Art Exposure 50 – Local Crafters, Artists and Classes

Art Exposure 50

At Art Exposure 50, located at 22527 Hwy 17N in Hampstead, NC, you’ll find some of the best art North Carolina has to offer. Ellen Elder, the director and owner with Becky Jo West, the assistant director, take great care in choosing artwork for exhibits. You can contact the gallery at (910) 330-4077 or by emailing artexposure50 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Local Crafters, Artists and Classes

At Art Exposure 50, local artists find a place they can show off the beauty of local art. Local events presented by the gallery include regular art exhibits, open art events and invitations to display art in the gallery after events. Classes are also available for adults, teens and children. All classes are taught by local artists.

Adult and teen classes available through Art Exposure 50 include classes on pottery, jewelry making, thread painting and classic oil and watercolor painting. Children’s classes are offered after school and during school breaks. Kids can learn the art of drawing and other skills.


Local artists wishing to be a member of the Art Exposure 50 gallery can apply for membership online. A picture of your original art must accompany the application. Once approved for membership, you are required to pay a one-time initial membership fee of $100 and an annual recurring fee of $35 starting with your second year of membership. Membership benefits include:
Use of personal studio space
Use of classroom space for classes
Publicity for your work
Exposure of your work

Local Opportunities for Artists

You don’t have to be a member of Art Exposure 50 to take part in events and gallery shows. Simply contact the gallery for information about how to show your work or take part in a local event. Art Exposure hires local artists to teach classes. If you are interested in applying for a teaching job send your application to:

Application to Teach
PO Box 2178
Surf City, NC 28445