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The Other Island Life

The island life is an amazing experience at Topsail. You can relax on the beach, surf on the waves, enjoy great seafood, and have a front row seat for spectacular sunrises and sunsets. You might also get a good view of some of the other life that inhabits Topsail Island, the wildlife that is. Life Around Topsail Island! By: Pat… Read More “The Other Island Life”

Coastal Wing and Spirits Co. – Surf City’s Newest Restaurant Surprise!

Travis Stafford, along with Jim and his wife, Eva Dobrowski are more than just friends. They are neighbors, business partners and owners of the brand new Coastal Wing and Spirits Company in Surf City.  It had always been Travis’ dream to own and operate a successful restaurant business.  Seven years ago, the Boone, N.C. resident moved to the Topsail Island… Read More “Coastal Wing and Spirits Co. – Surf City’s Newest Restaurant Surprise!”

Topsail Island Fourth of July Celebrations 2019

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY EVERYONE! It’s that time of year again folks! Sure, it’s hot as the blazes outside but that doesn’t deter our determination to celebrate our nation, the good, ol’ USA!  Everywhere, Old Glory is waving proudly and American is gearing up her annual Celebration. On Topsail Island the big question is “Where’s the party and the fireworks?” If… Read More “Topsail Island Fourth of July Celebrations 2019”

Riverview Cafe – the Complete Makeover 2019

Riverview Cafe gets a major redux! Residential homes and beach houses aren’t the only buildings that are getting facelifts since Hurricane Florence decided to deliver a powerful blow to Topsail Island and the nearby coastal mainland. Many businesses in the area also suffered considerable damage and have been repaired or in some cases, totally reconstructed.  The Riverview Cafe is an… Read More “Riverview Cafe – the Complete Makeover 2019”

Topsail Island Recovery Update!

  The sounds of hammers whacking and saws buzzing rise above the ocean’s crashing waves. The salty breeze is mixed with the smell of fresh cut lumber and permeates the little communities that dot Topsail Island. Bulldozers can be seen up and down the beach road, redesigning the dunescape, setting new barriers against the unpredictable ocean’s tides. Topsail Island is… Read More “Topsail Island Recovery Update!”