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Topsail Beach, NC
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Topsail Beach - The Beauty and Tranquility

Topsail Beach is one of the three cities that occupy Topsail Island. It is the southernmost city on the tip of Topsail Island, which is on the coast of North Carolina. The city’s population which is around 500 people during the off season, swells to a little less than ten thousand people during the summer season due to vacationing tourists. Because of its white sandy beaches and beautiful red and orange sunsets, this North Carolina gem has become a very popular beach destination.

Topsail Beach - History

Topsail Beach has a very rich and interesting past. Most people would never know that before World War II, there were not many people that ventured to this beautiful North Carolina island. The only way to access it was by boat and only a few locals would frequent the island for one-day trips in the sun. It wasn’t until after the war that the island received a steady flow of traffic. The United States Government used the island to test and store rockets as a part of its new space program.

Thus, the island was brought up into modern times and made inhabitable. However, the government did not sell the island to the public until after the testing phase of the space program was cancelled. As a result, tourists can still get a glimpse of some of the military buildings that were used back during that time.

Topsail Beach - Lifestyle

Topsail Beach is a small family oriented community that happens to be a major tourist destination. Although the city experiences a large amount of vacationers during the summer months, this has not taken away from the charm and beauty that the city has to offer. The city continues to remain a quiet little town on the beach. This is greatly because the high rise condos that have managed to clog up the oceanfront locations of other beach towns are not welcomed in Topsail Beach.

This means that the city still holds on to the same pristine atmosphere that vacationers have grown to love. What makes it even better is that they can expect to see the same beautiful views and soak up sun on the same white sandy beaches for many years to come. The city of Topsail Beach’s main goal is to make sure that the city does not lose its tropical island appeal by bringing in too much business, which would work against that goal.

Topsail Beach - Attractions

Topsail Beach is a little small island town, but there is more to do and see besides going to the beach. In addition to the various public access points to the beach, the city has different restaurants, hotels, gift shops, fishing shops and piers throughout the city.

Other location attractions include the Missiles and More Museum, which is a friendly reminder of the city’s illustrious past. Add all of these wonderful things to the fact that the beaches and views will remain breath taking summer after summer and it's easy to see why Topsail Beach is one of the most desirable beach communities for vacationing tourists. All of this splendor and beauty is available for you to soak up and enjoy.

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