D’s Interior Design: Dreaming Up Beautiful Designs for You

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By Donna Byrd

Donna Wells was just a fourth grader when she realized that she likes to paint. Not only did she enjoy it; she was good at it!  She began to realize that she was an artist and with that gift came creativity.

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As Donna became older, she decided that she wanted to use her artistic creativity in interior design. She had a natural “eye” for decorating and “seeing” textures, shapes and colors come together to create beautiful spaces for people to live in. When she was thirty years old, she entered the Interior Design Program at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina to polish her natural gift. Today, we see the results of her artistry, creativity and honed skills making an impact in the residences of the Topsail Island area and many of its vacation rental homes, especially some of the Treasure Realty Rental homes.  “D’s Interior Designs” has become a trusted name in our community when it comes to renovations, new construction design and full-service interior decorating.IMG_1738 (Large)

D’s Interior Designs was incorporated as a business in November of 1988 and has been growing steadily.  Twelve years ago it moved into the building it’s now located in.  Really, it is a good sized “showroom” that displays anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that a home would need as it’s being decorated: carpet, vinyl and hardwood flooring samples, kitchen and bathroom countertop materials, tile for flooring, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplashes, fabric for furniture upholstery, curtains, draperies and pillows, wallpaper samples, lighting fixtures, blinds, furniture and bed linens.IMG_1729 (Large)

Wait…I almost forgot to mention the fabulous outdoor furniture that graces the front porch of the building. Several groupings of wooden and faux wood patio chairs and tables, rockers, chaise lounges and even old-fashioned porch swings, catch your eye before you wander into the building. If you’re like me, you’ll have to sit in a few of them and just “try them out.” Believe me, they all “sit” great!

Walking into the D’s Interiors and Designs is like walking into a coastal, beachy heaven! Not only does Donna have the hundreds of samples you would need to look through if you’re decorating, she has wonderful, accessories for the home, too. IMG_1703 (Large) (2)Donna has placed groupings of furniture like couches and overstuffed chairs, with coffee tables and end tables. She then puts together colorful pillows and area rugs that pull them all together into a pleasant, nautical atmosphere. Beautiful lamps are chosen to give off the right type of lighting. Glassware in cool blues and greens sits atop painted chests. Mermaids and whale figures, made from driftwood claim tabletop space. Hand painted beach signs tell me the rules of a beach vacation. Ceramics, made by local artisans, take up important space on shelving and a few clocks remind us that time goes on, even in beach heaven.IMG_1696 (Large)

There is one section that has several dining tables laid with tasteful, nautical place settings and centerpieces. Who wouldn’t want to dine at one of these beautifully themed and appointed tables? Oh, a girl can dream, can’t she?

While I was in D’s yesterday, Donna pointed out to me a rather new line of women’s clothing they are now carrying. Moderately priced and of good quality, they are not what I’d consider “resort wear” but can be worn anywhere. There’s also a great jewelry collection to choose from and stylish handbags. Now, not only our homes can look great but we can look great as we live in them! I love Donna’s way of thinking! IMG_1686 (Large)  IMG_1689 (Large)

D’s Interior Decorating has a great staff of friendly folks that share her enthusiasm for helping people surround themselves with the colors, textures, and style they are looking for. From beachy casual or shabby chic charm to Southern coastal elegance, they will work with you to create the environment of your dreams. Even if you’re not presently in a decorating project, it’s a wonderful place to get new ideas for later or find that perfect gift for a friend or for yourself!IMG_1712 (Large)

Come by D’s Interior Design and let some of Donna’s artistic creativity rub off on you! You’ll be enchanted the moment you walk onto her porch and through the doors of her showcase store. Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to sit down on her front porch swing and dream away your afternoon!

D’s Interior Design is located at:

834 NC Hwy. 210, Sneads Ferry, NC  28460




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