Ama Spa: Find Your “Aaaahh” Moment

Are you ready to reserve a moment of “aaah” for yourself? It’s always special when you can incorporate this equation into your life: rest + relaxation = rejuvenation = Ama Spa!

ama spa surf city ncRebecca Batts had you in mind when she made her dream, the upscale Ama Spa, a reality. Her spa uses that equation coupled with a wonderful staff and the best organic products available, offering you an eco-luxury day spa experience.

A year ago, Rebecca opened her spa in the Gateway Plaza in Surf City, near Topsail Island. She wanted to honor her great-grandmother by using the word “ama” in the name of her spa. “Ama” is part of the Latin root word that means “love.”ama day spa surf city nc To call someone “Ama” is a way of showing respect to the one you love. In a few cultures, “ama” is the word for water and some teachings show that “ama” is used to describe toxins moving out of your body,  producing healing. Obviously, Rebecca is bringing the wonderful meanings of this word together to give purpose and direction to her spa’s mission.

A day visiting all of the services Ama Spa offers is like going around the world, utilizing all of the best methods and means in which to holistically heal the body, soul, and spirit. There are nine rooms available that facilitate a variety of spa treatments. Entering into any one of these rooms takes you into a place of relaxation, where the healing hands of a gifted, experienced staff member can erase the cares of the day and put your “whole” body in a place of peaceful harmony.

ama spa surf city nc

Everything in the spa is designed for healing and wellness. The oils, lotions, body scrubs, soaps, makeup, plus hair and nail treatments are all developed to help the body and not harm it with harsh ingredients and toxins. Rebecca has gathered products from around the world to use for treatments. Organic and biodynamic farmed products from Hungary and Italy, and wildcrafted organic treatments from Fiji are used to get the best results.

ama spa massages surf city nc

The Finnish sauna, Swiss shower, and Vichy room are all professionally accurate treatment rooms for tired and strained body muscles. The various methods of massage are carried out in well-appointed rooms with tables and soothing music, helping to relax and rest the human body.  Steam treatments cleanse the body of toxins and organic facials rejuvenate and restore your skin, making you appear more rested and youthful. Depilatory treatments under the expertise of an experienced staff member, are gentle and safe. Foot soaks relax you and rid your body of bad toxins that tend to make you feel bad.ama spa sauna surf city nc

The hair salon also uses only gentle hair coloring and treatments. The hairstylist is also amazing! The nail salon, like the rest of the spa, uses only the best polishes and gels for its clients.

Ama Spa uses top grade spa linens and cutting-edge equipment. Considered a “high end” spa, you will get “high end” results.

Make an appointment for any of these fine services. You’ll be treated like royalty and feel pampered and rested! Bridal parties are accepted and couples and friend massages are offered.ama spa surf city nc

Ama Spa

13460 NC 50-210, Suite 104, Surf City


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