Be Ye Warned! There be Pirates in Topsail Island’s Waters!

Be Ye Warned! There be Pirates in Topsail Island’s Waters!

By Amy Baker April 8, 2013

belleoftopsail1Recently, my husband and I, along with several of the Treasure Realty Rentals staff, participated in a two hour Dinner Cruise and Pirate Show aboard The Belle of Topsail. Our early season cruise was a “dress rehearsal” for the pirates, many of whom are new this year to the crew of the pirate ship, The Raven.

During a leisurely tour down the Intracoastal Waterway, complete with fun tunes, drinks, and dinner, our Captain made a frightful announcement; the Surf City Bridge Tender had radioed to say that a Pirate Ship had been spotted in the waters around Topsail! Not long afterward, our pleasant cruise was waylaid by The Raven and a band of five scurvy pirates!

belleoftopsail2Our landlubber efforts to deter the buccaneers with water cannons proved futile. In the process, some of our passengers were soaked by the pirates’ return “fire,” or rather, water. Before we knew what had happened, The Raven’s crew was commandeering our vessel while several of the swashbucklers boarded abaft!

Once aboard The Belle, the pirates paraded around the upper deck with lots of pomp and circumstance, flashing various weapons and sounding their typical boisterous, “Aargh!” After Capt. David Luther and a couple of passengers were tied up, several menacing threats were issued until Capt. Luther was sufficiently swayed to hand over the treasure he’d found on Topsail.

belleoftopsail3Luckily the Belle’s Captain is quite an old salt, so this wasn’t his first encounter with pirates. After some clever parleying, Capt. Luther managed to convince them to share some of their newly pilfered booty with The Belle’s passengers before the sated scallywags slinked back to their sinister ship!

Fortunately, no one was harmed during the harebrained banter, and it appeared that a fun time was had by all. After both boats returned to the dock in Surf City, passengers were invited to have their pictures taken with the pirates aboard The Raven.

belleoftopsail4(Our very own, Sonya Kennedy is pictured right with some of the wild and wanton crew.)

While the passengers on our voyage were all adults, The Belle of Topsail has much to offer all ages–including families with children, corporate groups, wedding parties, and more.

This summer, The Belle will also host one hour pirate cruises, scenic cruises, dinner cruises, and of course the “Dinner and a show” cruise. You can see more details on The Belle of Topsail website or check out their Facebook page.



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