Crabby Mike’s Surf City NC Restaurants

Crabby Mike’s Surf City

Don’t be fooled by the name. Crabby Mike’s is by no means a restaurant with
crabby food, service and atmosphere, far from it. Indeed, Crabby Mike’s offers
delicious, savory and scrumptious dishes from only the freshest bounties of the
seas and the land in and around Surf City in North Carolina.

Crabby Mike’s Surf City History

Crabby Mike’s is owned by Chef Doug, a former executive chef with plenty of years experience under his belt, so to speak. As young as the restaurant may be – it was opened in 2005 – it is very popular in Surf City among locals and
tourists alike. Think of it as effective word-of-mouth advertising where the
food speaks for itself.

Crabby Mike’s Surf City Menu

The menu boasts of a wide selection of appetizers, soups, salads, and seafood
platters, among others. Diners can choose from three types of menu classified
according to the time of say when the food items are served. These are the
lunch, dinner and all day menus.

On the all day menu, for example, appetizers, soups and salads like Crabby
Cakes, Clam Chowders and Chicken Tenders are cooked to perfection. The lunch
menu offers numerous kinds of sandwiches like the Chef’s Club, Chicken Salad
Pita and Crab Cake Sandwich as well as Seafood Platters with a choice of
shrimps, scallops and deviled crab, among others. For dinner, diners have the
choice of House Specials (Southwestern Strip Steak, Crabby Chicken Oscar and
Blackened Grouper) and even seafood pasta.

Of course, all of these delicious dishes must be complemented by the perfect
beer or wine. Crabby Mike’s has both a wine and beer list to choose from along
with the aforementioned dishes. Wines include Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and
Chardonnay while the beer varieties include familiar names like Budweiser,
Miller Lite and Corona Lite. All of these beverages can be ordered from the
tiki bar.

Indeed, Crabby Mike’s in Surf City, NC  is as welcoming to couples, singles and groups. It does,
after all, live up to its motto of: “No matter your mood, you’ll love our food”

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