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Visiting the Topsail Area this Holiday Season?

If you are Spending the Holidays on Topsail Island this year or visiting the area…

Don’t miss out on these Good Tidings!

By Amy Baker


Spending Christmas on Topsail Island?

Topsail Island and the surrounding communities are all abuzz as the holidays are fast approaching! If you’re planning to be here for the Holidays, check out what’s happening on and around Topsail Island. If you haven’t made plans yet, we do have some great Christmas specials.

Pic of SC Christmas Tree

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Topsail Island Things To Do – Inis Spa Wellness Center

Inis Spa Surf CitySurf City, North Carolina is home to one of the premier spas on Topsail Island… Inis Spa. The Inis Spa Wellness Center is committed to creating an atmosphere of calm serenity that’s ideal for the high quality holistic treatments they offer their clients. If you’re looking for a great day at the spa while visiting Topsail Island, you definitely want to consider Inis Spa.

This is a full service facility that offers all the services and atmosphere that you would expect to find as well as a few additional treatment options, such as reflexology and reiki, that make excellent and relaxing additions to your visit.

Manicures and Pedicures Aren’t Just For Mom

In addition to a wide range of manicure and spa pedicure package offerings, Inis Spa Wellness Center also offers a very special Little Mermaid Manicure package so that young girls, aged 12 and younger, can enjoy a day at the spa like their favorite super Mom.

And if you’re really interested in the works for your manicure or pedicure, be sure to consider the Toes in the Sand Signature Spa Manicure/Pedicure package that provides a spa manicure and pedicure for one low price.

Insis Spa Topsail islandWaxing Treatments

The perfect stop before your day on the beach is at Inis Spa Wellness Center. Whether you’re interested in a half leg, full leg, arm, back, bikini, or Brazilian wax treatment, Inis has the resources to help you meet your requirements before you head out to the beach.


Inis Spa offers a wide range of massage treatment options too. This includes the Inis signature spa massage, pre-natal massage, and couples massage. You’ll have a difficult time discovering a more relaxing way to meet the day while you’re on vacation.

If you are looking to spend the day in paradise relaxing and rejuvenating, one of the best solutions is to spend the day with friends pampering yourselves at the spa. Bring out your inner goddess at Inis Spa Wellness Center.

Find Inis Spa On Facebook

Visit The Inis Spa Website

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Weekend Getaways on Topsail Island


Why wait for the summer to come to the beach? If you reside in Jacksonville or anywhere near Topsail Island, September and October are great months for a weekend getaway to the beach!

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Topsail Island in the Fall

Warm weather on Topsail10) Milder Weather: During the fall, the weather is milder than during the summer months. The average temperature on Topsail is 84 degrees in September and 76 degrees in October.

Kids on beach September




9) Warm Water: In September, the average sea temperature is still 81 degrees! October’s average is 77 degrees.



8) Water sports: With the weather and the water being so pleasant on Topsail this time of year, surfing, swimming, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and the like are all very enjoyable.

Fall boating on Topsail Guest photo jet ski












7) Golf, Tennis, and More:  Take your pick from one of several nearby golf courses like North Shore Country Club, Castle Bay, Olde Point, or Belvedere Plantation, and enjoy several rounds from sunrise to sundown. There are several public tennis courts on the island and several of our condo properties and neighborhoods have private courts accessible to renters. Don’t forget our local parks, where guests can enjoy playground areas, basketball courts, picnic shelters, and other local concerts/events.

Olde Pointe Golf Club

6) Shopping: Golfing not really your thing? Why not take home some Topsail Island treasures? Lots of local shops are still open in September and October, and the discounts abound as shopkeepers transition into the off season.

shopping shark attack



shark rider








5) FISHING: One of the best times of year to fish on Topsail is in the fall. Go to fisherman’s post  for a report of the local action. Then, check out one or more of Topsail’s fishing piers, like Sea View, the Jolly Roger, or Surf City Pier, or try your hand at surf fishing from your own tailgate–in one of the few places where you can actually drive your vehicle out on the beach (on the northern tip of the island). Of course, there are fishing charters available as well for those who prefer offshore trips. Contact Topsail Charter Fishing or Rough and Ready Charters for more information. Don’t miss the Spot Festival happening September 28th and 29th!

Night shot at Sea Viewguest fishing












4) SEA TURTLES Hatch: Many of the sea turtle nests on Topsail will come alive in September and October. Don’t miss your opportunity to witness the miracle of life as these endangered creatures emerge and make their way into Topsail’s waters. For more information see Topsail’s local Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center website.

Take a look at this video captured on Topsail:

3) SHORT STAYS Available: Need a break from the grind? Why not getaway just for the weekend on Topsail? Enjoy a 2 night stay in nearly all of our condos. Some homeowners will accommodate 3 or 4 night stays on those long weekends as well. Give us a call for more info. or to book a short stay: 800-762-3961.

2) CHEAPEST RATES: Stay in an oceanfront condo cheaper than you can stay in some of the mainland hotels! Rates start at just $90 per day!

…and the NUMBER ONE reason to come to Topsail in the fall is…

1) R & R:  Escape the noise of city life and enjoy the beauty and serenity of Topsail Island in the fall. This is the time of year when you can really get a sense of what it might be like to have your own private beach! Experience the peace and tranquility that settles over your soul as you breathe in the salty air, listen to the waves roll, and watch the wildlife. But be forewarned…just a weekend may not be enough; you may be tempted to extend your stay!

Just imagine yourself and your significant other enjoying a fall sunset from your private balcony at the St. Regis:

R and R at SR in the fall

 …Or maybe here on the sound side?

Sunset View of Sound NTB

With mild temps, our cheapest rates, short stays, excellent fishing, awesome surfing, and fewer crowds, now is the time to plan your fall visit to one of the most beautiful places on earth! Don’t wait; give us a call today to book your 2, 3, or 4 night stay on Topsail Island: 800-762-3961.



*Several photos appearing in this post were taken by previous Treasure Realty guests and have “FlipKey Traveler Photo” logos. These photos are provided courtesy of FlipKey.

Our Congratulations and Thanks Go Out To Jean Beasley

PrintIf you know Topsail Island, then you probably already know that the island is a haven for Sea Turtles, a haven where our residents and guests alike take great pride in preserving the turtles nesting grounds and also helping as many of the turtle population as possible survive and thrive. No one has done more to embody this spirit and to help the sea turtle population than Jean Beasley. (Jean is pictured left. Photo credit to

Jean operates the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center which is located at 822 Carolina Avenue, Topsail Beach, NC 28445. The Sea Turtle Hospital is a wonderful place to visit if you are in the area although they are currently not able to allow tours of the facility. They do hope to be able to open up for tours before the end of the summer.

Please check their website often for updates. You can also click this LINK and follow Jean and The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center on Facebook.

On July 30th Jean was honored by the environmental group Oceana with the 2013 Ocean Hero Award.

Here is a brief portion from the article posted the website.

“… “It’s a very humbling experience,” Jean explained. “I am very, very fortunate because sea turtles seem to illicit very strong feelings from people. I see it all the time when they visit our rescue and sometimes they’re seeing sea turtles up close for the very first time, they have a very emotional reaction to them. I say all the time that if I could bottle that charisma, and sell it, I’d never have to worry about finances again! Without that charisma from those animals looking into your eyes – I like to say that they look down to your soul – we wouldn’t be able to do the things for them that we do, that’s for sure. It’s a privilege to work for them.”

“When we started our rehab work with sea turtles sixteen years ago, this was not so much on my radar, it was more about honoring my daughter and her work and the legacy that she left me, and about these animals that I had fallen in love with twenty years before. None of us ever planned to have a sea turtle hospital, it was an injured sea turtle that did it.”” Click Here To Read The Entire Article

We, at Treasure Realty, would like to take this opportunity to thank Jean for her years of tireless effort and dedication to this cause and to say congratulations on winning this very special award.

Topsail Island Fishing Resources And More

Topsail Island SunsetTopsail Island as you probably already know is one of the most beautiful places on the planet to relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family. As you can see from the pictures included here, the Topsail Island sunsets are absolutely amazing. They are filled with vibrant colors and cloud formations that are truly mesmerizing and that’s just for starters.

Topsail Island also has 26 miles of white, sandy beaches on which you can walk, play or just lay back, relax and soak up some sun. In addition to our beaches, Topsail Island and nearby Sneads Ferry are home to some of the best restaurants you’ll find anywhere. From fresh local seafood and shellfish to italian, chinese, authentic mexican and more, Topsail Island has something for every taste.

Topsail Fishing SunriseAnd things to do…. the choices seem endless. Shopping, dining, golf, boating, surfing, kayaking and more are all easily accessible here on the Island and in nearby Sneads Ferry, Wilmington and Jacksonville. There is something to satisfy everyone in the family making Topsail Island the “perfect” family vacation destination.  And we have something else here on Topsail Island.

NOTE: Special thanks to Darlyne for the beautiful pictures. Visit Her On Facebook To See More

Did I Mention Topsail Fishing?

Topsail Island and surrounding areas are host to some of the best coastal fishing anywhere. You can relax on the sand and fish in the surf, you can check out one of the 3 piers here on Topsail island or you can book a trip with one of many experienced, local Captains for either in-shore or off-shore fishing excursions.

This time of year you can expect to catch a wide variety of fish in Topsail waters. Red Drum are typically plentiful in the surf and sound during the summer as are flounder and also sheepshead. Flounder are my favorite fish. Flounder, for those of you who haven’t tried it, is a mild, white, flaky fish that is absolutely delightful fried, baked, grilled or any other way you choose to prepare it.

On the piers during the summer you will find folks reeling in spanish, blue fish and also good size trout which are are another delicious fish to eat. Some of these catches require specialized bait and tackle but the trout are caught a lot of times on nothing more than live shrimp. Our friends at East Coast Sports offer a frequently updated fishing report. Watch a recent report for July 3rd, 2013.

Here are a few resources you might want to check out if you have an interest in fishing here on Topsail island

Off-Shore Fishing

East Coast Sports

Miss Jo Charters

Topsail Beach Charter Fishing

In-Shore Fishing

Flatfoot Charter Fishing

Topsail Island Fishing Piers

The Surf City Ocean Pier

The Sea View Fishing Pier

Jolly Roger Fishing Pier

The Jolly Roger Pier

Topsail Island is truly a vacationers paradise and more than that, it is a fisherman’s paradise.

We hope you have found this post enjoyable and if so, we hope you’ll share it with your friends.


July 4th 2013 Fireworks, Celebrating Our Independence at Surf City, North Carolina


Click here for 2014 Surf City Fireworks Information

The Topsail Island July 4th Celebration 2013 at Surf City, NC is just a couple of weeks away and includes music, good food and of course, an awesome fireworks display.

Independence day celebrations mark the commemoration of our country’s birth into freedom. It is a time of great festivities and community bonding which has been observed throughout the years and shall continue to sound its bells as long as our country enjoys the perks of being a sovereign nation. No other traditional event has the same patriotic tone than does the “Fourth of July”. It reminds us of our strength as a people and our resilience as a union. We remember our heroes who boldly treaded the path of self sacrifice for the good of all future generations.

Honoring this day, a multitude of towns in each state have each conceived their own unique line-up of activities to celebrate our Independence. These activities include, among many others, music extravaganzas, street parties, food festivals, parades, and awesome fireworks displays. Thankfully, our forefathers chose the perfect timing to raise our flag of freedom. Freedom declared just in time for the arrival of summer make the 4th Of July the perfect time for parties, barbecue, and of course, some amazing fireworks.

Here in Surf City, North Carolina, our celebration will begin at  6:00 pm on Wednesday, 3rd of July 2013 at Soundside Park. It will be an evening of fun and revelries kicking off with a concert featuring the remarkable Mark Roberts and Breeze who will be playing the best in variety including Dance, Funk, Blues, Rock and Roll, Motown, Beach Music, and Country.  The Surf City Fire Auxiliary will be manning hotdog stands offering cool drinks, snacks, popcorn, and hotdogs loaded with your favorite toppings. Please make a note that coolers and alcoholic beverages are not allowed as this is a family fun night.

The star of the show, the fireworks display, will  start at 9:00 pm. The grand display of bursting lights, colors and sounds are guaranteed to be a real treat for the senses. There is no better way to immerse yourself in that celebratory spirit and really feel what independence is all about. Bring your chair or blanket and enjoy the evening.

You can check out the video below and see a short segment of the fireworks display from 2011. This really is an amazing night that you don’t want to miss.

Visit Surf City Fireworks 2013 for additional information on this great event.

Topsail Island Summer of Fun for the Kids: Summer Camps, Story Time, and a Free Fishing Tournament

Topsail Island EventsMay 8, 2013 by Amy Baker

In just a matter of weeks, school will be “out,” and the long lazy days of summer will be upon us!  Kids and parents alike can finally enjoy some much needed R &R along the shores of Topsail Island! Whether your family is here for one week or for the whole summer, make sure you don’t miss the fun!  As you already know, there is plenty to do around here, but we wanted to make you aware of a few upcoming local activities specifically designed for the kids. Take a look at these great opportunities all around Topsail Island.

Primarily, both Onslow County and Surf City Parks and Recreation Departments are offering local day camps throughout most of the summer for youth ages 6-15.Summer Camp Shark

Surf City Summer Camps

Opportunities for fun and adventure abound in the various themed weeks of summer camp at the Surf City Community Center, which will be held 5 days a week from June 10-August 19 (except for the week of July 1-5). Kids ages 6-9 can experience everything from space adventures and superheroes to the Wild West and pirates. (Don’t worry parents, these camps are designed to be educational and promote safety.)

Things To Do Topsail island


Most camps run Monday-Friday from 9-3, and cost $150. More information is available online at Click here for camp schedules and registration information.
Youth ages 8-15 might also be interested in sharpening their skills on the field, the court, or the waves with one of Surf City’s Sports Camps.  They can take their pick from basketball, volleyball, soccer, or surfing. The town of Surf City has gathered some excellent professional coaches and local teams to help out. More information is available at Soccer

Onslow County Summer Camps

The Onslow County Parks and Recreation Department is sponsoring summer camps conveniently located on-site at various local schools including: Dixon Middle, Hunters Creek Middle, Southwest Middle, Summersill Elementary, and Swansboro Middle. Children will hear from guest speakers and participate in field trips, games, arts, and other activities.

Volleyball CampThere will be two sessions and each session will be four weeks long. Session I begins June 17 and ends July 12, 2013. The second session starts on July 15 and goes through August 9, 2013.

Classes are every day, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM-5:30 PM. Sessions require a $130 registration fee. (Multiple children from the same family will receive a small discount.) In addition, children should bring their own snacks and lunches.

Don’t wait! Click here to Register on-line today to secure your child’s place. (Each session can accommodate only 50 campers.) For more information about the camps, check out the special events page on the Onslow County website.Onslow County Kids Soccer Camp

Local Fun for Preschoolers Too
We don’t want to leave anyone out! Make sure you take advantage of story time at the Sneads Ferry Library. Every Tuesday at 10 AM, preschoolers and their parents can come and hear stories, explore the children’s collection, and engage in fun activities. More information is available online.

Youth Fishing Tournament
East Coast Sports and Surf City Parks and Recreation is sponsoring a FREE fishing tournament for youth on June 15, 2013 from 11 AM—12 PM at Soundside Park in Surf City, NC. Pre-registration will open on June 7th at East Coast Sports; same day registration is available at the park. Be sure to get there early, since the first 180 children (under 12 years old) will receive a FREE rod and reel! Gift certificates and trophies will be awarded to 1st-3rd place winners. Other participants finishing in the top 35 will also receive trophies!  Don’t miss these exciting and fun summer opportunities on Topsail!


Bear Trail Golf Club – A Place to Play Golf and Relax

Bear Trail Golf ClubLocated in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Bear Trail Golf Club is yet another golf facility that golf lovers who vacation or reside on Topsail Island can enjoy. It is a fantastic championship golf course that was designed by consummate golf architects  Gene Daniel of Blackwater Golf, LLC and Rusty Simmons of Simmons Golf Designs in Orlando, Florida.

The course itself features 18 championship golf holes with slick undulating putting surfaces, lush tee boxes and well maintained fairways. Mature trees and water hazards are in play as you attempt to make your way through each hole. This makes Bear Trail Golf Club challenging and also scenic… exciting and relaxing at the same time. In addition to the par 72 championship golf course, the club also has a state-of-the-art driving range, putting green, well stocked pro shop, swimming pool and nature trails for walking.

Bear Trail Golf Club has a luxurious pool house patio that can accommodate up to 160 guest for special events such as charity events, retirement parties, and promotional parties. To make planning events easier for guests, there are several event packages to choose from. Schedule a free consultation with friendly and professional event planner to learn more by simply calling the Bear Trail Golf Club pro shop and asking for Michele, or by emailing


Enjoy a brief introduction to Bear Trail Golf club by viewing the video below:

Tournaments and Special Events

The Bear Trail Golf Club has tournaments scheduled throughout the year for members and non-members alike. There are several special tournaments scheduled through the Bear Trail Golf Association, complete with awards and prizes for the winners.

Bear Trail Golf Association

In addition to members of the Bear Trail Golf Club, guests can also become members of the Bear Trail Golf Association and take advantage of the competitions they put on throughout the year. To compete in these competitions requires that you be a member of the Association. To become a member of the Association, golfers must have a current USGA handicap at Bear Trail Golf Club. You can contact Mr. Ed Kangas at for more information on joining the Association.

For more information about the Bear Trail Golf Club and Golf Association, visit

Castle Bay Country Club Is A Public Course with Private Perks

castlebaygolfWithin minutes of Topsail Island, golf course like Castle Bay await avid golfers of all skill levels. Castle Bay Country Club, a Scottish links style championship golf course, is one of the best the Topsail Island area has to offer. Located in Hampstead, North Carolina, Castle Bay is very convenient to all the Topsail beaches.  In keeping with the tradition of links golf, there are no trees on this unique and beautiful 18-hole golf course, but golfers will be challenged in other ways; by water and waste areas, as well as bunkers and without trees, golfers almost always have some wind to deal with, which is very typical of links style golf.

As a full service club, Castle Bay also has great practice facilities including driving range, practice green and bunker. They also offer golf lessons, golf outings, electric golf carts, and serve delightful food and drink in their restaurant. All of these services are available to the public but golfers that live in the Hampstead area, who may be looking for a home course, can take advantage of multiple membership programs offered by Castle Bay.

topsailislandgolfMembership Plans Provide Private Perks
There are four different membership options available to golfers at Castle Bay Country Club: Associate memberships for singles and families as well as property memberships for either singles or families. There are many advantages to membership including tee reservation advantages, discounts at the pro shop, and discounted golfing expenses for frequent use. These memberships also include the use of the pool, fitness center, and tennis courts that are located on the property. 
Please call the friendly folks at Castle Bay for more detailed membership information.

Eat With the King
The King’s Table restaurant is the perfect setting to grab lunch or dinner after a round of golf. There are a wide variety of k2appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps for lunch. The friendly staff also offer lunch to go so golfers can take lunch with them when they make the turn and eat on the course. Dinner features a classic coastal North Carolina menu with various options that include meats, local seafood, and vegetables all delicious and all served at moderate prices. Reservations are not needed, but highly encouraged.

Golf Tip from the Pros
If you are a 10+ handicapper and looking to improve, the way to shave strokes off your score is to spend 30 minutes twice weekly working on your short game. In total that would be 60 minutes a week and this time should be split like this:

– 15 minutes putting
– 15 minutes chipping
– 15 minutes pitching
– 15 minutes sand play

Try this for a couple of weeks and watch your scores fall dramatically.

This is a fabulous short game pitching tip form Anthony Kim. Enjoy it!

For more information about Castle Bay Country Club , visit their website at


Be Ye Warned! There be Pirates in Topsail Island’s Waters!

Be Ye Warned! There be Pirates in Topsail Island’s Waters!

By Amy Baker April 8, 2013

belleoftopsail1Recently, my husband and I, along with several of the Treasure Realty Rentals staff, participated in a two hour Dinner Cruise and Pirate Show aboard The Belle of Topsail. Our early season cruise was a “dress rehearsal” for the pirates, many of whom are new this year to the crew of the pirate ship, The Raven.

During a leisurely tour down the Intracoastal Waterway, complete with fun tunes, drinks, and dinner, our Captain made a frightful announcement; the Surf City Bridge Tender had radioed to say that a Pirate Ship had been spotted in the waters around Topsail! Not long afterward, our pleasant cruise was waylaid by The Raven and a band of five scurvy pirates!

belleoftopsail2Our landlubber efforts to deter the buccaneers with water cannons proved futile. In the process, some of our passengers were soaked by the pirates’ return “fire,” or rather, water. Before we knew what had happened, The Raven’s crew was commandeering our vessel while several of the swashbucklers boarded abaft!

Once aboard The Belle, the pirates paraded around the upper deck with lots of pomp and circumstance, flashing various weapons and sounding their typical boisterous, “Aargh!” After Capt. David Luther and a couple of passengers were tied up, several menacing threats were issued until Capt. Luther was sufficiently swayed to hand over the treasure he’d found on Topsail.

belleoftopsail3Luckily the Belle’s Captain is quite an old salt, so this wasn’t his first encounter with pirates. After some clever parleying, Capt. Luther managed to convince them to share some of their newly pilfered booty with The Belle’s passengers before the sated scallywags slinked back to their sinister ship!

Fortunately, no one was harmed during the harebrained banter, and it appeared that a fun time was had by all. After both boats returned to the dock in Surf City, passengers were invited to have their pictures taken with the pirates aboard The Raven.

belleoftopsail4(Our very own, Sonya Kennedy is pictured right with some of the wild and wanton crew.)

While the passengers on our voyage were all adults, The Belle of Topsail has much to offer all ages–including families with children, corporate groups, wedding parties, and more.

This summer, The Belle will also host one hour pirate cruises, scenic cruises, dinner cruises, and of course the “Dinner and a show” cruise. You can see more details on The Belle of Topsail website or check out their Facebook page.