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About Treasure Realty

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From the beginning, the focus for Treasure Realty is on customer service, the type that founders Richard and Tim Baker learned from their fathers, who owned a bread business. Richard says, "they believed that a loaf of bread was gold and each person we touch is a child of God." That same spirit of excellence and faith permeates the Treasure Realty operations today.

Quickly rising to the top of the real estate business on Topsail Island in North Carolina, Treasure Realty is the proven leader in sales and beach rental vacations rentals. The company also services the mainland communities around Topsail Island.

The Treasure Realty team is a group of trusted local experts who know the area intimately and who help their clients find just the right place to buy or rent. They also are very successful in listing and finding the perfect buyer for their clients' homes. Other services include long-term rentals, property maintenance, and commercial real estate.

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