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Christmas Shopping on Topsail Island: There’s Something for Everyone – Part 1

by Donna Byrd

Whether you are visiting our fair, little island of Topsail during the Christmas holidays or are lucky enough to call it your home, I have wonderful news! I’ve done a bit of snooping around and found that Topsail Island has plenty of top-notch retail establishments to visit for your Christmas holiday shopping pleasure! IMG_2993 Who wants to get in their car and travel more than thirty or fifty minutes away to Jacksonville or Wilmington when you can just ride down the island road and find a diversity of fine, quality gifts right under your nose? Not me! I’ve decided to do all my holiday shopping right on the island! I’m already imagining my adult children and granddaughters opening their gifts on Christmas morning. Their eyes will light up when they see their “island” treasures!

I’d like to present to you a list of places I visited this week that offer a little something for everyone. I’ve written this blog in two parts because there were more shops than I thought there’d be and there was so much to say about each of them. Please consider shopping on our fair island! I’m sure you can complete your Christmas shopping list right here at home! Thanks for keeping it local and shopping on Topsail!


Herring’s Outdoor Sports

701 N. New River Drive, Surf City, NC 28445IMG_2889


I have driven by this store for five years and always admired its curbside appeal but I actually stopped in Saturday. I knew that it was a kayak outfitters store and that it offered guided tours and rentals but it had so much more to offer! Not only was there kayak supplies but there was also fishing gear, bait and tackle, outdoors apparel for men, women and children, sandals and shoes, hats, kites, wallets, handbags and various and sundry gifts that anyone would love. I also noticed Yeti coolers and products. My son Cody has been eyeing anything “Yeti!”


Surfside Sportswear and Gifts

314 N. New River Drive, Surf City, NC  28445IMG_2896


I love this island shop and frequent it often.  Last year, I purchased a few spiffy outfits to wear to some of my son’s wedding events. Not only did I get some beautiful clothes but I also chose some nice pieces of jewelry to complement my attire from their abundant jewelry selection. Surfside Sportswear and Gifts also offers shoes, swimwear, hats, souvenir tee shirts and sweatshirts, quilts and decorative pillows, lamps, rugs, Christmas cards and ornaments and other gifts. The staff is friendly and so helpful. The store is large and you’ll love the lovely sound of windchimes that greet you when you open the door!


Topsail Island Trading CompanyIMG_2900

201 N. New River Drive, Surf City, NC 28445


10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday

One of my favorite shops on the island, Topsail Island Trading Company is a feast for the eyes and taste buds! The minute you walk into the store, the colorful displays of gifts, fine jewelry, resort wear, books, kitchen ware, nautical weather and tide instruments delight you. You’re not sure what to look at first and then you notice the fudge counter on the right side of the shop. You gravitate towards it and the friendly staff offers you a taste of any of the varieties you wish to try and there are dozens of luscious flavors! It’s hard not to walk out with a little treasure box filled with sweet goodness! The best thing, is you can order it online and mail it anywhere! It’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Who doesn’t like fudge?


Southern EmporiumIMG_2913

208 N. River Dr. Ste. J, Surf City, NC 28445


I have a friend whose parting words to me are always, “Stay Classy.”  That’s not very hard to do if I shop regularly and fill my home with the southern-styled, upscale,  beautiful things from The Southern Emporium. This charming shop is worth a visit and is dripping with little treasures! The owner, Susan M. Smith, made me feel right at home the minute I entered her door. IMG_2910I was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of all her beautiful things: silver, glassware, recycled aluminum diningware and many types of home decor, baby items, jewelry, and even a bit of women’s clothing. All of those things are hard to say in one breath and in one sentence, but it’s true! It contains each and everyone of these goodies! The merchandise was displayed beautifully and the prices were great. To any of my friends who may be wondering what to get me for Christmas, just get me a little something from the classy, Southern Emporium. I’m sure I will love it!


Part II of this special list of shops is coming up next! Ladies and Gentlemen rev up your engines…It’s time to shop!




Sisters Organic Market – Surf City, NC

by Donna ByrdIMG_20150805_151649

Move over all of you organic markets in Surf City!  There’s a new kid on the block! Wait…there are no other organic markets in Surf City, Sneads Ferry, North Topsail Beach or down south on the island in Topsail Beach. Finally, we have our own  “back to nature”, organic market. Yes, that’s right, folks.  We no longer have to drive all the way to Wilmington or Jacksonville to buy our organic products. Sisters Organic Market, at 330 N. New River Drive is nowIMG_20150805_145110319 open for business.

I happened to be driving down the beach road heading toward Surf City one day last spring when I first noticed the new business as I was coming into town. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed it was an organic market.  Our area has been in need of this type of market for years.  How fortunate we are to a finally have a place that supports clean eating and a healthier lifestyle!

My husband Bill and I stopped by Sisters Organic Market a few days ago.  We parked our car in front of the spiffy, yellow and green building and just sat there a few moments, taking in the cheerful, sunny patio.  There was a picnic table with benches with a happy, yellow umbrella over it offering shade.  A few potted plants and hanging baskets added to the charm.  Yet the thing that grabbed our attention were four or five large, painted rain barrels sitting around the front and edges of the building.  They were amazing and seemed to have been painted by a local artist. Of course, I wanted one!IMG_1963

We went inside and met Tina and Elly.  They were behind the counter and were very friendly and knowledgeable about everything in the store.  We asked if they were the “sisters” in the name of the store.  “Oh, no.” said Tina.  “We’re not the sisters but one of them is usually here at night.  The sisters are Michelle Wheeler and Cindy Holcomb.”

Since I didn’t get to meet the sisters, I did a quick “Google” research on “Sisters Organic Market” and found out that when Michelle’s mother-in-law became ill,  she began searching for healthy food alternatives that could help heal and nourish her. The other sister, Cindy was a  health care provider for the elderly and she too, needed better natural food sources to help those for whom she cared. In their search, the sisters realized that eating locally grown, organic foods and meats without preservatives and additives that were unnatural and chemically altered, was good for them too! They began to search for markets that carried these organic products but found that they were miles away from their homes or in large supermarkets that offered limited supplies, oftentimes scattered throughout the stores.IMG_20150805_151042686

Finally, deciding to use an empty building Michelle and her husband owned in Surf City, Michelle and Cindy decided to go for it opened Sisters Organic Market in January, satisfying their need for natural, whole foods and our community’s also!

Looking around the store, I noticed that it was rustic but had that “urban” atmosphere that one would want to experience when stepping into a health foods store. It was compact, yet offered a total grocery shopping experience, ranging from baby products, organic dog food, meats, fruits, produce, coffee and more. It was a true grocery boutique!

After offering me a cup of complimentary cup of coffee (available to all customers,)  I asked Elly to show me around a bit and tell me about the store’s wonderful products.

We started with the large selection of coffee beans, roasted locally in Hampstead at Quality Coffee.  IMG_20150805_145231820The beans were fresh and smelled wonderful.  There was a big, red coffee grinder nearby where you could grind up a pound or more to your liking. I wish I could have had the time to take my cup out and enjoy it out on the patio under the big umbrella but it’s nice to shop with a cup of coffee in your hands.  It feels homey!

Next to the coffee was a great selection of baby products made by the “Honest Company.”  My daughter uses these products and swears by them but she orders hers on line.   IMG_20150805_151020457It made me glad to know that there was a local place we could buy them. Now I can stock up on them when she and the baby visit us.


I was surprised to see organic pet products because so many of the residents on the island and nearby mainland have dogs and cats.  IMG_20150805_145505227Bill and I are getting a Maltese puppy next week and now I know where I’ll be buying his food!  Only the best for our little buddy.

Local skin care products by Bella Lynn Naturals ( was also displayed near the counter.  These products contain no parabens, mineral or petroleum oils and are made in Holly Ridge. There were also many vitamins and supplements that I myself have driven miles out of town to buy. IMG_1960 Elly said that they also will order any product they don’t have on their shelves and will find it for you if you request it. That’s a wonderful perk that oftentimes only a boutique grocery can offer!

The other half of the store contained shelves of healthy snacks, organic canned foods, honey, nut butters, jams and jellies, plus many alternative cleaning and hygiene products.

IMG_1945I was very impressed with the meat selections.  Elly said that they visit the local farms before they purchase meats from them to ensure that the animals are happy, loved, grass fed, free range and are given no non-gmo products to eat.   The farms they buy from are from La Grange, Burgaw and Porter’s Neck.  They carry beef, chicken, rabbit and lamb.

Elly also showed me individual meals made from “Clean Eatz” in Wilmington, N.C. These meals are made by a chef to give you a perfectly healthy, correctly portioned, balanced meal.  They are made for people who are busy and don’t have time to think about shopping and cooking but still want to eat well.   Each week they have a selection of meals delivered to the store for the freezer or refrigerator.   They are reasonably priced and delicious.  Elly loves them!IMG_1949

I also noticed nice deli meats and cheeses in the coolers, along with organic fruit juices.  There was a good selection of grains and flours.  Against the far wall were beautiful, locally grown fruits and vegetables.  This time of year the selection was especially full and colorful!

Sisters Organic Market is open year round. Do yourself a favor and stop by 330 New River Drive, Surf City. They are open everyday from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. If you’d like more information, check out their Facebook page at  Their phone number is 910-541-2223.

Visiting the Topsail Area this Holiday Season?

If you are Spending the Holidays on Topsail Island this year or visiting the area…

Don’t miss out on these Good Tidings!

By Amy Baker


Spending Christmas on Topsail Island?

Topsail Island and the surrounding communities are all abuzz as the holidays are fast approaching! If you’re planning to be here for the Holidays, check out what’s happening on and around Topsail Island. If you haven’t made plans yet, we do have some great Christmas specials.

Pic of SC Christmas Tree

Continue reading

Find Some Of Topsail Islands Freshest Local Catch At Surf City Crab Seafood Market

surfcitycrabseafoodtopsailislandSurf City Crab Seafood Market

If you’re looking for the freshest seafood Topsail Island has to offer, it’s hard to beat Surf City Crab Seafood Market without catching it yourself. This fresh seafood marketplace has been in business for more than 20 years and during that time, they’ve served the local community and visitors to Surf City and all of Topsail Island with the freshest seafood available. They take great pride in their ability to bring out the best selection and freshest seafood day after day.

Surf City Crab is open daily from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm and they do offer plenty of onsite parking. The market itself is owned by the Kugatow family and is currently under the management of Adrian Kugatow and J. M. Moseley.

Not only do they provide excellent quality in a wide variety of fresh seafood, we believe you’ll find the prices at Surf City Crab  to be outstanding. A trip to Surf City Crab might not seem like the top of your priority list but it’s quickly becoming a Topsail Island topsail-island-seafood-markettradition. You can even purchase really cool tee-shirts to commemorate the event. This tradition always ends in folks sitting around their own table, enjoying delicious fresh seafood dishes in the company of their closest friends and families. Now what could be better than that?

The market operates year round offering a fine selection of fresh seasonal seafood. Whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras with a crawfish boil or shrimp etouffee or you’re looking for oysters for your holiday dressing — or maybe a romantic evening in, they’ve got you covered.

If you’re a little lost for what to do with the bountiful selection of seafood, or perhaps you’re not the greatest cook in the world… don’t worry. Just ask some questions on what to buy and how to best prepare and you’ll be amazed at the helpful hints, tips, and suggestions you can get form the friendly staff at Surf City Crab. These people know seafood!. Most importantly, you’ll surprise your family and friends by preparing a culinary masterpiece they had no idea you could create. Find The Surf City Crab Seafood market on Facebook or check out this short video about Surf City Crab

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Topsail Island Crab Pot
Sears Landing

Planning A Topsail Island Vacation?

Click Here And Explore 400+ Topsail Island Vacation Rentals


Weekend Getaways on Topsail Island


Why wait for the summer to come to the beach? If you reside in Jacksonville or anywhere near Topsail Island, September and October are great months for a weekend getaway to the beach!

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Topsail Island in the Fall

Warm weather on Topsail10) Milder Weather: During the fall, the weather is milder than during the summer months. The average temperature on Topsail is 84 degrees in September and 76 degrees in October.

Kids on beach September




9) Warm Water: In September, the average sea temperature is still 81 degrees! October’s average is 77 degrees.



8) Water sports: With the weather and the water being so pleasant on Topsail this time of year, surfing, swimming, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and the like are all very enjoyable.

Fall boating on Topsail Guest photo jet ski












7) Golf, Tennis, and More:  Take your pick from one of several nearby golf courses like North Shore Country Club, Castle Bay, Olde Point, or Belvedere Plantation, and enjoy several rounds from sunrise to sundown. There are several public tennis courts on the island and several of our condo properties and neighborhoods have private courts accessible to renters. Don’t forget our local parks, where guests can enjoy playground areas, basketball courts, picnic shelters, and other local concerts/events.

Olde Pointe Golf Club

6) Shopping: Golfing not really your thing? Why not take home some Topsail Island treasures? Lots of local shops are still open in September and October, and the discounts abound as shopkeepers transition into the off season.

shopping shark attack



shark rider








5) FISHING: One of the best times of year to fish on Topsail is in the fall. Go to fisherman’s post  for a report of the local action. Then, check out one or more of Topsail’s fishing piers, like Sea View, the Jolly Roger, or Surf City Pier, or try your hand at surf fishing from your own tailgate–in one of the few places where you can actually drive your vehicle out on the beach (on the northern tip of the island). Of course, there are fishing charters available as well for those who prefer offshore trips. Contact Topsail Charter Fishing or Rough and Ready Charters for more information. Don’t miss the Spot Festival happening September 28th and 29th!

Night shot at Sea Viewguest fishing












4) SEA TURTLES Hatch: Many of the sea turtle nests on Topsail will come alive in September and October. Don’t miss your opportunity to witness the miracle of life as these endangered creatures emerge and make their way into Topsail’s waters. For more information see Topsail’s local Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center website.

Take a look at this video captured on Topsail:

3) SHORT STAYS Available: Need a break from the grind? Why not getaway just for the weekend on Topsail? Enjoy a 2 night stay in nearly all of our condos. Some homeowners will accommodate 3 or 4 night stays on those long weekends as well. Give us a call for more info. or to book a short stay: 800-762-3961.

2) CHEAPEST RATES: Stay in an oceanfront condo cheaper than you can stay in some of the mainland hotels! Rates start at just $90 per day!

…and the NUMBER ONE reason to come to Topsail in the fall is…

1) R & R:  Escape the noise of city life and enjoy the beauty and serenity of Topsail Island in the fall. This is the time of year when you can really get a sense of what it might be like to have your own private beach! Experience the peace and tranquility that settles over your soul as you breathe in the salty air, listen to the waves roll, and watch the wildlife. But be forewarned…just a weekend may not be enough; you may be tempted to extend your stay!

Just imagine yourself and your significant other enjoying a fall sunset from your private balcony at the St. Regis:

R and R at SR in the fall

 …Or maybe here on the sound side?

Sunset View of Sound NTB

With mild temps, our cheapest rates, short stays, excellent fishing, awesome surfing, and fewer crowds, now is the time to plan your fall visit to one of the most beautiful places on earth! Don’t wait; give us a call today to book your 2, 3, or 4 night stay on Topsail Island: 800-762-3961.



*Several photos appearing in this post were taken by previous Treasure Realty guests and have “FlipKey Traveler Photo” logos. These photos are provided courtesy of FlipKey.

Herrings Outdoor Sports – Everything You Need For Fun In The Sun

Herrings-outdoor-sportsHerrings Outdoor Sports

Everything You Need For Fun In The Sun

Before heading out for some fun in the sun with family or friends, stop at Herring’s Outdoor Sports. Located in Surf City on Topsail Island, Herring’s Outdoor Sports store has everything anyone could ever need for virtually every type of oceanfront sport you can think of. This store carries kites, kayaks, fishing gear, beach items, camping essentials, tools, knives, hammocks, and even products for pets. They also offer men’s, women’s, and children’s sportswear, footwear, and accessories.

Brand Names and High Quality Items

The Herring’s Outdoor Sports store knows how important it is to have safe, durable, and high-quality products, so they only offer the best of the best. Some of the brand named apparel customers will see in the store include The North Face, Horny Toad, Patagonia, Royal Robbins, Lole, Ex Officio, and Life Is Good. In the footwear section, customers will have a wide range of choices, by trusted brands like Teva, Crocs, Keen, Olukai, and Merrell. Each product has been carefully selected to meet Herring’s high demands of durability, function, quality, and value.

The Kayak Specialists

Herring’s is a business that is focused on families and one activity that families enjoy in North Carolina is kayaking. In fact, Herrings Outdoor Sports is the area’s premier kayak outfitter. Not only do they have new and used kayaks for sale in the store, they also have kayak rentals. Whether it’s the first time you’ve been in the warm water that surrounds Topsail Island or your one hundredth time, Herrings guided and self-guided tours are the best in the area.

Here Is A Great Video Shot By A Topsail Island Visitor During July of 2012. Looks Like Fun.

When the weather is warm, get outside and play or take a kayak out and enjoy the blue skies and amazing scenery in and around Topsail Island, North Carolina. If you need gear to get your adventure going, the friendly staff at Herrings Outdoor Sports store will have you ready in a snap.

For more information about Herrings Outdoor Sports, visit their website at:

Topsail Island Shopping

Topsail Island Shopping

Whether you’re making a permanent move to Topsail Island or simply interested in buying or renting a vacation home, there are plenty of things to do, see, taste, touch, and experience in and around Topsail Island. One thing that’s a popular favorite, however, is shopping. Topsail does not disappoint with plenty of excellent shopping opportunities for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Here are just a few examples of the types of shops and stores you can find on Topsail Island.

Mia’s Marketplace

Mia’s Marketplace offers a wide range of gift items along with home décor, fashion accessories, candy, art, and jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a vacation souvenir, a holiday gift, or something special for any occasion this shop has a lot to offer.
In addition to the items mentioned above you’ll also find a nice collection of beach items, handbags, bath and body products, baby specialty items, candles, and books. Many shoppers also appreciate the nostalgic offering of candies that include old favorites like JuJu Bees, Mary Janes, and Wax Lips. But there’s also an impressive selection of gourmet mixes, salsas, dips, and other gourmet condiments available at Mia’s Marketplace. Be sure to check out the website: to learn more about the products available at Mia’s Marketplace.

Carolina Décor and More!

Carolina Décor and More! is a small flea market type of operation that specializes in more artistic offerings for home décor and jewelry. Vendors change often, though some have permanent booths, as does the inventory. Here you’ll find many unique, one of a kind items that make excellent statement pieces and/or gifts.
Some of the items you may find include vases, blown glass, art, paintings, furniture, China, costume jewelry, handmade jewelry, clothing items, and vintage toys. The sky really is the limit and there is always something new to discover among the consignment and vendor items showcased at the emporium. Visit the website at: to learn more about when they’re open and what they have to offer you.

Topsail Island Gifts and Fudge

This must-see shop is a fun place to visit whether you’re a year-round resident of Topsail Island or only visiting for a little while. The shop offers a wide range of nautical gear and equipment that are ideal for anyone interested in decorating their homes with an island, boating, or lighthouse theme.
However, there’s a lot more to the shop than the immediate cache of weather and tide instruments. Jewelry is a popular item in this store especially for people looking for the perfect charm to define a vacation or something special for friends and family left behind at home. Those who call Topsail Island home can appreciate the nice gift selection and the convenience of not running fighting mainland traffic to get great last-minute gifts. Oh, and don’t forget the fudge. You want walk out the door without first taking a moment to savor the delicious fudge you’ll find here. See what Topsail Island Gifts and Fudge has to offer for yourself by visiting their website at:

You don’t have to go far to find great shopping opportunities during your stay on Topsail Island. These are just a few of the fabulous examples and great shopping opportunities you’re sure to enjoy during your stay.


East Coast Sports In Surf City NC

East Coast Sports Surf City NCEast Coast Sports, Surf City NC

Are you a fishing fanatic that loves to hit the water or find a deal on the latest fishing equipment? East Coast Sports offers something for every fisherman from the novice to the seasoned. East Coast Sports has been in business since 1952, offering fishing merchandise and charter boat trips to locals and tourists. East Coast Sports is located on 409 Roland Ave in Surf City, North Carolina. You can reach them by phone at (910) 328-1887 or send an email to ecsports (at) earthlink (dot) net.

East Coast Sports, Surf City NC: The Store

The store at East Coast Sports offers rods, reels, combos and even fishing shoes. You can view some of the available merchandise on the official website or visit the store for a hands-on experience. Some items are available for purchase online so you can enjoy the selection of East Coast Sports even when you’re away.

East Coast Sports, Surf City NC: The Charters

While selling tried and trusted fishing gear is something that East Coast Sports does very, very well, they are truly comfortable on the water. They offer Family Day Charters, Inshore Charters and Offshore Charters. You can boat for quarter, half or full day. Adventures on the water include clamming, tubing, fishing and crabbing; so what’s your open water pleasure?

All captains working with East Coast Sports are Coast Guard Certified, 1st Aid trained and CPR trained. Crew regularly checks out every boat from top to bottom to ensure the safety of all passengers. For more information on charters from East Coast Sports, also known as Topsail Beach Charter Fishing: contact them at topsailcharterfishing (at) earthlink (dot) net.

Learning More About Fishing from East Coast Sports

If you want to learn more about cleaning fish, surf fishing or altering jigs ñ East Coast Sports has you covered. Visit the How To portion of the website for videos pertaining to the art of fishing. You can even view fishing reports so you know what to expect during your day of fishing.

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The Bumblebee Market In Surf City NC

Bumblebee Market

At the Bumblebee Market you’ll find cute, eclectic and unique gifts for everyone from your mom to the kids in your life. Located on 513 Roland Ave in Surf City, North Carolina, The Bumblebee Market offers online and in boutique purchases you’re sure to love. You can contact the boutique at (910) 328-2105 or email the owner at Julie (at) TheBumblebeeMarket (dot) com.

What’s Popular?

The more appropriate question would be what’s not popular? All of the items at Bumblebee Market are designed to be given with an unforgettable message in mind. Charm bracelets, charm necklaces, earrings and halia charms are some of the more popular pieces, but that ís not all the boutique has to offer. They also sell fashion handbags, beauty items and fashion clothing for even the most difficult person on your gift list.

yellow print scarf

Designer drink coolerVera Bradley pursesjewelry on display











Have a cook in the family? You’ll find a vast array of cookbooks, cookie cutters, drink kits, pantry items and even pasta. Applique linen towels round out the kitchen gifts with warm messages of love and funny messages for all to enjoy. 




Kids love the selection of fun and entertaining toys available from Bumblebee Market, but the best items are the ones you don’t find anyplace else. String dolls are all the rage right now with kids and Bumblebee Market has more than a few to choose from. These little string creations are handmade in Thailand and come in cute renditions of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to Buzzy the Bee.

UNC bear

Pirate toys/baking kit

Shopping Online

You can choose to shop for many of the items available from Bumblebee Market online. Simply add your selection to your tote and checkout. Shipping and handling times and information are available on the Bumblebee Market website. All items are shipped directly from the store in North Carolina so west coast gifts take the longest to arrive.

Picture of BB market

Photos in this article are provided courtesy of the Bumblebee Market facebook page.