Carol Ann Ross Writes New Book Set On Topsail Island


Topsail Island is truly a wonderful place filled with beautiful beach homes, lots of fun things to do, things to see, places to shop, delightful restaurants and so much more but it wasn’t always like this. Carol Ann Ross has written a new book entitled “Days of Hairawn Muhly” which is set on and around Topsail island during the period 1933 – 1952. This was a time when the area was completely undeveloped and natural.

Carol Ann Ross

Carol Ann, (Photo left courtesy of Chuck Beckley/The Daily News), researched her book extensively and also drew upon her experiences growing up here.

Christopher Thomas of The Daily News Staff interviewed Carol Ann and has written a nice article about the author and the the book.  Following is a brief excerpt from his article: “…But to Carol Ann Ross, that subject at the heart her new book is not a run-of-the-mill love story. It’s also a love letter to Eastern North Carolina and its ecology, which she first experienced as a small child in 1955.

“When I grew up on Topsail Island, it was like having a private island,” Ross said. “It was magical. That was a time when it was innocent.”

The book’s title, “Days of Hairawn Muhly,” is a tribute to the seaside flora Ross remembers growing up next to on the Carolina Coast. Hairawn Muhly is a short, wispy grass that, according to the USDA, blooms in “striking pink and purple” during the autumn seasons. According to Ross, bulldozers have done a number on the plant and the dunes that she once observed from her backyard…” Read the entire article HERE.

The book is available on Amazon. Click here to read the reviews.