sure it’s in your system before you step o the boat. As always, you should check with your Doctor before starting any medication if you are currently taking any prescription meds.

For those who are already used to boats, this kind of problem may seldom be encountered. However, it will still be beneficial if you pack a small first aid kit. Bring band-Aids, antacids, tissues, and disinfectants in the kit, just in case minor injuries occur during the trip.

Topsail Fishing: General Deep Sea Fishing Overview

In general, a deep-sea fishing trip will last about four to eight hours, or more depending on how long you and your friends want it to be. You can arrange trips with your charter or party boat in the morning or afternoon. In fact, if you have a special occasion, you can even schedule evening trips. Whatever your preference, there are boats and Captains who will accommodate your requests so make sure you ask about custom trips if you’re looking for something beyond the normal half day, full day fare.

If you’re looking for a special variety of fish, make that known as well as some fish are more plentiful at certain times of the year and methods used and areas fished vary greatly from one fish to the next.

One last thing is be sure to ask a lot of questions, let the Captain know about your group and make sure the boat is a fit for you and your friends. For example, make your Captain aware when you book that there will be beginners in the group so that he can make arrangements to have crew on board to assist. Make him aware that none of you have equipment, you need someone to help clean your catch, etc. The more information you can give the Captain prior to your trip, the more enjoyable your Topsail fishing excursion is likely to be.

Topsail Fishing: Freebies On The Side

The great thing about visiting Topsail Island for a deep sea fishing excursion is that sometimes you can get really great freebies on the side. Beyond the obvious camaraderie with your friends and the adventure of being out on the open ocean, you may also be graced with more glories of nature like the appearance of dolphins playing alongside the boat and you’ll almost certainly see sea birds chasing each other and diving into the water after a meal of their own. Combine all this with the taste of the fresh fish as you enjoy the most gorgeous sunset on the planet and you are sure to remember your Topsail Fishing trip for a long, long time.

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