A Native Topsail Island Treasure

Coastal Treasures from the Topsail Island Treasure Coast is brought to you by Treasure Realty, the trusted local experts for real estate, vacation rentals, and long-term rentals. Today’s blog features our very own Ana Scott.

A native of Sneads Ferry, Ana has been with Treasure Realty since 2007. During her time with the real estate firm, she has been involved in vacation rentals, long-term rentals, sales, and a popular television show!

A Native and a Treasure: Ana Scott

Written by Pat Fontana

Ana Scott Broker / Realtor with Treasure Realty

Growing up here, Ana came to love the beauty of the ocean as well as the culturally rich history of Sneads Ferry and the surrounding areas in Onslow and Pender counties. She says she also loves “how it brings so many people to it,” and especially that “all of them find a peace and have an awe of the coast.”

Celebrating her birthday in February, Ana is also excited about Treasure Realty’s celebration of its 30-year anniversary. She says she “always thought that Treasure Realty was a well-oiled machine” and the fact that it is faith-based was a large appeal to her. She is proud to align herself “with a company that’s not the least bit afraid to say they are serving God.”

Ana began her career, after graduating from the Carolina School of Broadcasting, with the NBC News Channel in Charlotte. She soon returned “home” to Sneads Ferry and launched her real estate career with Treasure Realty. She says she will stay in real estate “forever,” adding that it “makes me feel good that someone trusts me enough to help make such an important decision.”

Trust is a huge factor in real estate for Ana and for the rest of the Treasure Realty team. She feels the firm has built a reputation of trust in the community, in large part due to its focus on faith. Ana says they’ve also provided a “good foundation for the next generation of Treasure Realty, people who can help see the next 30 years through.”

HGTV recently reached out to Ana with a desire to feature her and some of her buyers on its show, “Island Life.” She has appeared on the show twice and has been asked to do another episode. She says she does not feel like a tv star, but that she does enjoy “making others feel better about themselves.”

Ana says she has been told she can talk to anyone, but she also listens well to those who need to be heard. She also has been told that she is “able to help others work through their problems by providing honest and thoughtful solutions.”

In her spare time, she enjoys spin class, yoga, paddle boarding, and, especially “being a mom, helping my mom, being a wife to and traveling with my husband.” To her, sit down family dinner time with her husband and daughter is a time to “reconnect and stay in tune with each other’s lives.”

As she celebrates a milestone birthday and the 30th anniversary of Treasure Realty, Ana says she is looking forward to her next decade, as a “part of my life where I’m more secure than I’ve ever been in my work and in my life.” As she cherishes the respect she has gained from “providing my guidance and assistance in helping others make such a huge decision on finding a primary home, a second home, or an investment property,” she is eager to reap the benefits of everything she’s learned so far.

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