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Surf City Rentals

topsail island rentals in surf city

Surf City, North Carolina

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Surf City, NC - Relaxed and Easy

Surf City, NC is a small and very charming town which is  located in Onslow County. Specifically, the town occupies 5.3 square miles of Topsail Island and is a wonderful place to spend your summer vacation. As of 2008, the population was at 2,057 although it swells when the tourist season starts.

As small as Surf City may be, it is busy enough to have a happy atmosphere and large enough to have a competitive edge. This is reflected in the town motto and you will be more than inclined to believe it when you set foot in this charming little town situated on a beguiling island. There is plenty to do, see and eat in Surf City and surrounding areas and the beaches here are second to none. Couple this with the fact that you won't see traffic jams or experience long lines and crowded beaches and you have yourself a winner and Surf City has a competitive edge.

Surf City NC - Tourist Information

In its earnest effort to reach out to more tourists to come and visit, Surf City, NC has established a Visitor Information Center. Here, visitors are welcomed to Surf City which is known as Topsails’ commercial center. The center is located at 102 North Shirt Drive, which is near the beach access of Roland Avenue.

In the Visitor Center, the staff members go out of their way to make sure visitors to the island have an enjoyable and fulfilling holiday, They will direct visitors to the interesting things to do, places to see and popular restaurants in and around town. Again, Surf City, NC may be small by big-city standards but it does not lack for entertainment, pleasure and recreation options for residents and vacationers alike.

Surf City NC - Pamper Yourself at the Spa

Most visitors come to Surf City, NC for the sun, sand and surf but are then delighted by the possibility of pampering their souls and bodies as well. The town has several unique spas that will cater to your every whim! Yes, you can book a spa session at one of several spas in town including the Inis Spa and the Back in Touch, both of which are manned by competent, courteous and friendly staff members. Both spas offer holistic massages, lomi lomi massages, body treatments, facial treatments and other spa packages. You can also throw in yoga and Pilates classes as well.

Surf City NC - World Class Seafood and More

Surf City, NC is located on an island, so it is only natural that the town offers the best seafood this side of the Mississippi. Southern chefs definitely know how to cook seafood in the most scrumptious way possible while preserving the sense of freshness that underlies most food here on the island.

Try the seafood platters at dining establishments like the Crabby Mike’s. Or just order the seafood dishes that take your fancy like the cornmeal-crusted crab cakes, the potato chips with 3 kinds of dips, and any of the shrimp combinations – with grits, scallops and coconut, to name a few. Of course, seafood is not all there is to dining in this peaceful little slice of heaven. Visitors can also enjoy sitting down to courses of Angus prime beef, uniquely prepared appetizers, soups and fresh, crisp salads as well as pasta, pitas and delicious sandwiches.

Indeed, there is more than meets the eye at Surf City, NC. Explore the town today. Get on the boat and experience southern hospitality in this uniquely southern beach town. Surf City NC awaits your arrival.

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