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North Topsail Shores: The Very North Tip of Topsail

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Topsail Shores is a spacious and quiet neighborhood affording residents with some of the most breathtaking views available in North Topsail Beach, North Carolina. Current homes in the community range from small and medium-sized duplexes to single family homes that are well in excess of 3,000 square feet. Here, you will find that there is something for everyone.

Tourists enjoy this area of North Topsail Beach so well that many homes in Topsail Shores are rented out for most of the vacation season. Homeowners can use the homes for their own family getaways and then earn a significant amount of rental income when they can't be here!

Even small homes and duplexes can earn great rental incomes here, which of course, makes them very attractive to second home buyers and investors. Long story short, homes in Topsail Shores tend to sell fast.

Topsail Shores and North Topsail Shores

Depending on the location of the home and the real estate agency listing the home for sale or rent, the community may be listed as Topsail Shores or North Topsail Shores. The two names are interchangeable in most cases, so don’t be confused if you see some homes listed in one subdivision and homes located next door listed in the other.

Location and Amenities of Topsail Shores

Topsail Shores is a premier location that is nearly surrounded by water. Bodies of water found near the subdivision include Chadwick Bay, Stump Sound, the New River Inlet – and of course, the Atlantic Ocean.

Looking more closely at the community, you'll see that some homes are located on a cul-de-sac, while others are free-standing homes located on the Tidal Pond. Due to the proximity to the ocean, the land is sandy. At the end of River Road in Topsail Shores is a large public beach access with a huge white beach. This particular location is where the water from the New River dumps into the Atlantic Ocean, which makes for great fishing and brilliant views.

If you drive South down New River Inlet Road toward Island Drive, and then follow Island Drive South for a few miles, you will eventually reach Surf City. Surf City is the main spot for entertainment, dining and shopping on Topsail Island, although there are great restaurants and things to do all along Topsail Island and in neighboring Sneads Ferry.

Residents, vacationers, and long-term renters in Topsail Shores love the breathtaking views of both marsh and ocean, as well as the peace and quiet afforded by the lack of commercialization in this area. However, they appreciate the proximity of their neighborhood to shopping, dining and entertainment. If you want a little more excitement, you can head North on Island Drive/NC Hwy 210, go back over the high rise bridge, and make your way to Jacksonville or Wilmington, where you’ll find many more popular chain restaurants and retailers.

Owning a Home in Topsail Shores

Prices in Topsail Shores range from approximately $140K for a small duplex, to $600K or more for a single-family home. You might find a duplex to use as a second home or a newer construction, single-family home to be used as a primary residence; of course, both types of properties could make great income-producing rentals.

The homes available on Topsail Shores sell FAST, so you need a real estate agent familiar with the island and the neighborhood. Many homes available for sale on Topsail Shores are listed with Treasure Realty – the area’s leader in sales and rentals. Call Treasure Realty today and let us assist you with buying, selling, and/or renting in N. Topsail Shores.

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